June 14, 2024
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Astrocartography - the Astrology of Travel Based on Your Birth Chart

How Astrocartography Shapes Your Life Journey

Welcome to our introduction to astrocartography, the fascinating practice of mapping your astrological chart onto the globe. Do so allows you to explore how different geographic locations can influence your life’s journey. Astrocartography highlights areas of opportunity, challenge, and growth in various parts of the world. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of astrocartography, exploring how it can provide guidance for travel and relocation. With this technique, you will discover the unique energetic qualities of different places around the world.

Your Birth Chart on a Map

Astrocartography, also known as locational astrology or astrogeography, is a technique that combines astrology with cartography. This practice suggests that the planetary positions in your natal chart have a direct influence on different areas of your life. By mapping these influences onto the globe, astrocartography provides insights into the energies and opportunities associated with specific places.

The technique involves “overlaying” your natal chart onto a map of the world. On an astrocartography generated map, lines spread out from the birth location (see the sample map below). For example, if your Venus line runs by a particular city, it will be favorable for love and relationships. Conversely, a place along your Saturn indicates a location where discipline and structure matter. Such a location would prove helpful pursuing your education or career.

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You can use this information to make decisions about permanent moves or travel for vacation. Astrocartography can also let you know what you may have to face if the move is not your choice. Or, you have to travel for work, instead of pleasure.

A detailed example

Here’s what my map of the United States looks like based on my birth in Lynchburg, Virginia.

As you can see, my Mars line runs right by Seattle, Washington. In my natal chart Mars is in Taurus in my 6th House (see chart below). Mars in Taurus in the 6th House suggests a methodical and steadfast approach to work and daily routines. Therefore, I prefer patience, determination, and a focus on practical tasks and productivity.

Moving to a place where my Mars line is prominent will lead to increased assertiveness. I will have more determination in my daily routines and work environment. I’d prioritize stability and loyalty, ensuring I channel any potential conflicts or stubbornness constructively.

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Relocating the Chart

When considering a place to live, one relocates their natal chart to correspond to the new geographic location. This process is relocation astrology. The positions of the planets in the natal chart remain the same. However, their angular relationships to the Earth’s surface change based on the new coordinates. The rising sign or Ascendant shifts to reflect the new location’s eastern horizon, altering the houses and aspects accordingly. This recasting allows individuals to assess how the astrological influences may manifest in their new environment. This information provides insight into potential opportunities and challenges associated with the relocation.

The technique is quite simple. You just take your birth date and time and put them in our Birth Chart Calculator with the alternative location. Be sure to adjust the time based on any time zone differences.

Two examples:

Below is my natal chart based on my birth information (April 12, 1968 at 9:39 pm in Lynchburg, VA):


If I were to move to Seattle, Washington, the relocated information would be April 12, 1968 at 6:39 pm (3 hour time zone adjustment) in Seattle, WA. With this information the chart looks like:


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With my chart relocated to Seattle, Mars moves from the 6th House to the 7th House. Moving to my Mars line in Seattle brings a shift in focus towards relationships and partnerships. I will find myself asserting my needs more aggressively in my interactions, prioritizing stability and loyalty in my relationships. Therefore, it’s important to remain mindful of potential conflicts or stubbornness in my partnerships, ensuring I channel this energy constructively.

My natal ascendant in Scorpio continues to shape my identity and approach to life. However, the relocation to Seattle, where my ascendant shifts to Libra, adds a significant layer to my identity. While my inherent intensity and depth remain, the influence of Libra now intertwines with my persona. There is a new emphasis on diplomacy, harmony, and a focus on relationships. This change in location introduces new dynamics and perspectives, shaping how I navigate my interactions and experiences in Seattle. It’s a blending of my inherent traits with the unique energies of my new environment. Moving there enrichs my life journey with fresh opportunities for growth and understanding.

The Value of Each Line for a Permanent Move

Each line has different implications for your experiences. Below are the energy impacts from the Sun to Pluto:

  • Moving to your Sun line brings a heightened sense of vitality and self-expression to your life.
  • Relocating to your Moon line enhances emotional sensitivity and connection to your inner self.
  • Transitioning to your Mercury line facilitates clear communication and intellectual stimulation.
  • Moving to your Venus line fosters love, harmony, and aesthetic appreciation in your surroundings.
  • Relocating to your Mars line brings assertiveness, drive, and energy to pursue goals and ambitions.
  • Transitioning to your Jupiter line leads to expansion, growth, and opportunities for abundance and success.
  • Moving to your Saturn line brings challenges and lessons in responsibility, discipline, and maturity.
  • Relocating to your Chiron line prompts healing and transformation, addressing old wounds and unlocking personal growth.
  • Transitioning to your Uranus line brings innovation, change, and unexpected events that propel you forward.
  • Moving to your Neptune line enhances intuition, spirituality, and creative inspiration.
  • Relocating to your Pluto line brings intense transformations and opportunities for deep, soul-level growth.

Going on Vacation

Look for places with Venus or Jupiter lines when considering a vacation location.

Going to a Venus line for vacation can offer opportunities for relaxation. You can experience enjoyment of beauty and indulgence in pleasures such as art, music, and cuisine. Venus lines often promote harmonious relationships and romantic experiences. Locations along the Venus line are ideal for romantic getaways or rejuvenating retreats with loved ones.

On the other hand, traveling to a Jupiter line for vacation can bring about a sense of expansion, adventure, and abundance. Jupiter lines show places associated with luck, growth, and optimism. They are perfect for exploring new cultures, embarking on adventurous activities, or seeking spiritual and personal growth experiences. These lines often provide opportunities for exploration, learning, and broadening horizons, making them ideal for enriching and fulfilling vacations.

A Great Tool!

Astrocartography offers a unique lens through which to explore the dynamic interplay between astrology and geography. This technique provides invaluable insights into how planetary energies manifest in different locations around the world. Whether for relocation, travel, or personal growth, understanding astrocartography can enrich and enlighten our life journeys.