June 24, 2024
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Tarot Reading for September 2022

General Tarot Reading September 2022

The reader is using a 5 card Elemental Spread to get a broad overview of the energies and dynamics of the coming month, both on the world stage and at home as seen via the oracle of the Tarot, with an extra card drawn for personal guidance. The cards are from The Tarot Illuminati, author Kim Huggens, illustrator Erik C. Dunne, and illustrator. Let’s discover the General Tarot Reading for September 2022.

Elemental Spread

Tarot Reading for September 2022

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North card=Earth, North and practical matters

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West card =Water, West and social, health, mood and emotional matters

South card= Fire, will- power, politics and action

East card= Air, ideas, conflict and technology


This is an active, volatile forecast with a lot going on this coming month. A quiet news month, this ain’t. We have here two major arcana cards, The Moon and The Hierophant, while two minor arcana cards from the suit of Wands plus the Knight of Swords create a theme of ‘fire and water.’ This makes for ‘steam’, not in a sexy way-although for some of us it will mean that too. What it does mean is that September 2022 will be anything but a quiet news month.

Fire and water- there will be significant events at sea, naval military and trade wise, and there may be other natural events, even as right now we have a major volcanic eruption going on in Iceland. Other events involving energy and/or water will also figure high on the agenda- namely the supply and price of gas this coming winter in light of Russia’s war on Ukraine, and Putin’s leveraging of gas supplies to Europe.

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Let’s take a more in-depth look at the individual cards.

Earth/North: physical actions and events, practical and financial matters, governments. Top Card: The Prince of Swords

Tarot Reading for September 2022

This air sign knight comes charging in like a blast of fresh, cool or downright freezing cold air. It is a card of strategic decision-making, and swift, sudden events- and attacks. Specifically this can mean aircraft travelling at speed, or air strikes-or airborne accidents.

We have a standoff situation between Ukraine and the G7 in respect of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant being occupied by Russian forces. The G7 nations have called on Moscow to withdraw from the plant to avoid risking nuclear catastrophe. But although there have been rumours of Kremlin officials making secret approaches to the US to discuss possible diplomatic solutions, apparently becoming terrified now at the way things are going, and terrified at Putin’s behaviour- at this point, rumours is all they are.

There is nothing in these cards to say Moscow will withdraw from the nuclear plant. Russia’s continued occupation of the nuclear plant is a calculated act of international terrorism. The Knight of Swords card says President Putin knows exactly what he is doing.

In better news, despite the real and present risk, these cards do not detect a nuclear catastrophe. Ukraine proposes to target individual Russian soldiers inside the plant, where Ukrainians workers are trying to do their jobs at gunpoint.

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Meanwhile there are signs that Belarus may be preparing to up the ante even further by launching missile strikes on Ukraine in the next few coming weeks. But if Ukraine can hit targets in Crimea, it can now retaliate upon Belarusian targets as it could not have done a few months ago. The security of the entire Baltic region may depend upon Ukraine’s capability to do so.

Meanwhile China, flexing its muscles, as it already was before Nancy Pelosi’s controversial visit to Taiwan/Taipei which it has termed an act of provocation,  has recently moored a ‘research vessel’ aka ‘spy vessel’ off Sri Lanka- or is it a spy vessel? Well, spying IS research, is it not? No word of a lie there. India is alarmed at the proximity of this added threat to its own security, while Japan and the US have increased joint maritime drills by 50% following China’s new security agreement with the Solomon Islands in May 2022 which, at least in theory paves the way for China to install a military presence there, within 2 thousand km of Australia (air striking distance) as if that too, is not open to interpretation as an act of ‘provocation.’ Read HERE for more on that.

None of this is going away anytime soon, and will certainly be featuring high on the news agenda during September 2022. These cards however detect a real and present threat of attack (the Moon card), rather than any outright physical attack by China or a nuclear accident in Ukraine. Relaxation is not an option and the Knight of Swords is anything but relaxed although it comes in very useful at times. This knight beings courage and determination in calling a spade a spade, and in challenging a threat, and we all do need to bare our teeth at times.


Closer to home, this card alerts us to a possible situation that may arise that requires our immediate attention. Should such a situation arise, we will recognize it as a problem, and the advice here is to act immediately, do not delay, do not take no for an answer, do not back down. In the same spirit, Swords can mean dentistry or some other thing requiring a bit of home first aid or minor medical treatment. Cuts, or insect bites or stings for example, can go with this card. It is probably perfectly manageable, should such a thing happen. Just don’t ignore any risk of infection.

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Water/West: diplomatic and personal relationships, socializing, health matters, moods, feelings.  Card: The Four of Wands

Tarot Reading for September 2022This positive card stands for happy social gatherings, achievements, celebrations professional excellence, qualifications, recognition and certifications, also home improvements.

