July 15, 2024
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What Is Your Love Language, Based On Zodiac Sign

What Is Your Love Language, Based On Zodiac Sign

When it comes to giving and receiving love, there are different ways of showing affection. What love language that your partner shows you may not always resonate with you, but you don’t question it because you know that it is your partner’s way of expressing affection to you.

And perhaps the way you express your affection to your partner may not resonate with them, but they don’t question it because that is their way of knowing that you are showing them love. Therefore, everyone has a different way of expressing affection, and let’s now take a look at love languages based on zodiac signs.

Aries – Affirmations

Aries, you are bold, so you will express your love through words of affirmation. You want your partner to know about your feelings, and you also expect your partner to verbally tell that they love you and appreciate you the way you say that to them.

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You may like other ways of affection, but you are the happiest with verbal expression. You want your partner to tell you that they love you as you would not hesitate to say to them the same thing.

Taurus – Touch

Taurus, you are sensual, so you express your love to your partner by doing it through physical touch. You like to hold their hand when they are in public, and you want to hug them, and you also love physical intimacy when you are in private with them.

You also want your partner to enjoy receiving physical touch and giving it back to you. You do not have a problem with your partner telling you that they love you. However, you much prefer that they get physical with you instead of verbal when showing affection.

Gemini – Spending Time

Gemini, even though you are the master communicator, you are also highly social, so your love language is spending quality time with your partner. Likewise, you would want your partner to spend quality time with you. You enjoy sharing your latest discoveries with your partner, and you would like to hear what they discovered.

When your partner takes their time to sit with you or lie down with you, that is what makes you feel loved, and that is how you show them love too. You prefer talking, but even if you and your partner are together and watching a movie or reading a book without saying anything, that is perfect for you.

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Cancer – Taking Care Of Their Partner

Cancer, you are the emotional one, and when you love someone, you show it deeply. But your love language is not so much being the one to want and to give the magical touch the same way as Taurus. You are the one that shows your love by caring for your partner.

You want to make sure that you feed them well and bring extra blankets for them, so they stay warm. You will be the one to offer them anything they need to be comfortable. That is your love language.

Leo – Encourages Their Partner To Share Their Accomplishments

Leo, you love to be in the spotlight, so you need to share your accomplishments. However, you are also the one that will share your spotlight with your partner, and that is your love language. You want your partner to share their accomplishments to feel proud of themselves, and that is what you want them to do.

And if your partner is feeling as if they are lacking somehow, you want to remind them of how well they have done and always be proud of what they have done. You will want them in the spotlight, so they feel more confident.

Virgo – Acts Of Service

Virgo, you are not the demonstrative type as you are the one who shows that you love your partner by doing things for them. For example, you cook for them and clean up after them. You will also take care of their kids or pets if they have any.

You will also run errands for them if they need some help from you, and even if they don’t, you will offer and want to help them with that anyway. You go out of your way to help them through your acts of service, and that is how you express your love to them.

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Libra – Giving Gifts

Libra, you are the sweet one who wants peace, and you have a generous side to you. Even though you feel relationships are essential to you, you are not known to be the touchy-feely type which is why your love language is giving gifts, and you want to receive gifts too.

You are not looking for expensive gifts, but small surprises that your partner gets for you, such as a box of chocolates or a bouquet, are what you love. You will give the same type of gifts and even gift cards to your favorite restaurant or store count.

Scorpio – Touching, And Cuddles

Scorpio, you are intense, and it takes you a while before you let anyone into your world. However, once you fall in love with someone, you show that you trust them, and the way you express your love language is by enjoying their magic touch and you enjoy cuddling.

You are passionate by nature, but you also show your love language when sitting on the sofa with your partner, watching a movie while you cuddle together. That is similar to the love language of Taurus, but Taurus is the mirror image of you which makes sense.

Sagittarius – Quality Time

Sagittarius, you want to spend quality time with your partner, and that is how you show them love. You are very picky with who you will get into a relationship with because you are the one that needs freedom and needs to travel, and they have to share the same passion for going on adventures as you.

However, when you find the right partner, you want to go on trips with them and even local excursions. It is not so much that you only want the experience, but that is how you show your love language to them. Spending that quality time with them means everything to you.

Capricorn – Take Care Of Your Partner

Capricorn, you are not a demonstrative type as you are very business-like, and you are also focused more on your ambitions and goals than love. Earth signs are practical, and like Virgo, you are the type that shows that you love your partner by taking care of them and through acts of service.

For example, you will cook for them and clean up after them if needed. You will run errands for your partner, and that is what you appreciate, too, when it comes to your partner showing you love. Earth signs are pragmatic, and the only reason Taurus is more demonstrative is that Venus rules it.

Aquarius – Giving Compliments

Aquarius, you are the one that can be distant as you do not like to acknowledge your emotions, but you do get lonely, which is why you want a relationship. However, because you are not the one that likes to be in touch with your emotions, you avoid the “I love you” phrase, and you don’t like hearing it either.

It makes you uncomfortable, but you also love your partner, and the way you show it is by giving out compliments to them. You prefer to tell them how smart and good-looking they are instead of telling them that you love them. You prefer the same back from your partner, and a compatible partner will understand!

Pisces – Time With Your Partner

Pisces, you are dreamy and romantic, and you love the arts. However, there is one thing that all mutable signs, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces, have in common when it comes to their love languages. That is right, as the love language of Pisces is spending quality time with their partner.

You are the one that wants to be there with your partner and listen to them if they need to talk, and you want them to listen to you if you need a shoulder. You want to have conversations with them and enjoy time together while going to the art gallery, theatre, or anywhere you choose.


What happens if you have a partner that speaks a different love language than you? If you truly love one another, you will speak it even if it does not resonate with you. You will show them the love language that resonates with them to show them that you love them, and they will do the same for you.

For example, if you are not the cuddly type, but your partner is, then show them that you love them by cuddling up with them. If you prefer to be the service provider or nurturer, your partner will do that for you even if that is not their love language. When it comes to love, you will adapt, and so will your partner.