July 19, 2024
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What Is the Best Cat Breed for Your Zodiac Sign

What Is the Best Cat Breed for Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you thinking of getting a cat? Did you once visit a friend who had a cat and loved how the cat behaved, so you wanted to get one for yourself? And because of that, you began making preparations for the cat that you want to adopt by learning what you can about life. You know what type of food to feed the cat and the cat’s behaviors to expect.

Yet, at the same time, you are not clear on the breed of cat to adopt. Even though you have your kitty litter and scratch post, and other cat apparatus in place, you are still uncertain of the best cat for you and your household. If you are unsure of the feline friend to adopt, then you have come to the right place. That is where you will find out which cat to get that is perfect for your zodiac sign. Let’s go!

Aries – Siberian

You are boisterous and full of passion, and you are also independent and energetic. The best breed of cat for you is the Siberian. The Siberian also shares those traits as they are quite playful. They also grow up just as active, so they never get boring, for Aries.

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You will relate to the Siberian, and you and this cat will share the same type of passion with one another. You will love the fact that this cat is highly independent, which means you will not at all feel tied down with the care for this cat. If you want to get up and leave when you want, the cat will be fine to stay alone for long periods. Make sure there are enough food and water for the cat, and you are good to go.

Taurus – Ragdoll

You are the type that needs to have a set routine, you take things at a slow pace, and you have a strong appreciation for the material world and for beautiful things in general since your ruling planet is gorgeous Venus. The perfect cat is the Ragdoll cat as this cat thrives on structure, routine and is quite docile and obedient. There won’t be frustration there.

Therefore, you and your feline friend can curl up together on the sofa each night watching your favorite television program. Your cat will appreciate that time just as much as you will.

Gemini – Siamese

You are very communicative, energetic, and you are always thinking. That is why the Siamese cat is ideal for you. They are very vocal, and in their way, with their ‘meows’, they will express what is on their minds. They are also energetic and are never dull.

You may even telepathically communicate with one another. It will be almost like you will know what the cat is thinking and what it wants. And vice versa. Either way, you and your cat will understand one another. That takes away all of the frustration for both of you.

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Cancer – Maine Coon

You are nurturing and family-oriented, and that means the perfect cat for you is the Maine Coon. The Maine Coon develops fierce bonds with their owners and their families and have an appreciation for the family as the typical Cancerian does.

The Main Coon is so protective of their homes and families; they will not welcome strangers into a house so quickly until they see that their family is at ease with their presence. They may end up even warming up to them as well in the end.

Leo – Abyssinian

You love admiration for what you do, and you love being in the spotlight. The best cat is the Abyssinian as this feline loves the same, and you and your cat can love being in the spotlight at once at the same time.

When you invite friends or family over to your home, the one thing that you will want to show off is your gorgeous Abyssinian cat. Your feline buddy will undoubtedly enjoy all of that attention. The attention it is receiving from you as well as from others around.

Virgo – Persian

You are caring, loyal, analytical, and shy. That is why the best cat for you would be the Persian kitty. It takes the Persian cat time to warm up to others, but once they warm up to you, they are loyal and loyal forever.

You will even find that your Persian cat snuggles up to you if you are not feeling well. The cat intuitively knows when you are unwell and will try to bring you comfort in its unique way. You do the same thing when the one you care about is not feeling at their best.

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Libra – Tuxedo Cat

You are sociable, and you have an appreciation for beauty and sophistication. The Tuxedo cat is ideal for you because it shares the same smart, friendly, and sophisticated traits. That is the cat you will genuinely appreciate.

You can dress up as sophisticated as you like, and you and your cat will look like a fashionable pair. You appreciate praise, similar to Leo’s way, especially if it has to do with appearance and fashion.

Scorpio – Russian Blue

You are a natural leader and intense. You know how to be assertive when you must. The perfect cat for you is the Russian Blue, and this cat has those same traits as you understand this feline quite well. This cat is known to have a naughty side.

Your Russian Blue feline friend would be sitting on the sofa, mysteriously looking at you. You could not help but wonder what it is thinking. However, you also know that your curiosity about what the cat is thinking can only go so far. Sure, if you ask your cat what it has on its mind because it cannot talk, it obviously could not tell you. However, they can still withhold any information about that on a telepathic level. As a Scorpio, you would appreciate the cat’s need for privacy.

Sagittarius – Ginger Cat

You are carefree, optimistic, and humorous. That is why the Ginger cat is the right fit as this cat will show its sense of humor. They are also highly independent and fun. Your Ginger cat will do some poses and moves that will make you laugh. Therefore, your feline friend can put on a great show.

Anytime you start to feel down for whatever reason, your cat will lift your spirits in no time. The Ginger kitty is the perfect fit for a Sagittarius.

Capricorn – Korat

You are serious and business-like, and you need structure and appreciate the family. You would appreciate the Korat cat that is known to be serious and to develop strong bonds with the family.

The Korat cat does walk around with a serious disposition, but the cat profoundly cares about its family. You could be working at your home office, and the cat will be lying right by your side, providing you with some comfort as well as encouragement in their way for you to keep working.

Aquarius – Birman

You are independent, progressive, and have a helping nature. And the best type of cat breed for you is the Birman. The Birman has a generous and kind heart, and they never leave anyone’s side when they need help.

The Birman is also quite intelligent and intuitive in their way. The cat can detect if someone is in some trouble where they would not leave them alone until they can get the help they need.

Pisces – Ragamuffin

You are compassionate and dreamy, and that is why the best cat breed for you is the Ragamuffin. This cat has a charming disposition and friendly and has a human side as well.

If it were up to you, you would stay in bed the entire day. Your Ragamuffin cat would be pleased to do the same. The idea of you and your cat relaxing in bed together, not having to worry about anything else, sounds quite heavenly. That is the perfect cat for Pisces.

Now that you have recommendations for the best cat that is the most suitable for your zodiac sign, you can do more research into the best for you. You also want to take into consideration of your Moon and rising sign as well. If the cat breed listed that is suitable to your sign does not feel like the right fit for you, then perhaps your Moon and rising sign have more influence when it comes to your perfect feline match.

If you have a family, you want to compromise as well based on not just their signs but preferences. Either way, you will find the best cat for you and your family. Enjoy your new feline best friend!