June 24, 2024
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The Esoteric Benefits of Handwriting

When was the last time you had handwritten something other than your signature? Chances are, you do not remember because typing has taken over because of technology based on communicating through your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. However, on January 23rd, you will want to put your gadgets away (unless you need them for work) and write something by hand because it is Handwriting Day. And today, I will go over the esoteric benefits of handwriting. Handwriting can be a form of therapy that can benefit your mind, such as strengthening memory, improving attention spans, and improving creativity.

Handwriting Is at Risk to Go Extinct

With modern technology taking over, which has for many years, handwriting is a human activity that may disappear, and the evidence shows that many schools in various countries worldwide have stopped teaching cursive writing. However, some schools have brought it back, which is excellent news. Even though modern technology has helped in various ways, such as adding conveniences and finding effective treatments for many ailments because technology has aided medical advancement, there are downsides, too.

One downside is that modern technology is why handwriting appears to be a thing of the past. However, let’s attempt to preserve it because it has so many spiritual benefits. Studies have shown a link between handwriting and success, and let’s begin talking about the spiritual benefits of the craft.

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Handwriting Strengthens Memory

Think about it. When you are writing something on paper, it requires your undivided attention and focus while having the motivation to write. Before technology took over, everyone had no choice but to write (though they also did type as typewriters were around for a long time). However, people wrote notes instead of typing them, and the more people wrote, the better their memory was. When writing, you can use the entire power of consciousness, which you cannot do when typing. If you have to type for work and, let’s face it, for convenience, it is understandable because of how technology has changed how you express yourself. However, what you can do to preserve your memory by handwriting is by journaling.

Journaling has so many benefits, and helping to keep your memory strong is one that you will want to do through handwriting in your journal. Not only does it help you express yourself through writing them out, but journaling does help you keep your mind fresh this way.

Handwriting Helps You Develop Ideas

Do you feel a blockage when you want to type something because you are unsure what to type? When you look at your computer screen with various tabs open, your mind cannot focus, and you develop a fog. That is because your mind is on autopilot while working on your computer, so you are not overly motivated when you are about to type.

If you put your devices away or step away from your computer and begin to take a pen and write in a notebook or on a pad of paper, you will find that ideas magically start flowing. While you write, your thoughts come to your mind, and you can express them easily, which means you are inspired to develop ideas. For example, if you want to write an article or a manuscript, it is understandable to type it because you must submit your manuscript through documents or upload your article to your blog. However, before you do that, take a piece of paper and a pen and begin writing your ideas for what you want to write.

You will find that writing it will banish writer’s block, and you will develop ideas of what to write for the content. Also, write your outline in a notebook to organize your thoughts easier before you begin typing them.

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Handwriting Is Therapeutic

Researchers have found that handwriting is an excellent form of therapy. That is because when you write something, you can reflect, and expressing what you genuinely want to say becomes more natural than when you type. Therefore, it is much more natural to share secrets and confessions through handwriting because when you write, you are tapping into a high consciousness level, allowing you to express your true self. Handwriting will help you see your best and worst sides yourself, which means it will help you accept yourself more easily. Again, that is why having a journal is one of the best things. That is why journaling is therapeutic.

Handwriting Helps With Learning

Think about it. Sitting in a lecture and taking notes by hand helps you understand what you are learning more because as you write, you tap into your consciousness, which helps you process the information you are getting. Transcribing what you hear by typing will not provide you with the same benefits as handwriting because, through transcribing, you cannot tap into your full consciousness, which does not allow you to process it the same way as handwriting.

When you take notes by hand during a lecture or study period, you use your learning repertoire combination as you think of specific pieces of information. That way, you create the note in your mind, and then you can write the correct combination of words. Therefore, the more you write, the more you can improve your learning skills.

Handwriting Calms You Down

You already know handwriting is highly therapeutic as it helps you express your truth. Another way that handwriting is therapeutic is that it calms your nerves. When it comes to writing soothing words, that is known as graphotherapy. The way it works is that you will repeatedly write peaceful and relaxing sentences about 20 times a day, such as “I will be calmer.” By doing that, you are retraining your mind by helping yourself become more calm. Over time, you will become more peaceful and find methods to handle stress more efficiently. It is a great thing to do in the evening as you wind down to write down soothing sentences, as it will relax you, and you will have a much better time falling asleep. It is a free form of therapy, and you do not have to rely on sedatives for this!

Handwriting Can Help You Believe In Yourself, Which Can Help Manifestation

You must know the importance of reciting affirmations to make the Law of Attraction work for you. Repeating them to yourself does help, but writing them down several times a day will retrain your brain and help you believe in the affirmations you are saying. The more you write down your affirmations, the easier it is for you to believe them, making it easier to recite them yourself.

When you begin to recite affirmations without writing them down, you will feel you are lying to yourself. For example, if you want to manifest more money but are financially struggling and in debt, saying, “I am financially well off,” will make you feel like you are lying to yourself. However, if you are writing it down, you will still feel like you are lying, but you can also write down why you feel you are lying to yourself. Even though it is not true for now, you can delve into your fears and doubts about becoming wealthy and write them out to help you process your thoughts and worries more.

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The more you process them, the easier it will be for you to write down your affirmations because you will begin to believe in yourself and believe you can attract that wealth. Therefore, reciting affirmations and not feeling like lying to yourself will be easier. Belief in what you are manifesting is what propels you to take action so you can manifest what you want.

Handwriting Helps You Complete Your To-Do List

It is easy to create a to-do list or even type it out to complete it. However, you will quickly forget that you made the list. When you write your to-do list, you are solidifying what you intend to complete on paper, and it helps you organize your list so you tackle your first set of tasks that you had prioritized to do. And when you finish each task, you cross it off, which will get you moving to the following written task in the order you had written them.

Why are you more likely to complete your tasks written on paper instead of the ones you type? Some psychologists believe that writing is a method of thinking that will help you derive information from your experience that will help you guide your emotions, thoughts, actions, and perceptions. Therefore, writing your tasks will help motivate you to finish them. That is why when taking action on something you want to manifest, you will want to write it down on paper or in a journal instead of typing it out.

Handwriting Helps You Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Thinking about the words to express can be challenging, especially in a challenging situation. Therefore, when you have to think hard about choosing words, you use your critical thinking skills to find the appropriate words. Therefore, when you are handwriting in your journal or on a pad of paper, you can think more clearly about the information you are putting out. Handwriting helps you to expand on your thoughts and create connections between them, which will help you strengthen your critical thinking skills. Remember, when you are typing, you are not tapping into your full consciousness, so typing will not benefit you when developing and honing critical thinking skills.

Evolving technology has caused you to do less handwriting and type more, and even though typing is convenient, you are not utilizing the benefits that handwriting can provide you. After learning how handwriting can benefit you in many ways, you should spend time each day doing some handwriting. If you have a journal, that is a great way to do it. January 23rd is Handwriting Day, when you will want to challenge yourself to do as much handwriting as possible, that does not involve the work you do if typing is required. Why not make handwriting a goal to stick to in 2024 and beyond?