July 23, 2024
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are air signs the least emotional

Are Air Signs the Least Emotional?

If you’re an air sign and you cry a lot, we’ll just predict that you are crying alone in the dark because air signs are not the type to show emotion. At least, not emotions in the form of tears. Air signs can’t handle their own emotions and that is why when other people express theirs it makes them feel uncomfortable. They might even have to flee the scene if it’s too bad. Or put their phone on silent when you call them with deep-rooted thoughts of an emotional tongue. This is an issue that you may not even be aware of, but I promise you that someone in your life feels like they can’t come to you in emotional times. You may not admit it to everyone, but you prefer things when they are light-hearted, enjoyable, and charming. Kind of like you, right? Exactly.

The Air Make-Up

If you think about air, it’s there, but you can’t even see it. You can feel it and how it changes your mood with its highs and lows, but it doesn’t have a visible presence that you can witness or hold accountable to. In all senses, that’s how air signs deal with emotions, they feel them, they certainly feel them, but they don’t make them tangible, and it is not often that they communicate their emotions. In other words, their emotions are defiantly there, but they can’t be touched or quoted on. Air signs feel a lot, and they do feel for you, but they don’t like to talk in-depth (unless intoxicated) about their feelings or your feelings, which is why they expect the same from you. They might acknowledge your feelings, but it will shortly become apparent that they do not know how to deal with them.  

Air signs also have an idea about how social gatherings should go, in many ways air signs are socially credible. They want to converse, enjoy themselves and have fun—they do not want drama, even if drama always finds them. They don’t want anything to kill the mood or take away from the feeling of being content. They’d prefer to keep things light-hearted and not of a highly emotional nature. It doesn’t mean they can’t get insightful or intelligent or thoughtful. Air signs love a good debate and a spicy conversation, but if someone gets emotional, they may see this as a buzz kill. If air signs know that you are going to call them to sob about your problems, then there is a chance that they will not pick up their phone.  

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Air Can Freeze

If you are out with your air sign and getting upset, don’t expect them to know what to do. The air freezes up in emotional situations. They’d rather call it off or walk or away than really deal with it. You may never know how they feel until one day you wake up and your air sign is gone. They won’t have the words to get you back on your horse. If anything, the lack of support from an air sign might make the situation worse because they will be the person you want it the most from, but the one person you can’t get it from. You may have to accept what your air sign is capable of giving. Now not only are you upset, but you are upset with your friend for not being able to be there for you during a hard time. 

You have to understand the true construction of your air sign and embrace their “let it go” philosophy. At the end of the day, harmony is the air sign mantra, so if you love your air sign, do your best to let things go a lot. It’s not to say you can’t feel your feelings but be sure to pick your audience carefully.

All of this does not mean that air signs do not make for good friends—they honestly do, and you probably could not picture your life without your air sign. It’s just that they might have to grow to learn that you are an emotional person. They will be there for you, but maybe not in the way that you idealized. They still care. The secret is to accept what people are capable of giving you, notice how people are wired, and figure out who is the best person to deal with your emotions. As stated above, pick your audience, which means know who has the compassion to be receptive to your emotions. Everyone’s perception is different and not everyone is full of compassion for the woes of others.

Air signs bring a lot of positive things to the table, which you should appreciate, but do not discredit them for their shortcomings. Air signs are smart, they are exciting, interesting, attractive, adventurous, flirty, and fun. They add that special charm to your circle, and they do listen well, even if they can’t be there for the meltdown. Air signs are always down for the celebration, and they will be there to celebrate you. Not every sign was designed to deal with emotional matters so choose wisely when you ask for help. 

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