July 19, 2024
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What Kind Of Lover You Need According To Your Venus Sign

Venus represents everything to do with love and romance, there is so much you can learn just by knowing what your or your partner’s Venus sign is. It is the planet that tells us how we love and how we liked to be loved. It is the planet that rules our unique love languages. Venus is the planet that brings us pleasure, beauty, and joy. It also represents what we find attractive in a romantic partner and can tell us a lot about the type we will tend to go for. Who we like to date and who we want to be with. Venus is our guiding light when it comes to love and the unique imprint, we express ourselves in our relationships. So, continue reading to find out what kind of lover is perfect for you and what you need to look out for:

Venus In Aries

You’re definitely a feisty person and know exactly what you want in your relationships. You’re into the thrill of the chase when it comes to love. Your motto in life is likely “fortune favors the brave” and willing to take risks for you. You have no problem putting yourself out there and taking the lead in a relationship, but often you might find yourself getting quite bored if you aren’t with someone you find stimulating and exciting. You’re impulsive and you need a lover who can keep up with you. Your energy is high when it comes to love. You love with passion, so you need a partner who would happily fall head-over-heels with you by being spontaneous and ready for adventure. You actually want one of those romances that epic love stories are written about; you like it when there is some drama involved in your connections.

This is why you need a lover who is bold and just as independent as you are. You like taking the lead, but sometimes you need a partner who can take control of you by taking the reigns. Physical appearances are pretty important for you as well, you want to be with someone you find really sexy and attractive, especially someone who is physical and active. And it is a big win when your partner isn’t afraid to be demonstrative in love with you, affection is quite important to you. You need someone who can sing your name off the rooftops! Enthusiasm in love is a really big turn-on, you’re addicted to the high energy!

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Venus In Taurus

You’re slow and steady when it comes to love because you like to take your time when it comes to romantic relationships, but when you love it tends to be forever. This is precisely why you like to take things slow and steady. You’re not one to give your heart away easily, but when you do it needs to be just right, so you’re willing to wait for the right partner. The perfect lover for you is someone who will give you the security and stability you crave in your life. You want someone you know you can depend on no matter what. Love is so important to you, and you will do anything to keep it safe. It can be difficult for you to go through breakups. This is why commitment appeals to you so much, you want to know the partner you have made all your promises to feels the same way about you. You need this reassurance.

You’re attracted to reliable and dependable types for a reason. You need to know that your lover will be there for you whenever you need them and that they somehow add to your comfort in life and that they don’t take it away from you. The last thing you need is someone causing unnecessary chaos and drama. You’re also obsessed with aesthetics, and love to surround yourself with beauty. So a good-looking partner is a must, someone with refined taste and a flair for sensuality. Love needs to feel good and fill your life with pleasure. Anything other than that you can do away with!


Venus In Gemini

Love for you is a meeting of minds, a mental connection is what you want. You find beauty in the way a partner thinks and see far beyond the physical. All you really need from a connection is someone who is intelligent and knows how to awaken your mental side. Intelligence is what you find attractive. Your desire is to have fun in love, and not take yourself too seriously, especially when it comes to romance. It might take a while for you to settle down because variety is the spice of life, and you want to be able to get to know all kinds of people before you decide to commit.

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Dating many different people is what you need before you can commit. This experience gives you a really good idea of what you want and need in a relationship. But as a standard, you tend to go for people who are smart, witty, and funny. A partner who can turn you on mentally is all you really need in life. You want to be able to communicate and have stimulating conversations with the person beside you. So if the two of you have a good rapport, and they know how to flirt then you’re probably going to be quite happy in love!


Venus In Cancer

Romance and building a bond are something you take rather seriously in your life, this is because you tend to be quite sensitive when it comes to matters of the heart and express your love in an emotional way. To you falling in love means becoming emotionally attached to your lover. You want to merge and feel connected to them at all times. You need to feel the ultimate security with your lover, and you want them to constantly affirm how they feel about you. Thus, it is probably best for you to be with a lover who is rather open with their emotions and isn’t afraid of vulnerability or showing their sensitive side.

