June 20, 2024
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What It Is Really Like To Have Sex With, zodiac sign cancer

What It Is Really Like to Have Sex with a Cancer

Cancers are the sweetie pies of the Zodiac. Super sensitive and always caring for their loved ones. Their purpose in life is to build bonds and find a deep connection with the people in their lives. But are you ready to know more about cancer sexuality?

What does this mean for their sex life and what are these protective crabs like in bed? It- Probably wilder than you could ever imagine! If you’re curious or interested in finding out how to please your Cancer lover, then keep on reading to find out more: 

The Energy a Cancer Brings To The Bedroom

Don’t be fooled! Cancers are a lot less shy in bed than you might expect when meeting one of them at first. These crabs know how to get wet and wild, but they also know exactly what they want and aren’t afraid of making their feelings known!

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One might expect a Cancer to be goodie-goodie in the bedroom, but the truth is that they are actually quite kinky and freaky when they get down. They especially love power dynamics and love exploring the world of dominance and submission.

You might not expect this from someone who tends to run quite emotional, but it happens to be the extremes that feel quite familiar to them. They innately understand that like life as well as sex is all about light, shadow, and everything in between.

Sex takes on a world of its own for Cancer and they often even experience it to be quite spiritual and even transformative with the right partner. They love that this is a physical act that can bring them closer to the person they are in a relationship with.

Sex seems to be another way for a Cancer to express themself emotionally, but also to relax and tune into themself and build a deeper connection to their partner.

What Turns a Cancer Off in The Bedroom?

Cancers are extremely emotional and sensitive people. They take most things quite personally, but especially sex. They don’t like being with someone who isn’t considerate of their feelings, for them, this is a major turn-off.

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They also don’t like opening themselves to a partner who puts them on an emotional rollercoaster all of the time. They want to feel secure and stable in their sexual relationship because if they don’t, they can’t express themself authentically. Being real is a big deal to a Cancer.

They hate being criticized about their body or their technique in the bedroom. Their partner definitely needs to read the room before making a suggestion or else the Cancers insecurity might totally ruin the mood and lead to a major fight.

They need to be with someone who is quite in tune and sensitive to them or else they might unintentionally hurt their Cancer. And if a Cancer is feeling sorry for themself, nothing is going to get them into a sexy or horny mood.

What Turns a Cancer On In The Bedroom

There isn’t much that doesn’t turn on a Cancer. They highly appreciate the form of the body. They love everyone in every shape and size, but no matter the sex of the Cancer, they will always have a thing for boobs or a strong chest.

They easily get turned on by simply seeing a naked body in front of them but they especially love the feeling of someone being physically close to them. This is when their imagination runs wild with all kinds of possibilities of what might happen next.

This brings me to my following point, Cancers are big on foreplay. The anticipation is what really gets them going and warmed up. Cancer loves being able to turn their partner on; their pleasure is usually more important than their own. When their partner is getting off, so do they.

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More on Cancer Sexuality

Cancers are big people-pleasers – inside and outside of the bedroom and they are happiest when they know that their nearest and dearest are well taken care of.

Cancers usually have epic imaginations which means that they can conjure up rather wild fantasies about what they would like to experience in the bedroom. When they feel safe with a partner they can really push the envelope and think outside of the box, sexually speaking.

They are also really into wild role-playing and love dressing up and pretending to be someone or something different. They find the experience totally exciting and a novel way to explore different sides of their personality.

Even shyer Cancers tend to be quite playful and enjoy teasing being teased by their partner, it makes them feel really sexy and desired and allows them to just have fun and be inside of their body as opposed to always being in their feelings and emotions.

Some Cancers quite enjoy bondage and experimenting with rope or handcuffs. They find it exciting to be able to explore the power dynamics between being submissive and dominant in the bedroom.

Being such an avid lover of the breast, you cannot ignore the nipple when it comes to turning on your Cancer. They absolutely love having their chest played with, but a partner who pays special attention to their nipples is golden in their book.

They are up for anything from having their nipples kissed, licked, and sucked on, to even taking it to the extreme by adding a nipple clamp to their bedroom antics. This will drive them absolutely wild with pleasure.

A Cancer has the ability to be an absolute freak in the bedroom, but it is vitally important that they are with a partner that makes them feel safe and secure, or else their sexual desire disappears completely.

When it comes to cancer sexuality, when a Cancer meets the right partner, their true colors definitely show and they might surprise even some of the more experienced lovers out there. Cancers are kinky, don’t you forget that so give them an opportunity to show you! You certainly won’t regret it.