July 23, 2024
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A Brief Introduction to Mediumship

We all have known life to be a cycle which ends up with our loved ones leaving us and never returning. The tragedy we face and the sorrow we experience is unimaginable. Mediumship is a process where a human instrument, considered as a medium or channel, through its spiritual energy, is used to contact the unknown or the abyss of the strange. It also involves the performance of paranormal activities and channeling of different energies through the Medium. Let us have a look at what this process involves.

Consciousness: An Integral Part of Mediumship

Before getting into what Mediumship involves, we need to know why and how this process does is common and has had a real effect on people who visit to have a psychic reading and talk to the dear ones who had left them. The theory behind it is that we live our lives as mere material objects. Our body is subjected to decay, and in the end, we die. It is an important fact to consider that our consciousness is what controls us and the spiritual energy it embodies is the crux of the process of Mediumship. Our consciousness leaves our body, but it is always alive and wandering about syncing with the energies of nature. This is why psychics can communicate with the deceased spirit through a human body acting as a Medium.

The Purpose of Mediumship

Although the meaning of Mediumship is plain and simple, which is a communication with the dead but what is the essence of the process i.e., the purpose that It holds. Let us see what does Mediumship offers us.

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To Present Information

This is the primary function of Mediumship that it provides us with information which may or may not be verified but is valuable enough to give us a lead in any particular situation we might be requiring it.

The occurrence of Paranormal Activities

Paranormal activities are real; there is no denying that nature works in mysterious ways. The forces of nature have a deep and serious web of operations taking place, which we are not aware of. It is true because we can only judge or observe within our limitations. Mediumship process is the reason one can cause paranormal activities to occur. There has been many cases and experiences by people who had felt the effects of supernatural forces.

Channeling energies

Since we have already established how our consciousness embodies spiritual energy and that interacts with the nature around us. Therefore, the process of Mediumship involves being a conduit and offering a path to the energies to channel/flow and carry or receive messages.

The manifestation of oneself

Rene Descartes was a famous philosopher and his famous quote “Cogito Ergo Sum” (I think; therefore, I am) sums it up for conscious manifestation. It is up to us how we create our reality. This is a core realization of how we can shape our lives when we manifest our consciousness. Which is done by having a sharp vision, clear intention, an undying belief, and ardent desire.

How does Medium Work?

Since it has already been made clear what a Medium is? It is the channel through which we communicate with the spirits or the Medium through which energies flow. Hence from the definition, we can get the true purpose of a Medium. The types of Medium are discussed below.

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Spirit Communicator

A spirit communicator as obvious from their title is a person who has the purpose of delivering messages to the beyond and receiving them too. They can communicate either verbally or physically. This is what many psychics do and is usually common during readings if you have considered talking to your loved ones in the beyond through a spirit communicator. Just try once the free psychic reading online for yourself and be surprised by it!

Spirit Operator

A spirit operator is a person who uses a Medium with intent to use or manipulate energy. He can guide the other Medium into doing what a spirit communicator does. As spirit operator can also communicate, but it also lets other Mediums to communicate.

Mediumship and its Types

Mediumship is divided into two basic types. They are given as follows:

Mental Mediumship

The mental Mediumship is a more telepathic nature where the transfer of information is done without any physical touch. All five senses are not used in telepathy, and it is the mind which connects with that of the Medium, and the process is carried out through mental work. Mental Mediumship takes place in the mind of the Medium, and its consciousness is on the focus of the process.  All the results or the outcome of the whole operation is done through verbal means. The Medium which is used for the communication receives information in various mental states in which one is put in through proper control. That is how one can venture into the depth of consciousness and contact what might seem impossible and unbelievable to many.

The process of a Mediumship involves a sitter and Medium. A Medium through which the information is received. A Medium must be a person who without any personal bias or prejudices must reveal the information it hears or sees. Then it must pass this information to the actual recipient of the message, which is the sitter. Mental Mediumship can also be called as telepathic Mediumship due to the involvement of only mental states of control.

Physical Mediumship

A physical Mediumship concerns with the transference of information by the manipulation of energies or system of energies. Since it involves an earth Medium for channeling the energy a spirit operator is required, which causes paranormal activities to occur, which is a sign of connection with the unknown. The results, however, can be felt by those who are involved in the process.

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Mediumship is a phenomenon which many will likely not believe in, but it is the limitations of our thought which hinders our ability to discover what is beyond the material world. The process of Mediums provides a significant effect on those who wish to talk to their dear ones who have left them.