June 14, 2024
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Zodiac Signs and Intimate Connections

Sexual Compatibility: Zodiac Signs and Intimate Connections

You’re on a date and the person across from you is attractive and interesting. On paper they should be a great match for you, but you’re just not feeling it, why? It’s the age old question of sexual attraction, and astrology has the answer! We’ll explore the elements, the sexiest aspect in astrology, as well as which planet you need to look at in yours and your crush’s chart in order to determine if the chemistry is there!

The Importance of Elemental Sexual Compatibility

In the periodic table of astrology there are only 4 elements: fire, earth, water and air. Each of the 12 zodiac signs falls under one of these 4 elements and they are as follows.

Fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Fire signs are spicy, passionate, and impulsive. They often speak before thinking and act before understanding the consequences. Their approach to life is full on and fun!

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Earth: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Earth signs are loyal, dependable and frugal. They approach life with a practical, and sometimes luxurious mindset. They’re not boring though, earth sign humor is top tier!

Water: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Water signs are emotionally driven, creative and intuitive. These signs, more so than any others, value relationships, and emotional depth and bonding. Love truly makes their world go round!

Air: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Air signs are thinkers. They are often observing the world around them and learning through social situations. Wit, humor and intellect are important to these signs.

When it comes to any kind of compatibility, the first place you want to look is the elements. For friendship you’re looking for complementary elements like water and earth, or fire and air, but sexual connection is quite different from friendship…

A sexual relationship must have that X factor, the spark, the passion, the chemistry, so while that can be found between complementary elements, it’s more fun with opposing elements.

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  • Fire and Earth make a wild fire
  • Water and Air make a rain storm
  • Earth and Air make a sand storm

You might be wondering “what do fire and water make?” Well, water extinguishes fire so those two elements aren’t exactly what I’d call a match made in sexual heaven!

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Which Signs Have The Steamiest Connections?

Going even deeper into the understanding of what makes for a sexy spark between two people you’ll want to look for squares.

You may be familiar with the circle charts we use in astrology with the red, blue and green lines that intersect and connect all the planets together. Those lines represent angles, and angles let us know what kind of relationship the planets have with one another.

It helps to think of the planets as people. You have a different relationship with your mom than you do with your ex boyfriend, same goes for the planets. Some work really well together, some don’t even speak the same language, and some have a sexy spark!

Planets that square one another are 90° apart. This usually shows up as a thick red line on a circle chart. While red may mean danger or STOP, it’s also the color of passion and sex! It’s just like the popular literary trope of enemies to lovers; if there’s a bit of tension the bedroom is a great place to work it out.

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Note: this in no way means that you should bone all of the people you dislike. There’s lots of reasons to not like someone, and many of those reasons can also be applied to why it’s a very bad idea to take them to bed.

Signs That Are Square to One Another for Sexual Compatibility

  • Aries: Cancer and Capricorn
  • Taurus: Leo and Aquarius
  • Gemini: Virgo and Pisces
  • Cancer: Libra and Aries
  • Leo: Scorpio and Taurus
  • Virgo: Sagittarius and Gemini
  • Libra: Capricorn and Cancer
  • Scorpio: Aquarius and Leo
  • Sagittarius: Pisces and Virgo
  • Capricorn: Aries and Libra
  • Aquarius: Taurus and Scorpio
  • Pisces: Gemini and Sagittarius


Ok, But Which Planets Are We Talking About?

If you’re new to the vast world of astrology you may have been only thinking of your sun sign, which is only one small part of the sexual chemistry puzzle, as well as only one part of your chart!

When looking to astrology for the answer to the question, “are me and my crush sexually compatible?” The tool that is most accurate is called synastry. Synastry is the relationship between all of the planets in your chart and their chart. The reason this is so much more effective is because you are not just your sun sign but a reflection of your entire chart, and so is everyone else. It’s like seeing a picture of someone’s eyes and thinking that’s their whole body, mind and soul.

Without diving fully into a synastry chart reading, or paying someone else to do one for you, the first place you should look at is your Mars placement. Mars, the red planet, governs things like competitive sports, energy levels, and the act of having sex. While Venus is a good place to look for more insight into who you’re attracted to, Mars illustrates what really turns you on.

Essential questions to answer to understand your sexual compatibility:

  • Do you and your crush have Mars placements in the same or a different element, and are they compatible?
  • Are the Mars placements square one another? What kind of connection do they have?
  • Do you and your crush’s Mars placements aspect other parts of your chart?