March 3, 2024
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To get the full picture of your name it is necessary to calculate and look at the numerology of your first name, the surname of your parents (mother and father), the vowels total in your name, and the consonants total in your name. Your Destiny Number is the numerical total of your full birth name reduced to a master number or a single digit.

Your first name is your Active Number. Your last names are your Heredity Numbers. The total of your vowels is your Soul Urge Number. And the total of your consonants is your Personality Number.

The core numerological picture is made up of your Life Path Number, Destiny Number, Soul Purpose Number, Active Number, Heredity Numbers, Soul Urge Number, and Personality Number.

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Name Number Meanings in Brief

For a comprehensive description of the numbers, visit the Numerology page. Below is a quick table for each of the numbers within the Destiny Number:

Number Meanings Active Heredity (Inherits) Soul Urge Personality
1 Asserts Strong Identity I want Individualistic
2 Connects Networking I help Supportive
3 Creates Creativity I imagine Artistic
4 Builds Duty I establish Reliable
5 Transforms Worldliness I explore Inquisitive
6 Services Compassion I solve Inventive
7 Investigates Wisdom I teach Mysterious
8 Leads Power I will Commanding
9 Suffers Empathy I understand Caring
11 Stands Out Specialness I must Revolutionary
22 Establishes Legacy I continue Conservative
33 Entertains Charisma I attract Grandiose
44 Leverages Clarity I know Confident
55 Disrupts Vision I breakthrough Discordant

Name Numerology Calculator

To calculate your destiny number enter your full birth name into the calculator field below. The calculator uses the Pythagorean method.

Full Name – Destiny (expression) Number

Let’s look at the example of Diana, Princess of Wales.

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D I A N A F R A N C E S S P E N C E R      
4 9 1 5 1 6 9 1 5 3 5 1 1 7 5 5 3 5 9 85 13 4

Her Name Destiny Number is 4. Within her destiny number:
• Active Number is 2
• Heredity Numbers are both 8
• Soul Urge Number is 9
• Personality Number is 4

Active Number

You lead into life with your first name, which is why its numerical value is your Active Number. Some people use their given first name, some take on a nickname given to them by a family member or peer, and some people choose a nickname or even an alternative name. Richard is a good example for variations, which include Rich, Rick, or Dick.

The “true” active number is the given birth name. Even if you legally change your first name, the core Active Number is the birth name given to you by your parents. A legally changed name and numerical value is more powerful than a nickname. But, any name used to identity a person in the world is an Active Number.

Consider Diana, using Pythagorean numerology:

D I A N A    
4 9 1 5 1 20 2

Then consider Princess Di (for Princes Diana of Whales)

P R I N C E S S D I    
7 9 9 5 3 5 1 1 4 9 53 8

As Diana, her Active Number 2 is about relating; but as Princess Di, her Active number is 8, which is about Power.

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Pythagorean numerology method

Heredity Number

Essentially, you inherit numbers from your parents. Most often, the father’s surname is the one that dominates and is known out in the world. The mother’s surname often becomes her middle name after marriage, when she assumes the surname of her husband.

Keeping with Princess Diana, her father’s last name was Spencer (John) and her mother’s last name was Kydd (Frances). So, her heredity numbers were:

S P E N C E R    
1 7 5 5 3 5 9 35 8
K Y D D    
2 7 4 4 17 8

So, as you can see, Diana inherited the number 8 from both parents, which is the number for leadership and power.

Soul Urge Number

The Soul Urge Number is the total of the vowels in a name, specifically the full birth name. The Soul Urge is like an energy charge within the numerology of a person. The number of the Soul Urge “powers” the Destiny Number. In Princess Diana’s case, it would be the vowels from Diana Frances Spencer:

I A A A E E E    
9 1 1 1 5 5 5 27 9

The number 9 is the number of the Humanitarian, someone devoted to the good of all and capable of seeing the interconnectivity of all life.

Personality Number

The Personality Number is the total of consonants in the name, specifically the full birth name. The Personality Number is how people encounter someone and interpret them. It is like the clothing you choose in public, which causes people to treat you a certain way. In Princess Diana’s full name, the consonants would be:

D N F R N C S S P N C R      
4 5 6 9 5 3 1 1 7 5 3 9 58 13 4

The number 4 is the number of the Builder, someone who can connect people and establish relationships. Number 4 individuals engage in hard work to make sure life is stable and secure.