July 23, 2024
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Gaze into the Future Using a Crystal Ball

One of the most well-known uses for crystals is to make predictions about the future. This kind of divination gained its letters of fame through the clairvoyants of the Romani people. In truth, human beings have been reading crystal balls for divination since the dawn of time. But do you need to be a psychic or a mage in order to use a crystal ball to predict what is going to happen to you in the future? You will find out in this article.

What do you see in a crystal ball?

A crystal ball is often mentioned when talking about clairvoyance, for it is one of the emblematic symbols of fortune-telling. Countless novels, movies, comic books, and rumors have carved this iconic image onto the collective unconscious, the psychic seer using a crystal ball.

Crystal is a noble, clear, and pure mineral that, according to those who master its use, can allow you to communicate with the various eras of your life: past, present, future, and even allowing you to gaze into your past lives.

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In that way, a crystal ball is a typical divination tool, but do you need special abilities in order to foretell the future by using a crystal ball?

Who can use a crystal ball?

There is no consensus about this, but it seems that even if you have not spontaneously developed this divination gift yet, you can always test your own abilities in order to check whether or not you have this power. Indeed, according to many specialists in occult sciences, clairvoyance, and personal development, we all have extrasensory abilities. What’s more, even if you do not currently manifest them it does not mean that you don’t have any. You just need to awaken them using specific techniques.

You can thus easily check whether or not you have a gift to see the future! Don’t worry, there is no danger anyway in trying to develop your ability to read a crystal ball.

Even if you do not trigger this extrasensory ability, the exercises below might well lead you to discover other psychic gifts you have…

Get ready to read the future using a crystal ball

The first essential condition, though many seem to forget about it, is that you need to believe:

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I am not asking you to believe without proof, but at least to keep an open mind and genuinely try to develop your psychic abilities. Breaking your mental shackles is the only way for you to check whether or not you have a gift like predicting the future with crystal gazing.

It would indeed be unfortunate to miss out on the awakening of this psychic ability just because you have the wrong idea about what reading a crystal ball entails, through prejudice or because you live in a society where this belief is openly shunned. You can move on to the next step once you have accepted the thrilling challenge to awaken your own personal gifts. 

How to select your crystal ball 

This is the second step that must be achieved because you obviously need a crystal ball that is properly-suited for reading the future. You will easily find your crystal ball in specialized occult shops or on the Internet. While you can purchase it online, it is nevertheless preferable to physically go to a specialized shop in order to check the crystal ball’s quality and see what you can feel when you touch it.

Indeed, a crystal ball needs to meet certain specific criteria. Try out several of them before you make a decision.

Even if it is easier to read the future in larger crystal balls, the quality of the crystal itself is even more important. This crystal ball must be as pure as possible.

Whether it is big or small, the ball must be perfectly round and smooth, without scratches or dents, and should be white, opaque, or transparent. In that last case, the clearer it is the better.

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Select a crystal ball you can feel deeply connected to. You might even be spontaneously drawn to the one most suitable for you. 

How to prepare your crystal ball

Before you start wondering how to use a crystal ball to predict your future, there are two steps to get ready for it. You need to clean it, and then charge it with your own energy.

Clean it

You need to cleanse it from all the waves it might have received from other people it might have been in contact with before you (craftsman, delivery man, reseller, curious customers touching it). To that end, cover it with fresh (mineral) water for about ten minutes, or rub a clean or brand new soft piece of fabric over the entire surface, several times, while thinking positive thoughts of energy cleansing.

Charge it with your own energy

You should set it on stable support and place both hands on it, or hold it in your hands directly. Then think positive thoughts of cleansing as you imagine your own energy, like waves or rays coming from you, soaking it with your personal magnetism. Then store it in a box or in a protective cloth bag that you will keep safe in a place you will not disclose in order to make sure that no one but you will touch it, for it would discharge your personal magnetism from it.

How to read the future using a crystal ball

Now the time has come. You finally have a chance to use your crystal ball for predictions, to read the future for you (recommended at first) or for other people.

There are several methods regarding the actual crystal ball reading. I will share my personal favorite with you below. Give it a try, and if it does not yield promising results you can find alternate methods online or in specialized books

  • Get ready in a room where you will not be disturbed for the next 15 to 30 minutes at first. You can purify the air in the room using incense beforehand, or let it burn during the entire session.
  • Set your crystal ball on a fixed support so you do not have to split your focus and worry about holding it firmly in your hands. If you do prefer holding it, you should at least rest your forearms on the table so fatigue does not become an issue halfway through the reading. You should be completely focused on the ball.
  • Take a few deep breaths in order to relax and put yourself in a state of consciousness that will facilitate receiving visions in your crystal ball.
  • Once you are properly relaxed, you can either ask a question out loud before you begin or start focusing on the ball right away.
  • Focus and gaze within your crystal ball while still taking deep but natural breaths, do not hold onto any stray thought until you start seeing pictures within. Do not force it and do not lie to yourself if you cannot see any.
  • Once you have managed to see some pictures, you should interpret them according to your prior question, or to the current issues you have to face.
  • Write down these images, describe them in your own words or simply draw them if you have any kind of talent for it. You might use geometric shapes. Indeed, if you cannot find a clear meaning right away these symbols might become obvious later on.

How much time do you need to be able to read the future using a crystal ball?

It would be impossible to guess beforehand when your gift might be triggered. It could be anytime today, tomorrow, a week from now, or even later on! Do not set any strict deadline for yourself if you want to become a master of crystal ball scrying. This would put you under pressure and would further delay the unveiling of this power. It will be triggered when the time is right for you, not before!

It is however obvious that the harder you believe in your own extrasensory perceptions – and particularly reading the future using a crystal ball –, the more often you train, and the more positive your intentions are, the easier it will be for you to unearth your own gift!