You’re unlikely to rush into anything because you can be quite cautious in love, you prefer to take things slowly just to be sure you won’t get burned so having a partner who is patient and understanding is quite a strong bonus. Not to mention how wonderful it is for you to be with someone who is loyal and reliable. Stability is what you need. For best results, you need a romantic partner who can be both sensitive, and still someone you can depend on for the more practical aspects of life. You want people to take care of you just as much as you enjoy taking care of others. For you love needs to feel in perfect harmony with giving and taking.


Venus In Leo

Romance is pretty darn high on your list of priorities, you just love, and have a strong desire to be adored by your partner. You need a lover who can be strong for you, and unashamedly shows you off and tells you how proud they are of you. You like a little bit of drama in your life because it excites you and fuels your need for passion, so perhaps someone who doesn’t get too afraid of theatrics and spicing things up from time to time would fit in perfectly into your life. But there is a side to you that is incredibly selfless and generous that might sometimes be overlooked. People can’t help but be drawn to your generosity and flamboyant personality, so your lover needs to feel secure enough with you to contend with quite a few admirers you might have.

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But most importantly you need to be able to be yourself with your partner. Authenticity is important to you. If you can fully express who you are to your partner, and not feel shy or feel like need to dim your shine for them then you know you have met the one for you. Big, dramatic, and romantic gestures never hurt really do it for you, you love being fussed over. Your partner should never be shy to tell you how they feel about you. You simply need attention and admiration and then you’re happy!


Venus In Virgo

You’re a perfectionist and know exactly what you like, especially when it comes to love and romance. You have an ideal image in your head of the lover you want to be with and you refuse to settle for anything less than what you know you deserve. Your highly critical nature is really good at discerning who is a good fit for you and who isn’t. You see through the nonsense. Even though it is really good to know what you want and deserve in life, this can often make you rather picky in fact and you might close yourself off to perfectly good partners because your standards might be a bit too high. So it is good to sometimes have an open mind, especially when it comes to love.

The partner you need is likely someone smart, well put together, and someone with really strong values. It is important for you to be with someone who has their life in order yet is open enough to allow you to support them by giving them a helping hand. You out of any sign know what is good for you and it is best for you to follow your gut when it comes to love, always trust that inner voice. Don’t ever diminish your standards for anyone, least of all a lover!

Venus In Libra

There is no better feeling than love for you. The truth is, you are a real romantic at heart. You simply love, love and everything that comes with it. You are so romantic and love to be in a loving relationship with someone you care about. The world is just so much better when you can experience life with a partner by your side, it gives you the fulfilment you need. Harmony is key for you in your partnerships, and you need a partner who is happy to work as a team with you. You love being able to share with another. You need collaboration to be satisfied romantically, and this is why it is so important that you can find someone who is happy to compromise with you.

In truth, you are looking for balance and harmony, especially with your heart and desires. Beauty is also pretty big for you, you love people who are very attractive and charming creatures. But beauty isn’t everything, you also really appreciate intelligence and like to be with someone who can turn on your mind. You want the whole package, someone gracious, charming, intelligent, attractive, and romantic. You need to be with a lover who is happy to create a harmonious and well-balanced life with you because you want that fairytale love as your story.


Venus In Scorpio

Love is all about the extremes in your case. You’re into depths and want nothing to do with shallow waters. You love with passion and immense intensity; you need the highs and the lows. Relationships tend to become quite all-consuming in your life, you love hard but you need to be careful that it doesn’t turn into something slightly obsessive. You can quickly lose yourself in another. And you need a partner who would be happy to declare their undying love to you. You want to feel overcome by their passion, sexuality, and sensuality.

