July 19, 2024
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222 Repeating Number Sequence

222 Repeating Number Sequence

222 is a special combination when it appears in February because we have so many dates that represent this sequence. We had 2/2/2021, 2/12/2021, and coming up, we will experience 2/22/2021!

The number two symbolizes two ones standing side by side. Polar opposites, yin, and yang. The wholeness of a circle evenly split in two equaling a whole. The symbol of the yin and yang is a perfect image of the number two.  It reflects Perfect balance, harmony, synergy, twin flames, partnerships, romance, opening, flowing, unconditional love, and intuition. The number one would be the masculine quality and the number two is the feminine. But in reality, is the perfect balance of both. 

When seeing the sequence 222

It is reminding us that perfect balance requires both giving and receiving equally. Seek balance in your existing relationships. It could also be a reminder for us to master the synergy of action and stillness simultaneously by being in the present moment. We can use the total of the three two’s equaling the number six by breathing in for a count of 6, hold for a count of 6 and exhale for a count of 6 and do this exercise 6 times.

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At this moment, the Ascended Masters are with you. All repeating number sequences are signs of contact with the higher realms. The number two suggests that balance is important within any decision that you are contemplating. It is a symbol that you are on the right course once you become aware of this. When witnessing the 222, close your eyes and open your heart and say, “Thank You” for your connection with guidance. Feel the union of the spirit realm touching, overlapping, and merging with the physical realm at this moment. Inhale the gratitude of recognition and proceed in your life with confidence that everything is happening in divine order. 

Relationships are important at this time and it is the relationship with yourself that comes first, your relationship to a higher source, and then with another person… in this order.

When you put your wellbeing first above all relationships, sacred order falls into place. Nothing good comes out of sacrificing our peace and wellbeing above another person.   Because it is an omen around relationships, it could also be a sign that someone significant may be coming into your life.

The number 222 under a Universal five year for 2021 is asking us to hold loving space for the balance of all the dimensions that are now merging together to form our new earth. It beckons the cosmic chimes to awaken our intuition and psychic awareness.

It asks us to transmute judgment and polarity by becoming whole in the perfect union of the divine feminine and masculine energies. This message is a portal reminding us not to overthink and always invite the heart to the table of decision making. 

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Change is required and a shift or movement in consciousness to make adjustments for personal ascension. 222 wants us to be authentic, speak our truth, and follow our passions. 

The Bigger Picture

Many people join our Community Facebook Group thinking that they are just going to learn about the meaning of numbers.

Although this is certainly a huge part of Egyptian Numerology, it is only a fraction of the whole capacity in which one could learn in this field.

Egyptian Numerology does not recognize the good and bad/ strong or weak qualities of number frequencies and does not entertain the belief that some numbers are luckier than others.

The reason for this is because what I consider good, bad, or lucky may not be the same definition as yours. It is all a matter of personal perception, experience, and the understanding of ancient truths.

I will give you an example.

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Let’s say that My drug addict neighbor believes that acquiring a large sum of money would be the answer to all of her problems today.

And the grocery store owner down the street may believe that his recently acquired wealth has caused him all of his problems including the loss of his family and friends.

Without judgment, we have two conflicting beliefs around the same topic.

This is their truth at the present moment. It is not my truth and maybe not your truth but nonetheless, at this point of time, it is their truth.

In my opinion, their problems do not have anything to do with the lack or surplus of money because money is just energy, and everything is made of energy including sound, color, numbers, planets, water, air, fire, and earth.

Now if both of these people understood the fair balance of energy exchange, they would have a different perspective around money.

So, in Egyptian Numerology, we work with energy, perspectives, and open doors or possibilities.

When we raise our energy, we have more possibilities and when our energy is low our possibilities are limited. My job with Egyptian Numerology is to help people raise their energy field so that they have more possibilities.

Egyptian Numerology looks for opportunities within the energy of numbers and offers a unique experience for every individual.

Self-realization is the main ingredient to making this happen.

I teach the importance of understanding your soul’s growth and spiritual gifts, the depth of past trauma, emotional triggers, clearing energetic cords, unblocking limiting beliefs holding you back, spiritual awakening and Ascension, the emergence of soul retrieval, healing past lives, and creating a vision for moving forward in alignment with your soul’s life mission. All of these components alter our energy and free us up to be liberated, sovereign, and inspired individuals.

I don’t agree that money, fame, and power are the ultimate goals to a successful life. In most cases, they are by-products of right living and can materialize here one day and be gone the next.

But self-realization never leaves, and it only serves to makes us stronger.

Interpreting energy in terms of Polarity – good versus bad is a limiting source of knowledge.

Whereas self-awareness is eternal. The higher our own energy vibrates, the definitions of numbers become elevated to interpret fresh perspectives.

So, my main job to give you the best experience in Numerology is to assist in raising your energy field.

I work with individuals to strengthen their core, understand, and grow their spiritual gifts, overcome the depth of past traumas, free the imagination to allow passion to flow, nurture self-confidence, teach forgiveness for self and others, promote self-esteem, and self-love.

When all of these potentials are in place, the meaning within number frequencies shifts dramatically.

For instance, the polarity of the number one would mean that the good qualities of the number one are confidence, leadership, creativity, energy, intelligence, and originality.

The bad qualities of the number one are – controlling, selfish, arrogant, narrow-minded, greedy, and stubborn. 

Egyptian Numerology refers to the number one as a conduit between matter and spirit, intuitive, and a creative channel from the higher realms. Life goals are the transformation from independence into interdependence.

The more we shift out of looking at numbers in terms of strong versus weak, we transcend their definitions to a higher quality of living life, and this is what the number sequence 222 is trying to teach us on a much higher realm of understanding.

I hope all of you see the numbers 222 frequently. Have a blessed week.