July 23, 2024
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How to Improve Your Sex Life With Astrology

Sex is an integral part of life for most of us, and the secrets to improving your sex life can be found in your astrology chart. The red planet, Mars, is named after the Roman god of war but it represents much more than how we fight, it’s also connected to our primal sexual desires. Scroll down and find your Mars sign to understand the kind of loving you need in the bedroom, and if you have someone special in your life be sure to check for their sign too because sex is only good if both people are getting exactly what they want!



Mars is the ruling planet of Aries, so it feels at home here. Your sex drive is higher than your peers and this makes sex a focal point in your life. While quality is of course always important in the bedroom, for an Aries Mars quantity can often be just as important. To improve your sex life you need to continue to satiate that desire morning, noon and night!

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Mars doesn’t love being in slow paced Taurus… unless we’re talking about sex. Taurus rules over the 5 senses, so a full-bodied experience in the bedroom is important. Soft and hard kisses on the neck are particularly exciting for this earth sign, but don’t forget to set the mood with good lighting and soft music if you really want to take things to the next level.


Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so when it comes to major turn-ons dirty talk is at the top of the list. Because of this, foreplay can begin before you even make it back home. A playful game of banter while you’re out on a date will set the tone for a steamy end to your night, but don’t forget to use your hands–the part of the body Gemini rules over–to really get the mood going.


Cancer is the divine nurturer of the zodiac, so you want to care for others and be cared for yourself. Being in love is the sexiest thing for this Mars sign! Since Cancer is a water sign, having an emotional connection makes sex way more fun, so while a casual fling may be enjoyable from time to time, the best sex happens with someone you love.


Being ruled by the Sun, having a Leo Mars means that you’ll do whatever it takes to be in the spotlight. Because of this you may find that you have the most pleasurable fun in the bedroom when you are making it into a performance. Role play, use costumes, be loud and never forget to tell your Leo Mars partner how good they look naked. The more a Leo Mars is complimented the more turned on they’ll be!


Many people will say that Virgo is a prude, and in truth Virgo is represented by the Virgin, but that shouldn’t be taken literally. This earth sign cares about one thing in life, and that’s being absolutely perfect, so when it comes to the bedroom Virgo uses that same neurotic perfectionism to master making their partners have a good time. In fact, bringing your partner to climax can sometimes be just as exciting as getting there yourself!

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Libra Mars people are lovers and peacekeepers, but sometimes their easy-going nature can turn into becoming a habitual people pleaser. This is not good for a relationship and can often lead to resentment and heartbreak, but it’s not a bad quality to have in the bedroom! Libra Mars is a giver in bed, but what really turns you on is when your sexually pleasing nature is recognized by your partner. Nothing is hotter than hearing “good girl/boy”.


Scorpio is known as one of the sexiest signs, and that’s in part due to the fact that Mars is the traditional ruler of this water sign. As opposed to fire sign Aries, when you have a Scorpio Mars the energy is as intense as it is deep. Sex is not just a physical connection between two (or more) people, but it is an emotional experience between souls. To spice things up in the bedroom try deeply breathing together while holding eye contact as a form of foreplay.


When it comes to sex with a Sagittarius Mars, you’ll be laughing hysterically one second and totally engrossed in some hardcore lovin’ the next. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so joy comes easily and should be honored in the bedroom with a Sagittarius Mars. This fire sign values the full range of human experiences, so to balance out the jovial aspects of sex you’ll want to bring a forceful power to love making. You’ll laugh and cry with a Sagittarius Mars in your bedroom!


Mars in Capricorn is an exalted placement, meaning that this is one of the best Mars signs to have! Capricorn Mars understands and comprehends the power dynamics in any given situation, and they especially like to play with it in the bedroom. Sometimes you’ll enjoy being the more dominating partner, but since you tend to be pretty dominant in your day-to-day life it’s often more thrilling to play a fully subordinate role in bed.


Like the other air signs, the best way to get an Aquarius Mars sexually excited is to stimulate their mind first before ever touching their body. You’re most attracted to people and experiences that are unique and eccentric. This also happens to be the most sexually liberated sign, often known for experimenting with multiple partners, polyamory, and relationship anarchy. So, if you’re looking to amp things up in the bedroom you might want to try adding another body to the mix.


Pisces is the most intuitive and empathic of the zodiac signs, so sex can often feel overwhelming for a Pisces Mars. Because of their sensitivities they tend to be more passive in the bedroom, making it easier to tap into their partner’s energy and foresee their needs without speaking. Prone to fantasy, it might be a good idea to role play and invite whimsy into your next sexual experience.

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