July 16, 2024
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Fractures in the Aura

Fractures in the Aura

The human aura comprises Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical bodies. These layers of the aura interact and affect one another.

The Emotional body is the truth of who you are at a feeling level. This layer contains the imprints of the emotional aspect of your memories as well as your current emotional state. It is a kind of repository of the astral impressions of your feelings.

The Emotional body is the bridge between the Physical body and the Mental body. The Emotional body is the translator between the “first-person” level of physical consciousness— that which experiences the sphere of sensations—and the “observer” level of mental consciousness— that which watches, discerns and judges your experience.

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The Emotional body interprets and translates the thoughts projected forth by your Mental body into feeling states, and the Physical body then translates those feeling impressions into hormones and neuropeptides that cause the physical reactions in our body that we call emotions.

Emotion is a physiological experience of a feeling; through the physiological manifestation of feelings, our thoughts become actualized instead of remaining abstract. We can thus experience our consciousness as “real” in the same way that the physical world around us is “real”; our thoughts, through emotions, become tangible through certain subtle sensations in the body. Were it not for the Emotional body, nothing about your physical experience would seem real. You would be a removed observer, like someone playing a video game.

Records of Life

Your interpretations, feeling-based conclusions and general sense of life are contained within the emotional body. The feeling-state of your memories is also imprinted upon your emotional body, including trauma.

If your impressions, conclusions and interpretations about life are positive, then your Emotional body will convey messages of safety and well-being to the body. If your impressions, conclusions and interpretations about life are painful, then your Emotional body will constantly convey painful messages to the body, which will be interpreted by the body as unpleasant emotion.

We can consider these traumatic imprints “fractures” in the aura, like cracks in glass that distort our view as we gaze through. When there are fractures in the aura, thoughts of pain and danger are continually communicated through the Emotional body to the Physical body, which then emits stress hormones. These hormones place great strain upon the Physical body, and in turn perpetuate and aggravate the unpleasant thoughts and feelings. This vicious cycle can produce conditions like chronic fatigue, depression, toxic relationships, addiction and mood disorders. Such a person is never able to remain fully present in the moment because the past trauma continues to come up again and again. It is as though a ghost of the past is haunting the psyche at all times, knocking on all the doors and windows of the mind, disturbing any potential moment for peace.

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As unpleasant as this is, this “ghost” of past trauma actually has a positive intention in clamoring for attention. This fracture is asking to be healed and integrated. Your aura is calling for wholeness. If you are able to discover and integrate the traumatic event that is the source of this fracture in the aura, it will cease its disruption of your psyche from below the threshold of consciousness.

Inner Mysteries

If there is a problem you have been dealing with for an extended period (or even your whole life), then it is likely that you have a fracture in the aura. Any chronic difficulty— whether it manifests in the body or psyche as an ailment, or in the outer world as a constant turbulence or ever resurfacing dysfunction— is symptomatic of an energetic fracture. Somewhere in you, there is disharmony between the Emotional/Mental layers and the truth of who you are at a Spiritual level.

Often we are totally unaware of our wounds, as well as the beliefs which we are holding at deep unconscious levels that reinforce these wounds and influence our physiological processes. While each of us may have some neat, well-ordered list of our values and ethics that we can consciously recite, most of us behave in ways that indicate a whole other set of beliefs below the surface of consciousness which may or may not harmonize with those we can consciously name. Most of us are, to some degree, ruled by our attachment to a pain-body, and this storage house of emotion affects our behavior in ways we may not be aware of.

For instance, many people believe that they have let go of a traumatic incident in the past after they have established a mental framework of understanding about it; however such people are usually still imprinted with this trauma in the Emotional body. It is one thing to forgive the self or another on the Mental level through understanding and reasoning; it is an altogether different thing to completely release the pain of this event on the feeling level. Whatever is confused upon the Mental level must be sorted out on the Mental level; whatever is wounded on the Emotional level must be healed on the Emotional level.

Left unhealed, these energetic fractures can control us like a master dancing around a puppet on strings, with us none the wiser of what is happening. As C.G. Jung wrote: “A man likes to believe that he is the master of his soul. But as long as he is unable to control his moods and emotions, or to be conscious of the myriad secret ways in which unconscious factors insinuate themselves into his arrangements and decisions, he is certainly not his own master.” Most commonly, we will be drawn to people and situations which replicate the situation of the original trauma. By recreating the old situation, we have an opportunity to discover and heal the old wound. This is the fracture’s way of shining light upon itself; repeated exposure to the same pain will eventually force us to deal squarely with the root of the issue.

Because these beliefs are unconscious, we will not be able to discover what they are through simple introspection. Instead we must look to the objective circumstances of our lives. If you are repeatedly winding up in unhealthy relationships, or lacking the resources you desire, or making the same mistakes over and over, this is an indication that there is a wounding on the emotional level of which you are unconscious.

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Whether you are “haunted” from within by feelings of grief, depression, shame, regret, rage or fatigue, or you are “haunted” from without by the same unwanted circumstance repeating again and again, then something in the emotional body is wounded, and it must then be healed at the level of the Emotional body.