Ace of Wands

The four minor arcana suits all represent a particular aspect and element in the tarot. While that element is represented in every card of the suit, the four aces embody the purest form of these elements and meanings. When you draw an ace in a tarot spread, you know that this suit is particularly relevant to the reading.

Minor Arcana card: the ace of Wands

The suit of Wands represents masculine energy, creativity, and is connected to the element of fire. Unsurprisingly, these elements will be dominant when learning the tarot card meanings associated with the ace in that suit.

The positive elements of the Ace of Wands

When the ace of Wands appears in a reading, it is usually a very strong sign of creativity and inspiration. This minor arcana card could represent the starting point of a new project or any artistic endeavor. It is a breeding ground for fresh ideas and innovative decisions.

But like the element of fire embodied by the suit of wands, this card can also represent a powerful and primal desire, passion for a project, or about a specific person. It can highlight a rising desire, which might go out of control if left unchecked.

Finally, echoing some of the tarot card meaning of the Magician major arcana, the ace of wands also embodies willpower and energy, the drive to be greater than before, and the conscious effort made to channel that energy for something constructive.

The negative elements of the Ace of Wands

The negative side of the ace of wands usually appears when the card is reversed in a reading. Like a twisted mirror, it offers almost the exact opposite of what the card usually means in the right side. Creativity and inspiration become apathy and lack of energy. Passion becomes dissatisfaction and impotence.

The ace of wands reversed is almost always negative in context, a sign of impending perdition and ruin, so when it appears in a reading meant to look ahead, this should be seen as a warning, a chance to change course from the path you are on in order to try and avoid that fate.

Ace of Wands and love

In a tarot spread focusing on love and relationships, drawing the ace of wands usually refers either to the passionate start of this relationship or to a renewal of that passion, a way to rekindle the fire that might have been lost.

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It could also represent someone the Querent is lusting after since this is also a very sexual card. It could represent a purely physical affair or fling with a particularly effective chemistry between all parties involved. The ace of wands relationship outcome might not necessarily last in the long term, but will be extremely intense for a while.

The ace of wands reversed in that context, however, might be a sign of some physical trouble in a relationship, like an old couple that has settled into a routine and has all but lost any desire for one another. As mentioned above, this should be seen as a warning, with the tarot hopefully providing a way out of this dead end and some appropriate advice for the relationship.

Final thoughts on the Ace of Wands

Minor arcana meanings are usually subtler than what can be drawn from the major arcana. The aces are the exception to the rule and can convey meanings that are as intense and impactful as any of them.

The ace of wands represents willpower, creativity and passion, an echo of the element of fire that rules over that minor arcana suit. Just like this element, the ace of fire can be a wonderful source of energy and motivation in almost any context, but it might burn you if you don’t keep your eyes wide open and control how it spreads.

Keep in mind that it is also a card of new beginnings, the inner spark that will create the flame that will burn bright in any new project or relationship. Unless it comes up as the ace of wands reversed, this is usually an extremely good sign for new beginnings.


Creation, Invention, Willpower, Passion, Desire, Courage

Reversed: Ruin, Dissatisfaction, Impotence, Lack of Energy, Decadence

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