July 13, 2024
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Venus Square Juno

Venus Square Juno: Relationship Pressure Testing

Throughout each month transiting points create dynamic relationships with your natal chart.  Often times two transiting points will create a dynamic exchange that affects us all in particular ways related to the points involved. Sometimes energies merge together when two points occupy the same degree within the same sign; other times they try to strike a balance, as they will when they are 180 degrees apart and opposing one another.  There can be flowing in energy with two points are at the same degree but in different signs with the same element (like one point in fiery Aries and the other in fiery Leo) or when they are at the same degree in different signs where the elements complement each other (like one point in fiery Aries and the other in airy Gemini). The most dynamic and challenging relationship between points occurs when two points end up at the same degree in signs with elements that do not mesh together (one point in earthy Taurus and the other in fiery Leo). This article will look at one of these dynamics happening between two points this month.

The Square, and Venus and Juno

This month, when the faster moving Venus reaches 29 degrees 58 minutes (29d58m) of Pisces, it will be exactly 90 degrees away from Juno at 29d58m of Gemini. This 90-degree angle between the two points is called a square. The angular relationship between two points is known as an aspect. The impact of this relationship begins to be felt up to 3 degrees before and 3 degrees after the exact aspect and is known as the orb of influence. When the faster moving body approaches, the aspect is said to be approaching and is building energy. Once the exact aspect has passed, the aspect is said to be separating and is losing energy. The duration of this particular aspect will run from April 16 to April 24.

Venus represents how we relate, who we attract and who we are attracted to. Where Venus resides in your chart reveals the nature of relating that you project and invite, consciously and unconsciously.  My Venus is in Aries, so I tend to project an “Aries-like” way of relating and I tend to invite “Aries-like” behavior from people. One way this shows up in my life is a constant encounter with people who are forthright and honest with me because this behavior is what I attract and am attracted to. With Venus moving through Pisces at this time, and since March 27th, we should notice more emotional interactions with the people closest to us and in our encounters with people out in the world. Pisces is a water sign, flowing water specifically, and water signs reflect our emotional energy as humans.

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Juno represents how we commit and feel our duties in life. The Queen of Heaven rules marriage and childbirth; the commitment of partnership and parenting. Where Juno resides in your chart reveals the nature of your devotion. My Juno is in Scorpio, so I tend to make deep emotional commitments to transformative people or seek relationships with others that will deeply transform me. I will also commit to or feel duty bound to help someone going through a difficult emotional transition. I am not afraid to dig deep into my issues or the issues of another.  With Juno moving through Gemini at this time, and since February 13th, we should be more thoughtful about our commitments, working to understand them and communicate them to the people closest to us. Gemini is an air sign, kinetic air specifically, and air signs reflect our thoughts and ideas as humans.

Venus Square Juno: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

Square aspects are challenging; the points involved challenge one another in order to facilitate growth in some spiritual way through discomfort. In other words, no one gets their character tested when things are going their way. During the period of this square, the point involving relating to others and the point involving committing others will be in a tense alignment at the last degree of the signs of Pisces and Gemini. Feelings and thoughts will face tensions.

Pisces dreaming energy will be “squaring off” with Gemini’s factual, “this is the information at hand”, energy. We will likely be coming to terms with a dream (Pisces) about a relationship (Venus) that is at odds with the facts (Gemini) of our commitment. The square energy here will require us to decide if we are going to stick with our duty, even if it does not match with our dream or if we are going to dissolve our commitment and pursue our dream elsewhere.

This tension is no small matter because of the points involved, the last degree of the signs involved, and changeable energies of the signs. Both Pisces and Gemini are mutable signs, which means they are designed to adapt, whether you adapt to stay in your relationship or adapt to get out of it. Either way, this energy will intensify your awareness that a relationship is at a crucial stage, one that you need to recommit to and deepen your commitment. Or you need to realize that the relationship has gone as far as it can go, and to stay would be to ignore the expiration date and risk deep (or deeper) resentment by trying to hold onto the commitment when the emotional energy is really no longer there.

Honesty Really Is the Best Policy

Like spring cleaning, this transit combination is going to push our buttons and get us to look at what we wish for in a relationship (Venus in Pisces) and what we know about our committed relationship (Juno in Gemini). And this energy will show us where those two do not align. If we are mature and we have some relationship experience (in other words, we have been in committed relationships of several years or the current one for several years), then we know that change and transformation is a healthy part of relationship development. This will be both a time for transformation and to acknowledge how a relationship is versus what we hoped or wished it to be. And the difference may, in fact, be a blessing, not a failing.

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If we know the relationship, we are in is unhealthy, this transit will shine a glaring light on the cracks and problems. To pass through it and leave everything “as is” will require a hefty amount of denial and deflection.  The effort to stay may prove as great, or actually greater, than the effort to leave. At best, this transit can be a definite wake-up call that can actually mature your relationship to a higher level or deeper awareness. Whether it helps you reconcile the inconsistencies with your relationship or reveals something irrevocably broken, the tension between these two energies will “force your eyes open.” Use this time to have, first and foremost, an honest conversation with yourself, then an honest conversation with your partner, closest friend, family member, or co-worker/employer/employee.

The writing will be on the wall; read it, and act accordingly.