July 19, 2024
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: rare june 2022 planetary alignment

Astrological Influences with the Rare June 2022 Planetary Alignment

Planetary alignments are rarely visible to the naked eye, but a planetary alignment is occurring right now and is an exceptional phenomenon that can be observed from June 14 until June 27, 2022, from Earth, and this phenomenon will only repeat itself in 2124.

Rare planetary alignment June 2022

Now, this alignment is nothing less than the alignment in the sky, of 8 celestial bodies of the solar system: the Moon and seven planets, all arranged on the west side of the Sun.

It will be possible to see them all simultaneously just before sunrise. Depending on your localization and weather status, you could easily see the brightest planets, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars.

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For those in the northern latitudes, like New York and London, Mercury, the planet closest to the sun, will be visible near the horizon but it may be not easy due to the brightness of dawn.

In these regions, the other planets will also be close to the eastern horizon, making it a bit of a challenge to easily see the alignment of all the planets.

But the brightness will be not similar to the planets, due to the way that they dissipate Sun’s light, so, when looking at the ones closer to the Sun, you should use some kind of optical aid to have a better view.

Clearly, one of the points to note is the energy influence emanating from the alignment of the planets and the benefits coming from this rare energy.

What about the astrological implications of this astrological event?

We often can see Saturn, and we can see the moon, but the fact that we can also see Mars, Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter, all aligned, is something so rare that you only see it once in a lifetime.

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But what we should really focus attention on, at least astrologically, is Venus in Pisces passing Jupiter and Neptune – and Mars will do the same about a week later.

The fusion of planetary energy in this period during the alignment

We can see Venus as the planet of relationships, love, value, money, and self-esteem, followed by Mars whose energy is related to our energy and movement, it is an activator of energy, which aligns at the same time with Jupiter too, which is expansion, opulence, and exaggeration.

Neptune is related to the spiritual world, to the sense of loss and separation, while Mercury correlates with the way we communicate between people and how we learn and solve problems. Our natural satellite Moon relates emotions, to our needs and vulnerabilities.

Saturn correlates with rules, structures limitations, and cycles, and Uranus to wisdom, revelations, and changes.

Energy fusion

All this energy unity at one moment in time and space is the moment to look inside ourselves, reconnect with the spiritual world and gain awareness of the higher purpose in our path, a world that will guide us to a better understanding of what unconditional and universal Love really is.

It is now, more than ever, the most opportune time to connect to the mystical world and to experience the most ethereal, hypersensitive, and spiritual connections. But it can also be the right time to close old pains and feelings buried deep within us, thus closing a cycle in our life.

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When that sense of closure is finally done, it will give some kind of relief and comfort to your present self and will energize that gut feeling that will sense the opportunities arising sooner than others and prevail always on the top.

This cycle can connect us to the mourning of a special one and the visualization of a truth hidden for a long time, which will show us the raw truth or a reality that we didn’t want to face.

But if we try to stay true to ourselves and connect to our emotions, exploring the sensitivity that is awakening within us, this is undoubtedly the right time to channel the energy around us and direct it to our most dreamed reality.

How should we prepare ourselves to harness and take advantage of this energy?

Remembering that Pisces refers to all the energy that comes from the world of dreams, be attentive to our dreams, and this is the most suitable moment to start an emotional diary connected to our dreams, a dream diary, and try from now on to analyze our recurring dreams and all the symbology related to them.

It is important to be true to ourselves, to our subconscious, and to the symbols that it transmits to us from our dreams. Look and try to understand each relationship and each connection, be attentive to the detail and remember that it is always the trivial things, the little connections you can make, that will make the difference.

Astronomy-speaking, it’s not actually a line

Even if the alignment seems almost perfect to us as seen from Earth, this is clearly an illusion caused by our perspective. Obviously, these celestial bodies do not form a straight line when viewed from space.

From left to right, the Sun is out of the field of view, while Mercury is just included. Next, we will have Venus, followed by the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter. Finally, slightly separated from the rest, we will have Saturn.