The Four of Wands is about completion. Something big gets concluded this coming month. No doubt this will mean some big arrivals and departures from power on the world stage, including the selection of a new Prime Minister in the UK.  Astrologically this card correlates with the third decan of Aries the Ram but this fire sign decan is softened by the ruler ship of the planet Venus. This can mean breakthroughs in diplomacy. A meeting. A summit. It’s a highly positive card whatever it’s detecting this September 2022 but if significant travel is involved, crowds are best avoided where possible, while the Moon card advises careful planning and taking out insurance cover in case of delays or cancellations.


This coming month when in many places, the children will be returning to school after the summer holidays, is a great time to embark on a new course of study, whether for professional development or purely out of personal interest.

Closer to home, we will get more done with “Charm and accommodation (Venus) in connection with a fighting spirit and desire to conquer (Aries).” Aleister Crowley, the Thoth Tarot.

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Fire/South: business, travel and long distance communications and the short term future. Card: The Hierophant

Tarot Reading for September 2022

The Hierophant is typically anything but a fiery card, representing governments, banks, the world economy, the Church and agriculture. The Hierophant correlates astrologically with the fixed earth sign of Taurus the Bull.  The Hierophant stands for traditional wisdom and the status quo.

The status quo is ‘on fire’ this year however. We only need to follow social media to see this happening.  The Hierophant is both Society and Nature. The Hierophant is continuity. It holds the keys to both, and now we have arguments about what distinguishes a man from a woman (or a bull from a cow, or a ram from a ewe?)

Besides this new war of ideas- and it is new- Agriculture is definitely a red hot topic right now, and only more so this coming month now we are entering harvest season.  Russia’s blockading of Black Sea ports is threatening global exports of wheat, other grains and sunflower oil (even though a few ships have now sailed following five month delays stuck in port,)

Not only this, but the Dutch farmers are engaged in a battle with their own government and the WEF (World economic Forum.)

The Dutch farmers have been engaged in a battle since 2019 following moves from the WEF (World Economic forum) to reduce nitrogen emissions by half. The Dutch farmers say this will effectively mean closing down livestock farming, meat production and exports, affecting 11,200 farms in the Netherlands, one of the world’s leading agricultural exporters.

The Dutch farmers will no doubt be protesting during September 2022 for the survival of their farms which have in many cases been their homes and their livelihoods for over 300 years. There was a famine in the Netherlands towards the end of the Second World war, 1944/1945. The farmers are warning the Dutch government that that this could happen again.

Of all the times for the WEF to insist on this agricultural policy, proposed in the interests of averting climate change, none could be more flammable than this year, playing directly into Putin’s hands. Some may think the farmers are fighting their own battle, just for themselves. But the stakes are way higher.

From The Spectator, Australia, 16 Jul 2022

— The government is effectively pushing Dutch farmers off their land due to a supposed nitrogen crisis. A food crisis is the most likely outcome…

We will be experiencing a sharp but perhaps overdue collective reminder this autumn and winter that every nation state must be able to rely on a high degree of self-sufficiency in terms of food and energy security, or risk coming under the hostile control of a supposed ‘partner’, with everything this could mean.

Putin may not be anywhere near as bad as Stalin. This isn’t over yet. Only history will tell. But how many people did Stalin starve to death, entirely deliberately, in the Ukrainian genocide of 1933 during Holodomor?

No-one can say, but the figure is estimated at between 3.9 million-7 million people or more.

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Air/East: ideas, ambitions, technology, aerospace, challenges, conflicts. Card: Prince of Wands, equivalent to the Knight in other decks. Tarot Reading for September 2022

The Prince or Knight of Wands is an upbeat, positive card of exciting arrivals and events. This Prince looks Turkish. The reader will be watching out for what Erdogan is doing this coming month,

This card is detecting ‘heat +missiles’ – more Himars supplied to Ukraine with further air strikes on munitions in Russian occupied Crimea? After months of comparative Ukrainian defencelessness against wide scale destruction of their cities and infrastructure, and targeting of civilians in residential areas by Russian air strikes, Ukraine is finally able to mount a strategic counter-offensive by air.

Closer to home, this is a positive upbeat card of action and initiative, sudden and exciting comings and goings, and suggests that new projects could do better than expected.

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Central card: The Moon

Tarot Reading for September 2022

This card represents a collective theme, mood or challenge of the coming month. The reader also drew The Nine of Swords and we’ll discuss that in a moment.

The powerful Moon card signifies dreams, illusions and delusions. It signifies times of great uncertainty, which is certainly what we are experiencing now and have been since late 2019/2020. It can warn of hidden threats and dangers- what lurks beneath the surface. We are living in unsettled, even dangerous times, in an unsettled cycle which began in January 2020 and which astrologers suggest continues into 2026.

