February 22, 2024
Ask Astrology

10 Card Tarot Reading of the Month

Welcome to the tarot reading for the month. This tarot reading will use the Magical Nordic Tarot by Jayne Wallace.

The Reading Approach

The reading is done by drawing ten cards based on ten questions. The overall question for the reading is, “what do the visitors to AskAstrology need to know about the upcoming month of February 2024?”


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Question 1: What is the Immediate Concern for this Month?


Seven of Swords

The 7 of Swords signifies a crucial awareness of potential betrayal. It advises you to tread carefully in your current situation, emphasizing the need for vigilance and trust in your instincts. The card suggests that someone around you may not be entirely honest, urging you to be cautious and strategic in your interactions. Take heed and assess situations with a discerning eye, avoiding unnecessary risks. Your intuition will play a vital role in navigating potential betrayals, urging you to remain guarded and make informed decisions for your well-being. 

Question 2: What is the Challenge this Month?



The Tower card, as the challenge, signals a transformative process of tearing a relationship or situation down to the foundation for a necessary rebuild. This upheaval may be unsettling, but it is a crucial step in your journey. Embrace the change, as it clears away outdated structures, beliefs, or situations. The challenge lies in confronting and accepting this upheaval, trusting that from the dismantling emerges an opportunity to construct a stronger, more authentic foundation. Embrace the rebuilding process, for it holds the potential for positive transformation and growth in the face of temporary disruption.

Question 3: What is Obvious, but We need a Reminder?



The 8 of Cups signifies a clear need for letting go to open new doorways, particularly in relationships. It suggests that a current emotional chapter has reached its conclusion, and it’s evident that moving on is necessary for personal growth. Recognize the importance of releasing what no longer serves you emotionally, making room for fresh connections and experiences. The card emphasizes that the obvious path involves leaving behind the familiar, embracing change, and being open to new and meaningful relationships that await on the horizon.

Question 4: What is Hidden, that Needs to be Revealed? 


Two pf Pentacles

The 2 of Pentacles reveals the subtle challenge of navigating choices to pursue your ambitions. While you may appear composed to those around you, there’s an internal struggle underway. Hidden from plain sight are the decisions and balancing act required to find the optimal path forward. The card advises acknowledging the complexity of your choices and understanding that achieving your ambitions involves skillful navigation of priorities. Embrace the dynamic nature of your journey, recognizing that the key to success lies in maintaining equilibrium amid life’s multifaceted demands.

Question 5: What is Something from our Past that will Help Us in the Present Moment?


The Knight of Pentacles advises drawing upon past lessons of patience and persistence. Reflect on instances where your steadfast approach led to success. This card suggests that the disciplined and methodical mindset you’ve employed in the past will serve as a valuable asset in achieving current goals. Embrace the Knight’s unwavering determination; applying the patience and persistence cultivated through experience will propel you forward, ensuring steady progress toward your objectives in the present circumstances. 

Question 6: What do We Need to Know for Guidance Going Forward?



The 3 of Wands encourages you to see the adventure in your path and wholeheartedly embrace opportunities. The card signals a phase of expansion where foresight is crucial. Look beyond the current horizon, be open to uncharted possibilities, and take bold steps. Your guidance lies in actively seeking opportunities for growth and freedom. Embrace the spirit of exploration and optimism as you navigate your journey, for the 3 of Wands promises that by doing so, you’ll unlock new dimensions of personal and creative fulfillment.

Question 7: What do We Need to Know about Our Life Purpose this Month?



The 9 of Pentacles signifies a time of relishing in gratitude and personal success. Your current purpose revolves around cultivating a sense of comfort and stability through acknowledging and appreciating your achievements. This card encourages you to bask in the fruits of your labor, finding contentment in the richness of your personal and material life. Embrace a mindset of abundance, recognizing the value of your efforts. The purpose now is to enjoy the rewards of your endeavors, fostering a sense of security and well-deserved comfort.

Question 8: What do We Need to Know to Fulfill the Purpose?



The 4 of Cups advises cultivating concentration and awareness. The key to fulfilling your purpose lies in trusting your intuition and making decisions aligned with your emotional well-being. The card suggests a need to be introspective, paying attention to subtle cues and inner feelings. By focusing on the present and heightening your awareness, you empower yourself to make choices that resonate with your authentic self. Embrace the meditative aspect of concentration, for it will guide you toward decisions that nurture your emotional fulfillment and contribute to the fulfillment of your current purpose.

Question 9: What are Our Hopes and Fears?



The Strength card reveals a yearning for the courage required to make the progress you desire and overcome challenges. Your hope is rooted in summoning inner strength to confront difficulties, symbolized by the wild cat accepting the gentle force of the woman. Yet, there might be a fear of lacking the resilience needed. Embrace the card’s message: your true strength lies within, waiting to be harnessed. Trust in your ability to face adversity with courage, for it holds the key to realizing your aspirations and triumphing over obstacles.

Question 10: What is an Action for Each of Us to Consider Taking?



In Summary

In this reading, a transformative journey unfolds with nuanced insights. The 7 of Swords cautions you to be vigilant, hinting at potential deceit or betrayal in your current situation. The Tower emerges as a challenge, signifying a necessary tearing down to the foundation for a subsequent rebuild. The 8 of Cups advises letting go to open new doorways, particularly in relationships, suggesting a pivotal emotional chapter concluding for personal growth. The Two of Pentacles, hidden in the background, signifies the challenge of navigating choices to pursue ambitions, emphasizing the need for balance and careful decision-making.

As the Knight of Pentacles appears, drawing from the past with patience and persistence becomes a crucial element in overcoming challenges and attaining goals. The 3 of Wands guides you to see the adventure and embrace opportunities, emphasizing foresight and optimism as vital for the path forward. The 9 of Pentacles signals a time of gratitude and personal success, encouraging reveling in achievements. The 4 of Cups advises concentration and awareness, prompting trust in intuition for emotionally aligned decision-making. The Strength card reveals a hope for courage to overcome difficulties and make progress on the desired path. Finally, the King of Wands calls for decisive action to express authenticity and shape the life path with passion.

Be well on your journey forward.