Commitment is huge for you, so you need to be with a lover who is going to be serious about the relationship. You do not want something shallow. You have a deep need to find your true love and merge with them. A love that will conquer all, but a love that will foster a feeling of security in your life because sometimes you seek out very extreme situations. Thus you need a lover who sticks to their promises and is as dependable as can be. They need to be happy to dive deep with you, accept all your flaws, and be happy to constantly grow and transform with you. You don’t want stagnation at all. You need to be in a relationship where love is put first and everything else comes secondary.


Venus In Sagittarius

You’re quite the risk-taker when it comes to all things love and romance. You need a love life full of adventure and excitement for you to find it fulfilling. For you love is all about the journey and everything you get to learn along the way. It needs to be seen as something you get to experience and learn from. You can be rather fickle when it comes to love, thus you need someone who can keep up with you and keep the romance alive in your life! You tend to be a little selfish and do whatever it is you please. It is going to take a very special and unique lover to tick all of your romantic boxes to make you want to commit.

It is most important for you to be with someone who is always ready for adventure, and someone who knows how to stimulate your curiosity. You need a partner in crime to go on all the adventures with you. There is much you want to see of the world, so a fellow nomad would probably suit you best or at least someone who can up and leave like you. Friendship also needs to be the foundation of your relationship. You aren’t too crazy about intense emotions and getting too romantic and soppy. As long as you can be with a lover who gives you your freedom you’re likely to remain a happy camper!


Venus In Capricorn

You tend to take your steps towards love rather carefully and cautiously. It isn’t easy for you to trust. You want to be completely sure about someone before you ever commit to them. Love isn’t something you take for granted, so it has to be just right and tick all of your boxes. You need a lover who is sensible and practical. Someone who can help you feel more stable and secure in your life, you don’t want drama. You really appreciate partners who are steadfast and loyal, someone who takes love as seriously as you do.

Love actually needs to be proven to you. You don’t just trust it as it comes. You don’t buy it when a lover tries to persuade you too hastily to fall in love with them, this leaves you suspicious. This behaviour shows recklessness, and that is a quality you would much rather do without in your life. You find commitment, responsibility, resourcefulness, ambition, and hard work the most attractive qualities when it comes to a lover. Your ideal partner needs to tick all these boxes, and you don’t mind waiting until the perfect person comes along.


Venus In Aquarius

Everything about you screams originality, you stand out from the crowd. There is no one like you, and you love in your own unique way. Love to you needs to be all about friendship and the feeling of companionship in your romances. You’re not the most emotional when it comes to love, and sometimes you might even be described as a little detached and cold. You’re just not overly expressive when it comes to your emotions, but that doesn’t mean you don’t feel anything. You just express it differently than what others might expect. You relate to the people you love with your intellect and need a lover who knows how to stimulate your mind and give you ideas.

A partner who is open and cares deeply about the future of humanity does the trick for you. Having the freedom to be who you are is so important for you when it comes to relationships. No lover is going to tell you how to be, you won’t stand for that. It is vital that your partner accepts you for who you are and doesn’t try to change you, but most importantly they need to be your friend. Someone you can rely on to grow with you and do cool, exciting activities with you. As long as you can have fun, the two of you will be pretty happy together.


Venus In Pisces

Is it possible for anyone to be more romantic than you? You’re one who loves fantasy. You are one of the sweetest and most gentle souls around and love is quite an emotional experience for you. And you express your feelings through compassion and sympathy. You feel so deeply. You love so deeply that you might be afraid that no one will be able to reciprocate your feelings, but just trust, your lover is out there for you, you just need to keep believing! And you need to be with someone who is super understanding and compassionate, someone who doesn’t make you feel alone in the world. It is even better if the two of you can connect over some of the more creative aspects of life.

You have a deep love for the arts and enjoy being able to share this part of yourself in your relationships. This is why an equally sensitive soul would be perfect for you. You might also need someone who can be your strength in life when things get too much. You’re looking for the ultimate expression of love and to be able to be with someone who is open to receiving your love unconditionally.