July 16, 2024
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6 Signs Most Likely To Break Your Heart

6 Signs Most Likely To Break Your Heart

Love makes the world go round, but for some signs, love seems a little easier and more effortless than for others. They don’t feel as affected and seem to not realize how their actions influence others. These heartbreakers know how to make others fall for them with ease, but they don’t always reciprocate the feelings…

These signs may be a little less committed and want to play the field, they might use love to get others to give them what they want, or perhaps love just isn’t as serious to them as it is for others. Have you ever wondered which Zodiac signs you need to be wary of when it comes to love? Then keep on reading which 6 signs are most likely to break your heart:

1. Sagittarius

Sagittarius definitely knows how to play the field. This charming sign finds it effortless to make others fall in love with them. They’re exciting and full of passion; it makes a lot of sense that they are so alluring. A Sagittarius however, can be rather selfish and only care about what they want to do. This free-spirit rarely has commitment on their mind and love being in relationships where they can be independent and free.

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As soon as a Sagittarius feels caged in or there is too much pressure for them to commit, they run away. This inconsistency can be quite heartbreaking for those involved with them because it might seem like a Sagittarius is more interested in a good time, rather than a long time. It is impossible for a Sagittarius to stick around as they always have some exciting adventure up their sleeves. Best to keep a Sagittarius around only if you’re interested in a fling as something serious might prove to be too much for them.

2. Gemini

Geminis are the Kings and Queens of inconsistency, this fickle sign definitely knows how to keep their partners on their toes. It is impossible to know what a Gemini is thinking because they chop and change their ideas so quickly. One minute a Gemini is totally into you, the next they can’t get further from you if they tried. Geminis are often thought to be disloyal as they can’t seem to keep a promise and often find themselves feeling intrigued and interested in other people.

This sign is very keen on experience and exploration and absolutely hates it when they have a partner who stands in their way of experiencing something new. Commitment really isn’t a priority for this Air sign. They would rather have a variety of people in their life than stick to one particular person. Don’t be surprised if your Gemini ever asks you to be in an open relationship or try polyamory. They definitely have a way of hurting others, so be warned before getting involved with a Gemini.

3. Aries

Aries is one of those signs that are in love with love. An Aries can fall in love in an instant. It is a strong and passionate kind of feeling for them, however, this flame can die out for them just as quickly. This sign really knows how to turn off the ‘ON’ button once they have had enough of the person they are with. This can be absolutely devastating for their partners because they really go from 0 – 100 in an instant. Once they have left you in the lurches, they’ll be done with you.

It can be quite heartbreaking because they can go from the warmest most lovely human to someone cold and totally disinterested. When Aries no longer feels the flames of passion and desire, they can be pretty ruthless. You might toss and turn at night wondering what went wrong, and because Aries lacks a bit of empathy, you may never get the closure you desire which can only lead to pain and drawing out of you letting go of them.

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4. Aquarius

Distant and detached Aquarius has a way of really breaking people’s hearts. They’re just not as emotionally inclined as all the other signs. They simply don’t form attachments like other signs do. They’re not unfeeling people, and they can definitely fall in love, but they’re not very expressive with their love. This can often make their partners feel unloved and uncared for, and when an Aquarius ends a relationship it is usually for good.

Their ex-partner may harbour strong feelings for their Aquarius, but Aquarius has a way of detaching and going distant that can irk even the most resilient amongst us. An Aquarius is all about the mind, they’re intellectual, and for them breaking up with someone would make the most rational and logical sense, even if their heart says otherwise. This is why they’re so ruthless because they can convince themselves of anything if it makes sense to them in their head. They will totally disregard your emotions, and you might think think them to be the most ruthless person because of their lack of empathy towards whatever it is you are going through.

5. Pisces

You would think that someone so sweet and empathetic as Pisces would be a little more caring, but this sign has the reputation of leaving others totally devastated. When a Pisces is in love with you, you become their entire world. They will dedicate their life to you and have a deep desire to merge with you. They want the relationship to become one unit. However, when a Pisces is done with you, they can become totally cold and disinterested in you.

This has to do with the fact that a Pisces is a Mutable sign, meaning they can be quite fickle and have no problem adapting to whatever situation they are in. This also means that they move on like nobody’s business and fall in love just as intensely with whoever comes their way. You may think that you and Pisces shared the most amazing relationship, but for them you are just another stop on their journey. This sign has a way of making others fall deeply in love with them, but they will also leave you in the lurches quicker than you could ever imagine and never take any responsibility for hurting you.

6. Libra

Libra is one of the biggest flirts in the Zodiac. This sign loves being in relationships, however, they can be a little fickle. They might date you for months and never commit because a part of them is so indecisive about whether or not you are actually the right person for them. They will go back and forth, and leave you feeling like you’re going crazy because they just can’t make their mind up about you. The other thing about them is that a Libra absolutely hates hurting people, they just want to keep the peace at all times.

Although this might be a lovely trait, they will chose not to experience conflict, but conflict is really important in resolving issues in a relationship. This means a Libra will end up building resentment over time because they’re never really honest about what they are feeling. They might stay in a relationship a lot longer than they should because they just wanted to keep the peace and then one day they might blow up and end up breaking up with you about all these reasons you are totally unaware of. It can come as a shock and leave you feeling totally hopeless and upset.

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