Life is always full of uncertainty. This in itself is nothing new. There is nothing certain in life but death and taxes, as the old saying goes. But in recent years we have experienced unprecedented levels of disruption not experienced since World War 2.

The Moon card can warn of flooding. I did a reading some years ago for a UK client whose frail and elderly father lived in Bangladesh. The Moon card prompted me to ask about flooding, had there been some problem, and she replied this was a reason for serious concern. Her father had just been flooded out of his house.

The Moon card can signify disease. In this instance, sad to say and hopefully this will not prove correct, with the return to school in early September 2022, there will be a new surge in cases of covid 19. There is always something anyway when the children return to school, whether flu or tummy bugs or whatever. I remember it well, raising my own two daughters.

A new bivalent vaccine is expected to be rolled out this autumn, designed to counter the original virus but also the Omicron variant. Either way, it looks as if Covid will be back in the news in September 2022.


The Moon card can bring psychic experiences. We might even see a ghost or just have some particularly vivid or disturbing dreams this coming month. Worry is only natural sometimes, but try not to let any worries get you down. When in doubt, just focus on working with the facts. Things are likely to turn out better than expected, says the Knight of Wands.

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Advice card: The Four of Pentacles

Tarot Reading for September 2022

The wise and steady Four of Pentacles is associated with the third decan of the zodiac sign of Capricorn and with midwinter. The Four of Pentacles is about our financial security but it’s not only money. It’s about our personal resources in general, and holding on to the things that matter most.

This card has an unflattering nickname- ‘The Miser card’ but this is to do the message an injustice and its other name is Prudence. We can’t spend what we haven’t got, except by getting into debt. If we haven’t got enough for ourselves, how do we find spare resources to help our loved ones if they need it?

The Four of Pentacles is a card of protection, conservation and preparation – in this case we may be thinking ahead how best to manage things this coming winter.

This card is advising prudence, care and patience during unsettled times. It says we tend to the bottom line, our personal security and finances, focusing on those things that are within our personal power of direct control, trying not to worry about those things we can’t change. This is easier said than done. Of course it is. But such is life. Sometimes there simply are no easy answers.

The Four of Pentacles says we do need to do a new reality check from time to time, and this isn’t a bad thing. It’s healthy to review a few habits and see where we can reduce wastage,

If we have a question for the Tarot, and we draw this card in answer, the Tarot is saying the answer is probably yes. But don’t do anything in haste. Do your research. Proceed with care and caution.

In related news- Mars in Gemini

20 August-25 March 2023 the fire planet Mars will be spending an unusually long time in the air sign of Gemini. Mars usually spends 2 months in each sign but due to a retrograde 30 October-12 January 2023Mars will station retrograde in Gemini and since Gemini is all about communication, trade and short distance travel, we can expect dropped initiatives, pulled projects, and sudden changes of plan, more than usual.

Gemini rules London and incidentally, Boris Johnson is also a Gemini subject. At the time of writing, it is looking most likely that Liz Truss will be the UK’s new Prime Minister but perhaps the UK has a few more leadership surprises to come in September 2022 and beyond.

In Tarot, Mars-in-Gemini is represented by one of the most difficult cards, the 9 of Swords, associated with stress and insomnia due to worry.

Tarot Reading for September 2022

This card turned up during shuffling as the alternative to the Moon card, and these two cards have much in common, sharing an atmosphere of distrust and uncertainty.

On the global or political level, Mars-in-Gemini means cyber-attacks, data breaches, hacking into emails, scamming–or deliberate disinformation but all of these are acts of aggression relating to communication. A topical demonstration of this influence in a real life event was the recent FBI raid on Donald Trump’s home at Mar- A- Lago, an unprecedented event in US history, conducted on suspicion that he was in illegal possession of government documents.


Closer to home, be extra alert for scammers and be wary of sharing personal information. We can get a lot done during Mars in Gemini. Mars brings a burst of energy and that’s the good news. But when it comes to major planning, we’d better do some contingency planning, or what can go wrong likely will go wrong.

Mars in Gemini can mean brilliant writing and clever communications. This could be good news for writers and authors, great news in publishing. But we have a Mercury retrograde coming 9 September-23 September when Mars in Gemini is just as likely to mean rows and arguments.  This month we need to know when to zip it. There is nothing useful to be achieved, and no battle that can be won by getting into endless arguments with strangers on social media.

The sensible grounded Four of Pentacles helps keep us anchored in unsettled times, keeping our feet on the ground, and one eye always on the bottom line. What we really need. What really matters most to us right now?

The world may be heading into a recession, and that’s not good. But based on these cards, it is not looking like a repeat of 2008, and nor is it looking like another Great Depression. Let’s hope not! But while September 2022 is looking volatile and tricky, for most of us the upbeat and ‘can do’ energy of that Four of Wands and the Knight of Wands says it’s anything but a picture of doom and gloom.