June 21, 2024
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Here’s what you can expect when dating a Capricorn

Interested in an earthy, sensual Capricorn? You’ve certainly chosen well. This sign is well-known for their faithfulness, love of commitment and dedication to their relationship. In fact, seldom do you find single Capricorns – they’re so quickly snapped up! Yet, there are a few Capricorns who are also so immersed in their careers and work tam they barely stop to look up and see the love is right under their nose. It takes a little seduction, on your part, as well as plenty of patience! Most Capricorns are fairly traditional, and they like to woo and be wooed. Rushing into a connection for them is generally not their usual way of behaving. However, if they’ve been recently hurt, then you may see a Capricorn or two playing the field. However, once they find someone who they deem as worthy – someone elegant, well put together, interesting and mature – they’ll put the work in. Whilst they won’t exactly sweep you off your feet, their persistence to win you over will eventually melt your heart. If you are the one dating them, be sure to not push too hard. Let them lead and make decisions where possible. After all, this is a Cardinal sign, and Cardinal signs prefer to have the initiative. What else can you expect when you dating Capricorn? Let’s find out.

Dating a Capricorn

The truth is that most Capricorns don’t always enjoy the dating game. Being such real, authentic and down to earth signs, they tend to prefer an established, structured relationship. Yet, they’ll play along, knowing that this first stage is a necessary step to the next. Everything that Capricorn does, they tend to do well, so even dating may become something that they want to excel at. They’ll pick out the very best restaurants, the nicest clubs and the classiest settings. This is one sign that won’t hesitate to spend some money on a good-quality outing with you.

If they’re the one wining and dining you, let them pay. If you’re the one taking them out, treat them. Splitting the bill may come across as coarse for the typical Capricorn. If you can incorporate nature into your dates, that would be a winner. Capricorn is an earth sign, so loves to get outside into nature. Hiking or even going for a lovely nature walk will open up the opportunity for a deeper connection.

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Communicating With a Capricorn

Most earth signs are physical types, preferring to talk with gestures and their bodies rather than words. However, when you get a Capricorn going, you’ll find that they possess a unique depth of wisdom that you could listen to forever. Sure, they may take on somewhat of a lecturing tone, but because they know so much, you may be quite happy to simply sit back and listen. Your typical Capricorn also possesses quite a dark, surprising sense of humor, much to your surprise. They can be cynical, sharp and very quick witted.

But what should you expect when you’ve just stated dating them? Will they text back quickly, will they call and how best do they communicate? Well, because most Capricorns are workaholics, don’t expect a fast reply. They’re usually knee-deep in work (not someone else, so don’t worry!). Their texts may not be very flowery or romantic – they tend to veer on the practical side of things. Yet, in person, they’re much more available, just as long as they keep their work phones off!

How A Capricorn Shows Their Love

Most Capricorns are fairly traditional, as well as materially orientated. This means that ‘gift giving’ is usually their preferred way of showing their love and care for you. The good news is that seldom will these signs waste money on a cheap or poor-quality item. They’ll go out of their way to get you something practical, long-lasting and expensive. The pricier, the more they care, believe it or not. For this zodiac sign, no price is too high to pay for the person that they adore. Not to mention that they work so hard for their money that they usually have enough to go around.

Their other “Love Language” would have to be physical affection. All earth signs love to touch and be touched. Although the Capricorn isn’t a public displays of affection sort of person, in private and behind closed doors, they’ll be all over you.

Turns Off When Dating a Capricorn

Capricorns like a classy partner. Someone who can hold themselves together, is elegant and tasteful. Yes, you can have your messy moments – emotionally and otherwise – but not in public, or in front of their family or colleagues, for example. They want to be proud of their mates, not embarrassed. Someone who is loud, crude and coarse will be swiftly kicked out of their orbit.

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Capricorns also generally prefer someone who’s very ambitious, like them. Now, you don’t necessarily have to have a career, but you need to have aspirations. Something that drives you to get out of bed in the morning. Even if that’s a personal passion or hobby, your Capricorn will respect you more if you have something you’re focused on. Someone without direction or motivation will have them turned off faster than you can blink your eyes.

Strengths of Capricorn

The zodiac sign of Capricorn has many, many amazing strengths. Not least of all is their commitment to whatever they set out to do. This is one sign that you can rely on to always stick to their word, no matter what. It’s a rare quality to have, in this world. Capricorns are also never lazy. Their hard work and ethics make them someone to look up to and admire. Their ambition and willingness to put in the hours is a quality that many find extremely sexy. Another strength that Capricorns have is their maturity and ability to take on quite large responsibilities. Of course, this also depends on their age. Usually, the older the Capricorn, the more mature they are.

Weaknesses of Capricorn

Like any other sign, Capricorn has their weaknesses. One of their biggest weaknesses is also a strength – their ambition. Because they’re so driven, they may work themselves half to earth or push too hard. This can make them very unavailable and indeed, have you feeling as if you take second place in their hearts. This is one sign that seriously needs to get to grips with the work-Iife balance, or else they end up missing out on everything else that’s on offer. Capricorns, for all their success, can also be extremely insecure and self-doubtful. These insecurities may have them shutting down and seeming cold, reserved or hard. This is not the case, but you may wonder to yourself at times if they really care. It takes time to pull away this facade and see the vulnerable human underneath the strong act. Finally, Capricorns can be too focused on the material world at times. They have a spiritual, mystical side, and when that gets unlocked, they find their full strength and share this with you.

Most compatible signs with Capricorn

The number-one most compatible sign with Capricorn has to be Scorpio. These two are simply cut from the same cloth. Both ambitious, both hard workers, and both deeply faithful, this is a classic ‘power couple’ combination. There’s nothing that these two can’t achieve together. This combination has some seriously long-term potential, so count yourself lucky if you happen to be a Scorpio!

The other zodiac sign that matches extremely well with Capricorn is the equally practical, level-headed Virgo. Together, this couple create a life of security and stability. They both deeply value hard work, and won’t mind long hours spent at the office or starting a business. In fact, Virgo is the type of person that will support and help Capricorn get to the very, very top. Capricorn feels very nurtured by this and will go out of their way to defend and protect the Virgo. This is also a highly sensual combination, so whilst these two will be private in public, behind closed doors, they’ll be hot, hot, hot!

Pisces also has a special affinity with Capricorn. Being the sign of the fish, and with Capricorn being half fish, half goat, there’s a deep connection between these two. Pisces will bring out the spiritual side of Capricorn, and soften their harder edges. Capricorn will want to protect and defend the Pisces at all costs and keep them close.

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Least compatible signs when dating a Capricorn

Capricorn just doesn’t have time for either Gemini or Sagittarius. Both signs are far too reckless and irresponsible for Capricorn to feel secure and settled. There may be a fascination, but over time, these signs will likely become annoyed with each other. Sagittarius may have a better chance, seeing as their brand of wisdom can go well with Capricorn’s. But, the truth is that Capricorn is too focused on work and not enough play. What Sagittarius doesn’t realize is that when Capricorn plays, they play harder than anyone else!