June 20, 2024
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Sex secret: An Easy Way To Turn Each Zodiac Sign On

Astrology can tell us a lot of things, like when we might buy our first house, what our deepest wounds are and how many times we might get married or fall in love, but it can also tell us some surprisingly sexy secrets. Everybody has a few buttons that need to be pressed in order to get in the mood, and astrology is the secret key to understanding what those buttons are. Since Mars is the planet that rules over sex and  our primal sexual desires, scroll down and find you and your lovers Mars signs on this list, and then give some of these suggestions a go the next time you want to amp up the mood.


Aries is a passionate fire sign and probably the easiest Mars sign to rev up and get in the mood for some lovin’. That being said, Aries rules over the head, so head scratches or a scalp massage is sure to ease the mind and get the blood flowing for any Aries Mars. For bonus points, have your Aries Mars partner lay their head in your lap while you show them some love to really get the sexy vibes going.


Taurus is the most sensual of all the earth signs, so creating the perfect environment is necessary. Warm smells, candle light, soft music and silk sheets are a fast track to winning the heart and the body of a Taurus Mars. This earth sign rules over the neck and throat, so a generous neck massage is a good way to get the vibes started, and once you start kissing their neck they will be putty in your hands.

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As an air sign Gemini are most turned on by conversation. Gemini’s are clever and witty, so it’s imperative that their partner can not only keep up with their jokes but also know how to dish them back in return. From an outside perspective it may look like you two are beefing, but the more you can playfully jest with one another the hotter the temperature in the room gets. Lasty, Gemini rules over the hands, so be sure to hold your Gemini Mars partner’s hand and give it a gentle kiss (or more) when you want to put them in the mood.


When it comes to this water sign it’s all about emotional connection. Cancer’s often need to air out their feelings and talk through the heaviness in their chest, being able to open up and do the same with them creates a deep and enticing bond. Sex is about more than just the physical, for Cancer, the emotional bond is what takes it to the next level. And Cancer rules over the chest, so be sure to give extra love and attention to that area of the body when you want to create more passion.


We’ve all heard about the 5 love languages, but when it comes to Leo’s their number 1 love language is all 5. Seriously, if you want to woo this fire sign you can’t do it half way! Luckily, they give just as much love as they get (if not more) in return, so get out the rose petals and the champagne, then write them a song or poem about how beautiful they are and play it on guitar for them while wearing next to nothing and they will swoon for weeks.


Virgo’s are known for being pretty tightly wound, so it should come as no surprise to hear that this earth sign rules over the intestines and nervous system. While these are internal body parts—so not the sexiest—you can get your Virgo Mars partner in the mood with a good massage (and maybe a probiotic for their tummy first). Make it really special and schedule a couples massage date for the two of you, then go home afterwards and put your newly relaxed bodies to good use.


Libra is ruled by Venus so when it comes to all things love they want all the bells and whistles. They need roses, cards, chocolates and everything in between. So get a hotel room, lay out some rose petals on the floor, light some candles, and play some Marvin Gaye. Libra rules over the lower back so before you get down and dirty be sure to offer them a playful back massage.

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Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio, so a Scorpio Mars person generally has a healthy appetite for sex. Scorpio is attracted to intensity, so they won’t be satiated with half baked plans and affection. The best way to turn them on is by telling them a secret or a hardship from your past. If they feel like you’re bearing your soul to them they’ll be more inclined to share a bed with you.


Sagittarius is a fire sign, so boldness, passion and excitement are the breeding grounds for a good time for them. Sagittarius rules over the thighs and legs, so taking them out to a latin dance party will satiate their desire for world culture but also offer you a chance to to get to know their legs in a fun, safe environment.


Capricorn Mars is attracted to people who are put together and honest. If you’re chronically late, prone to canceling plans at the last minute, don’t have a job, and don’t seem trustworthy, it’s an automatic no for this earth sign. Power dynamics are the sexiest thing for a Capricorn, and they tend to play a dominant role in most areas of their lives, so they might love being more submissive in bed.


Aquarius are the weirdos of the zodiac and they pride themselves on it. Indulge them in a niche topic of conversation, ask plenty of questions and show a genuine interest and they’re going to start wondering if you might be a love match. Now, the key with Aquarius is that you can’t come on too strong in the beginning, give them attention but also give them plenty of space to think over their feelings. There’s no need to play games, but you don’t want to scare them off!


Pisces are the natural musicians of the zodiac so art, especially music, is the way to their heart and into their bed. Nothing is sexier than having a song or a poem written about you, but this is especially true for Pisces Mars people. We can’t forget that Pisces rules over the feet, so after your performance be sure to offer them a luxurious foot massage to really bring some heat to the room.

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