June 23, 2024
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Virgo: Who to Date and Who to Dump

Virgo: Who to Date and Who to Dump

When it comes to love, Virgo wasn’t dealt an easy hand. Like the other earth signs, Virgo tends to look at love as a practical matter. They ask, “does this person meet all my requirements of being a good partner?” instead of, “does this person make me feel butterflies when I’m with them?” Their prudent nature when it comes to romance makes falling in love something that is few and far between, but when it does happen, they tend to be in love for life!

Who to date and who to dump, Virgo!

Do you or your crush/partner have a Virgo Venus or Mars? Those are the planets of love and sexual desire, respectively, so scroll down the list and see if your placements make for a match made in heaven or if it’s best left alone. Let’s dive in Virgo!


In love, an Aries is either all in or all out. This fire sign loves big and falls fast, which is almost the complete opposite of Virgo’s approach. Virgo falls in love slowly and cautiously, which is a pace that would bore most Aries Venus or Mars people… I’m not saying it could never work with these two, but it certainly would be an unlikely pairing!

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Both Taurus and Virgo are earth signs, which means that they share some common life values. Both signs look for partners who are honest, put together, and provide a sense of comfort. So, naturally these two seem like a good match, and they certainly can be, but an added spark is often necessary to flame the fires of love between them, otherwise they make for better lifelong friends.


For all the ways Gemini and Virgo are different, there are an equal amount of ways in which they are similar. Virgo is just as likely to find the mind of a Gemini Venus or Mars person sexy or wildly annoying (sometimes both), which makes this pair excellent lovers.

Sometimes a bit of friction makes love fun, but other times it causes a good thing to fizzle out quickly, so love won’t last unless there are other aspects which unite the pair.


Cancer is the sign of the divine nurturer, meaning that in love this water sign thrives when it’s able to tend to and give its attention to the person it cares most for. Virgo can sometimes have a similar approach to love since Virgo is the “fixer” sign, they’re good at solving problems and they show love by trying to help others.

As you might be able to guess, this can either work really well together or clash horribly. If both parties are open to the nourishment and healing from the other, it can be a really beautiful and long lasting love though.

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If there is one thing a Leo Venus or Mars person does, it’s live life passionately. This is a heart centered fire sign, so when they are in love, they show it in big ways!

Virgo has a huge propensity for love, but it takes a long time for them to open up and feel safe to share their love with someone else, so if the Leo is willing to give their Virgo partner time and space to grow into the relationship, this is an unlikely pair that could potentially work!


Sometimes like attracts like… and sometimes it doesn’t. With Virgo it’s good to keep in mind that their standards are high, they like things their way, so oftentimes being with someone just like them isn’t helpful.

However, if one person has a Virgo Venus and the other has a Virgo Mars both partners can feel a sense of comfort and attraction to one another while also experiencing enough differences to make the love last.


There’s hardly much in common between the approach of Libra and Virgo when it comes to love and romance. Where Libra has their head stuck in the clouds, Virgo has their feet firmly rooted to the floor, so finding each other in the middle ground might not come naturally to this pair.

All in all, the fantasy approach to love that Libra wants leaves much to be desired when they catch their sights on practical Virgo.

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Scorpio might be intense and deeply emotional in love, but they have a firm guard up around their heart just like Virgo.

The reason this water and earth sign pair works so well as lovers is that they are both protective of their heart, but Scorpio is more willing to take the leap when they find a partner that is worth the risk. Scorpio’s passion helps to ease Virgo safely into opening up and falling deeply in love.


Sagittarius and Virgo live on different planets! Where Sagittarius is bold and easily excited, Virgo is cautious and methodical.

Virgo does have a natural curiosity which might draw them to a Sagittarius partner, but the pace at which you both choose to live your life will likely throw the relationship off balance time and time again. If possible, it’s best for you two to remain just friends.


There is potential for lifelong romance with Capricorn and Virgo, so long as you both are willing to open yourself up to the unpredictability of love.

There is something to be said about an earth sign in love, they are fiercely loyal, deeply committed, and more tender than you’d expect. You both need to take the risk and bring your walls down for this love to work but, believe me, you won’t regret it!


Virgo and Aquarius could work, in an enemies to lovers’ kind of way. Virgo likes to do the tried-and-true method, whereas Aquarius prefers to question the norm and walk the unbeaten path in life.

Your varying perspectives are cause for stimulating conversation (which is a turn on for both of you), but shared goals and values are needed for love to last forever.


Pisces is Virgo’s opposite, literally! These two are opposing signs in astrology which means that they share common goals and values but go about them in totally different ways.

Because of this, Pisces can oftentimes be the perfect balance to rigid Virgo, offering much needed softness and a broadening of perspectives. When it works, it really works with these two!