July 23, 2024
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Deer Totem

The Deer Totem in the Native American Zodiac

The deer is known to be a gentle and graceful creature. Therefore, the individual with the deer totem is expected to be highly affected by these aspects in their life. In the most challenging moments, such individuals are expected to take inspiration from the deer’s attributes. They will help one through most of their ambitious goals, and they will soon learn how to tackle even the most difficult situations in their life.

In the Native American Zodiac, the deer corresponds to people born between May 21st and June 20th.

Deer totem – Symbolism

When you have the deer totem, you shall always have this spirit animal reminding you to be gentle – with yourself and everyone around you. Such graceful and gentle qualities of the deer spirit animal resonate back and forth in all the living creatures. The animal is an emblem for the energy of harmony, serenity, and love in the Native American Zodiac.

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Dreaming About a Deer spirit animal

Apart from gentleness and grace, the deer symbolizes sensitivity and intuition as well. Hence, when a deer totem shows up in your dreams, this may be a sign that your instincts are pointing towards something very significant for your emotional wellbeing.

The deer spirit animal may be highlighting on the importance of intuition and asking you to pay more attention to it. But, in case you are chasing a deer in your dreams, this may signify that you are slowly and gradually overcoming your fears.

Perhaps, it may mean that you are going to leave those fears behind in your past. If the case is opposite and you are the one chasing the deer that only means that you are running away from your fears. Sometimes, that deer may also represent the person you know to have some qualities such as gentleness, vulnerability or timidity.

In case the deer is the prey in your dreams, it may also mean that you must be sacrificing yourself for something significant in your life. The deer spirit animal may be asking you whether you are certain that the sacrifice is necessary or not.

The power in the deer totem

One must not be fooled by the gentle deer totem. The horns of this animal are considerably powerful. They are great for assertion and defense since being graceful or gentle does not necessarily mean one is weak. It does not mean that one is incapable of defending himself. With the deer totem, one pushed forward the possibility that strength and vulnerability can exist in two parallels, but they do not necessarily mean they are holding you back.

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Deer totem – its wisdom and innocence

The individuals that have the deer totem utilize their clear connection with the inner child that keeps their innocence preserved no matter how strained the harsh realities of the world can be. The deer spirit animal provides us with a new and fresh perspective to the problems that have grown old with time. It also represents a healthy change in life, providing us with the opportunity to improve our life in the long run for the benefit of our emotional wellbeing.

Deer as a Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, the deer appears in several old myths related to mysticism in the world. In the appearance of the white stag, also shows serenity and strength.

A mystical totem animal in Native American Zodiac

It is perhaps well known that once a deer’s antlers fall, they can grow back. Because of this and a few other reasons, people have associated this animal with the symbolism used to represent regeneration. Some tribes that study the Native American Zodiac often associate this ability of the deer with magical and mystical qualities that have been the source of fascination for many! If you have the deer totem, that signifies that there are more than one ways for you to perceive your life and understand the mysteries surrounding it.

The dear as an Intuitive Spirit animal

Perhaps, it is time for you to use or evolve your sensitivity at various levels if the deer totem has chosen you. There are things that are perhaps beyond the human decipherability, and the deer totem has a keen interest in most of them. This in turn directly affects your interest in them as well. The power of the deer spirit animal guides you to refine your intuitive and psychic abilities, as it will help you to reach out further in the receptivity of the world. Those with this totem know there is more to this world.

The deer spirit animal – vigilance

Sometimes those with the deer totem barely ever stay in one place. They are on the constant move and are in a continuous search for the next opportunity to encounter something mystical in life. Through the affinity provided by this animal, those with the deep spirit animal may be able to remain highly watchful of the dangers shaped in the form of obstacles. This may also mean that you can become overly cautious of this coming your way in life. However, as gentle as such an individual is, it may take time for that person to adjust to the new environment and the people in it.

Sometimes, this cautious manner of the deer helps to get accustomed to the new surroundings and the new people. It may be strange, but this guidance is very beneficial in avoiding possibly dangerous encounters in life. The deer totem encourages peace and points out the way for you to spend some time in your own quiet company. This eventually leads to personal enlightenment and a healthier, serene mind. One learns to find peace in silence.

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In Native America zodiac, many believe that this particular meditation leads to a person to listen to the world around him. This encourages reliance on the other senses of an individual as well.