July 13, 2024
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BL_AST_657_The Energy you can expect from July 2023

The Energy you can expect from July 2023

The summer or winter solstice – depending on which hemisphere you live in, opened a seasonal corridor in our time/ space reality. We find that nature reflects the rhythm of our deepest aspirations. We can use the energy of mother earth and her cycles to support everyday life by synergizing with her symbolic secrets. July is a Universal number five energy, but it also brings us closer to the 7/7/7 portal happening on July 7th, 2023. July is the 7th month of our calendar year, and 2023 is the number of our universal year by adding the 2+2+3 equals 7.  

Energy of July

Hello and welcome, I am Sara Bachmeier with Egyptian Numerology. I am the author of “Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into the fifth dimension” and “The Path of a Wounded Healer; liberation is for the Asking.”

This month, transformation is beckoning your most inner being. It requires change, motivation, and the gradual lifting of your true essence into the etheric realms.

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Currently, we are virtually impacted by the intensity of the number five energy through the process of purification, transportation, and transformation. It brings you the potential of becoming highly motivated through impeccable intuition, sensitivity, strength, and the power of expression.

Through spiritual incentive, your path will be instigated into healing and using your ability to transmute the old into the new. The number-five resonates with the seeds of innovation, freedom of exploring new horizons, and the opportunity to unveil new perspectives.

This number carries an extraordinarily high element of curiosity and encourages an urge to learn through experience, forward-thinking, intelligence, and inspiring important changes. All these tendencies spark the anticipation of creating new adventures.

There is a social aspect of your character that resonates with the childlike vulnerable curiosity toward other cultures.  Whether you satisfy this inquisitive nature by traveling or researching, the depth of your interest guides you to uncover answers that have been hidden under the sands of time.

The pure burning fire of your willpower yearns to blend with a higher will, wisdom, and truth of divine source invoking innovation and originality in others.

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The power of 777

As we enter the threshold of the 777 etheric portal referring to the access of ancient wisdom, contemplation, intellect, intuition, self-awareness, and mystical- magical insights, let us consider the cosmic reference to the 7 natural wonders, the Pleiades 7 sister stargate, and the 7 main charkas or energy centers. The number 7 is the most esoteric energy of the single digit number spectrum and seeks out the golden mysteries in life. When we are influenced by its magnetism, we naturally find sensitivity to nature and a balance between intuition and intellect.

777 represents an evolution of your metaphysical connection and ignites a revelation to clear vision regarding your spiritual practice. It points to being able to see with your senses and build with our hands.

The triple impact of the number seven this month carries a strong intellectual quality and is divinely driven by an intuitive pulse. It is impacted by the sacred order of nature as it unfolds and demands a grounding force when wrapped in the resilience of mystical science.

It is a gateway to your Inner Being. The place within you that listens to your etheric voice and follows what inspires, expands, motivates, and energizes you.  It triggers the power within your thoughts to manifest from your heart creating a harmonious dance. Integrating these two electric generators allows the universe to translate the dynamic energy you emit.

In conclusion, indulging with the powerful number sequence of 777 this month brings you closer to achieving your goals, and when seven finds symmetry within both; the intellect and the empath, it beckons to balance intelligence with intuition and discover a path to consolidate them both in your spiritual practice.

This year, on July 7th, center yourself for the converging of a dynamic shift from a stationary viewpoint into a world of visible and tangible cosmic manifestation. It is an invitation to discover the mystic forces of ancient wisdom and ignite the embers of passion toward your personal ascension.

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It creates an undeniable bond between man and Spirit and ushers’ permission to grasp deeper into this divine connection. The Ancients are aware that these light codes embrace a neutral stance between the transcending Soul and the human mind.

This enchanting month invites self-love on a deep and profound level and if there is anything blocking you from taking the action necessary to honor and treasure your truth, now is the time to let it go.

All of these energies are showing up to support your inner child this month. It is a time for play, exploration, and sharing with the ones that bring joy to your life.

You may be repelled by anything that is superficial, insignificant, and draining to your vital life force. You will be intuitively called to let go of projects that have been depleting your energy, time, and focus.

Don’t hesitate to step back from anything that isn’t flowing and working out to your advantage. This month creates new open doors and trusting this process leads you closer to joy, expansion, self-awareness, and the magical essence that bonds you with the Supreme Source of your mystical powers.

It is an evident opportunity to show up for yourself on many different levels but the most important thing to remember is that you are a powerful creator, and you are loved.

I hope you resonated with this information. I just created a beginner’s course for individuals interested in learning more about how Egyptian Numerology describes your most influential abilities, talents, and gifts when supporting your Soul Life Path. This includes your Soul Urge number, Achievement number, and your Quintessence code (time of birth). You can check it out.

Please visit my website at www.egyptiannumerology.org

Have a mystical and magical month of July!