June 20, 2024
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Understanding Baby Boomers

Understanding Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are the generation that comes after the Silent Generation. Those who are part of the generation were born between 1946 and 1964. Baby Boomers are part of the post-World War two baby boom when the US fertility rate spiked. Baby Boomers are known to be the children of some of the most authoritarian parents out there. The parents of Baby Boomers consist of members of the Greatest Generation and the Silent Generation, which are generations who faced great struggles and adversity during the war and the great depression. 21.19% of our current population consists of Baby Boomers, making them the second-largest generation group on earth.  

Pluto In Leo and Pluto in Virgo

Baby boomers are linked to the transit of Pluto in Leo (1939-1956) and Pluto in Virgo (1957- 1971)

Pluto In Leo

Pluto in Leo is a proud and robust generation. These individuals are extremely tough, and just like the lion, will attack and defend any enemy that threatens them. Many Pluto in Leo natives have military experience and can fight and win battles most would be too terrified to engage in. Being highly on defense, Pluto in Leo natives often sees the world as dangerous and can overemphasize the need to protect and be on their guard at all times. Being so distrustful results in a personality that is always ready to defend what they have and who they are at all costs. They also feel the need to protect and defend what they believe in if something external threatens what they believe. Leo is a sign of leadership, and some of the world’s most significant authority figures and leaders belong to the Pluto in Leo generation. Pluto in Leo encourages unique self-expression, and many members of the Pluto in Leo generation changed and revolutionized the music and film industries.

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Pluto In Virgo

The Pluto in Virgo generation is highly aware of discrepancies, inconsistency, and imperfection in the world, and how this impacts us negatively, and is on a mission to create a fair and functioning world and society. Many are highly aware of what should be changed in society and have no fear of speaking out and acting out against what they do not see as part of a functional, improved bigger picture. This generation can be somewhat nitpicky, calling out others on things they believe should be changed to create a more harmonious world. The catch is that by attempting to create harmony, they create more disharmony, as enforcing their views and structures onto the younger generations rarely results in favorable outcomes. Medical science started booming once baby boomers came of age due to the Pluto in Virgo generation’s ability to blend biology and science to bring new ways to nurture and heal the human race.

What Makes Baby Boomers Unique?

Most Baby Boomers are retiring now, and we will start to hear less and less of them, but they will still have a massive impact on the economy in this world. Currently, baby boomers remain the largest consumers of traditional media, such as cable television, radio, newspapers, and magazines, and it is because of them these industries are still surviving. Baby boomers are said to be stuck in the past, with current technology expansions being somewhat overwhelming and confusing to them. Baby boomers were raised by parents who taught them to be highly cautious and always be prepared for the worst. They grew up in times of war and economic instability, which makes Baby Boomers a tough generation ready to handle any challenges headed their way.


Baby Boomers infographic


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Interesting facts about Baby Boomers

Infamous Workaholics

Baby boomers are known to be workaholics who struggle to achieve work-life balance. Being more committed to their work than other generations, they are willing to spend most of their waking hours dedicated to their duty and can fail to learn new hobbies and skills to keep them preoccupied in their spare time.

Need a Lot of Recognition

Most boomers are motivated by the praise and rewards they gain for their hard work. When they are taken for granted or their efforts go unnoticed, they will speak up and demand their fair share to be given to them, which can be a good thing, as they are not willing to settle for anything less than what they deserve.

Technologically Challenged

Baby boomers are one of the least tech-savvy generations and find it challenging to adapt to new technology in the workplace and the household. They prefer to keep things simple and advocate traditional methods of working and running a household, still using old school devices and appliances such as typewriters or film cameras.

Challenging Authority

Baby boomers have no fear of speaking up to or disagreeing with authority when they do not see eye to eye, especially if the authority is part of a younger generation. In addition, most baby boomers are currently in senior roles in companies and organizations, as they possess more knowledge and experience than younger generations.

Mixed Social Views and Values

Baby boomers all have varying social views and values, with some leaning toward conservatism and others leaning toward liberalism. But, of course, it all depends on who raised them. Many had parents who were part of the military and enforced strict schedules and regimes, or they had parents who opposed government rule and embraced freedom. What their parents enforced when they grew up will dictate which social values they stick to.

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