July 21, 2024
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Gemini Zodiac Color

Gemini Zodiac Color

“Green how I want you green. Green wind. Green branches.” ~ Federico Garcia Lorca (Gemini Sun)

Gemini’s are bright-minded, inquisitive, and intelligent people. They have a natural sense of curiosity for everything they experience, and they can have a lot of bright ideas and concepts they can contribute to any organization or project they get involved with. They like to start projects, and they are good initiators. It is rare to find a close-minded Gemini, and they are usually rather liberal and accepting to unique ideas and people from all walks of life.

Gemini takes in ideas and concepts from everything around them and turns them into useful bits of information. They are very good creators, and the best color to symbolize creation and growth is green. A Gemini is always growing and learning, each day gaining more knowledge than the previous day. Gemini should surround themselves with colors that show the world their vast personalities, with green being the main focus to show their compassion.

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Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of communication and intellect. It is the planet that represents how we process ideas, how we relay them to the outside world, or how we make use of them. This is a good representation of the quick, versatile, and fast-moving nature of the Gemini. Gemini energy can be quite erratic and scattered, and green is a good color to bring them some peace, focus, and tranquility.

Mercury rules communication and the written word, and green is known to aid in improving reading ability, Green is also a color that symbolizes fertility, and with the symbol of Gemini being the twins, this goes hand in hand.

Gemini Zodiac Color Guide

The Gemini wardrobe

Gemini people love to dress in eccentric, bright, and eye-catching attire. They love to get people’s attention and wearing bright color combinations makes them appear interesting and fun. Adding additions of green to their outfits will allow them to remain more focused while they take in all the information and energy around them with their wide attention spans.

Gemini Females – Bright striking colors and unique patterns are something they can pull of really well. Any green accessories and clothing items such as shoes, jackets, and dresses help them to be more grounded. Gemini’s are able to pull off the most outrageous outfits and color schemes and look fabulous doing it!

Gemini Males – Quirky, stylish outfits are what these guys are all about. It is important that they are able to express themselves through their clothing, as being restricted to uniforms and plain colors can dampen their spirits.

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The Gemini home

Gemini’s have very wide attention spans however they can get bored easily if an environment is not stimulating to their senses. Their environment needs to replicate their vibrant personality, and practical color schemes are not advised. Their homes should usually be decorated with interesting patterns and color combinations, and they should not shy away from mixing and matching!

Their homes are usually filled with little trinkets and objects that they have accumulated throughout the years, and it can be quite interesting looking at the different objects in a Gemini’s home.

Gemini’s are air signs, and they can sometimes have their heads way up in the clouds, therefore grounding colors like green help keep them in reality. Green walls, table cloths, curtains, and pillows are the best additions a Gemini can add to their home. They have a fascination with art and crafts, and you will find their walls and tables filled with random artistic creations!

The Gemini workspace

Dark green walls can aid them in improving concentration, and keeping their mind focused on one thing as opposed to many things. Green can also aid in relieving anxiety, which can be beneficial in a stressful working environment. Green is known to give people a fresh perspective and it symbolizes new beginnings and growth, which can aid in keeping people motivated. Having green indoor plants around the office assists in keeping people present.

The Gemini car

A car that is quick, maneuverable, and versatile is perfect for a Gemini. They like to drive to interesting destinations, and they need a car that will take them wherever they want to go. Cars with offroad capabilities are useful to Gemini’s as it keeps the wandering spirit in them going. Gemini’s need to be kept stimulated, so a car with many features and gadgets keeps them happy!

To a Gemini, their ideal car will be able to drive up mountains, have movie screens, a convertible roof, high-quality speaker systems and have enough space for a 6-person family and their luggage all in one!

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Colors to avoid

Practical, corporate color schemes are best avoided as they can make the Gemini feel dull and drained. Grey and black can be used in combination with other colors in patterns, but it is best avoided on its own. When a Gemini is forced to be in an environment that lacks stimulating colors, they can become rather grumpy and lifeless.

Prolonged exposure to this can have a negative effect on their creativity in the long run, so they must always be sure to liven things up with bright greens and colorful patterns!