July 19, 2024
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Falcon Totem

The Falcon Totem in the Native American Zodiac

In Native American astrology, a spirit animal as its name suggests holds significant spiritual importance. A spirit animal not only speaks to you but the intuition you get with their help is able to help you out when you get indecisive. A falcon totem is a special spirit animal highly revered by native Americans. Its importance lies in the strength and vitality of the animal itself. It corresponds to people born between March 21st and April 19th.

 A falcon totem suggests a person with leadership qualities. If one is having a rough phase in life and stuck in a dilemma about any problem, a falcon totem comes to the rescue and saves you from losing yourself to it. They not only possess the intellect but the ability to inspire others around them to follow their footsteps. That’s why falcon totem is one of the most popular and important animal totems in the Native American zodiac.

Historical Importance

The significance and reverence paid to falcon have existed since ancient times. The Europeans considered falcon as a symbol of the Huntsman. Since Falcon is ruthless and has sharp eyes for their prey. They reign over the sky like no other bird. Similarly, in ancient Egypt, a falcon symbolized the rising sun, which for them was a characteristic of gods. Therefore, we see many gods and goddesses with the head of a falcon in view of that symbolism. Thus, making falcon a visionary godlike being when it spans its wings in the sky, to protects the world under its shadow.

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Falcon totem symbolism and its meaning

A Falcon’s characteristic is associated with its agility and vision. Their strength surely is the main factor but what matters is the vision that they possess. This symbolizes wisdom and intellect. With a better vision, you can keep your life on the right track by deciding what’s best for you and distinguishing between right and wrong. It also brings success and victory to your life. Any appearance of a totem is crucial to notice and understand its message. A falcon totem if ever appears into your life, passes you by or you get to see it in your dream there is always an important message for you. Usually, the message is a warning to be more vigilant and focused on the current period for some time.

Independent and Reserved

If Your spirit animal is a falcon totem, then you are lucky since your resilience and independence makes you stand out from the crowd. People with their spirit animal a falcon totem are focused and determined towards their aims and do not let go of their objectives. They can sometimes go alone and need time to reevaluate themselves.

Swift motion, efficient travel

In this fast-paced world, every day there is a new competition and a new race to contest in. The falcon totem animal helps us in moving swiftly and reaching our destination with ease. The extra burden of tension and desperation is lifted away like cotton floating in the sky. This is done with the speed of thought that a falcon totem brings with itself. They are farsighted and helps us to manage plans and execute them properly.  The secret to success is the speed of thinking and foresight that allows us to handle different situations wisely. This is what the falcon totem manages to bring in our lives.

Power and Patience: Main trait

Power means the ability to control one’s emotion and thoughts without breaking apart. This is the quality of a good leader. People with their spirit animal a falcon totem are often considered as born leaders since they inspire others to follow in their footsteps. Their strong focus and determination towards a cause are what impresses people around them. They can also channel their energy into sports.

Since Aries spirit animal is a falcon, they are compatible character-wise, Both strong and independent. They can be impulsive while making decisions, but this can be countered with careful consideration of one emotion.

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A Sign for Opportunity

A falcon totem is a sign of opportunity in your life. An opportunity of a lifetime that can immensely effect and bring about change in your life. To grab opportunities and be successful one must have a watchful eye. Just like the falcon when it hovers with unstoppable speed above the running water and catches prey in an infinitesimally small second that is too hard to observe.

Similarly, you need to be focused on your aims and watch out for the best. Also, the best opportunity doesn’t come as a coincidence, but not only one prepares oneself for it but prepares the opportunity itself. What we see as random coincidences are calculated outcomes of our preparations that are its primary source. Hence one must be prepared and prepare.

Falcon totem and dream Interpretation

When you happen to see a falcon totem in your dream, it is certainly a reminder to stay focused and be determined to your goals and ambitions. This is a valuable message which entails the philosophy of never giving up no matter what the circumstances are. It also symbolizes independence and freedom of one soul.

A person should feel universal and not limited or be bound with norms. A falcon, which soars through the sky, knows the importance of freedom, and hence that’s what it means when you spot one in your dream. Another interpretation of a flying falcon is the success that comes with it. Flying high means lifting yourself up which translates into stepping up in life.

Adding to it the financial situation you might be in is about to change, and things will move towards better now.


It has already been established the reverence and significance of falcon totem which proves its importance in our lives and brings luck to people who notices the signs in their life given by a falcon totem. It simply gives us a sign of opportunities to avail and staying focus and always determined so that we can achieve our goals and move on the path towards success.

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