June 24, 2024
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9 Best Crystals for Your Office Desk

Choosing the 9 Best Crystals for Your Office Desk

Whether you believe in the aura or the energy that surrounds us, there is always no denying how the quality of life can be improved merely by the addition of Crystals into our workspace. Not only do these unique materials promise abundance and gain, but they certainly affect the mental and physical aspects of our health. If you are looking to heighten your productivity and bring about prosperity in life, here are some of the best Crystals for the office work you can choose.

Clear Quartz

The first and foremost priority in your work is the undivided and focused attention to our objectives which we have to achieve. This can be disrupted by the continuous distractions that we might face when dealing with Office work. Therefore, clear quartz Crystals are the best choice for you to choose from. Since this Crystal will help you focus on your work and will guarantee considerable attention. Before you are to place this Crystal on your Office desk, you should hold it in your hand and in with a firm voice say,” I choose this clear quartz Crystal for mental focus.” This will be taken as a direct order by your brain, and the energy of the Crystal will be put into action.


Pyrite, with its glimmering and profuse energy, is primarily used to attract wealth and with-it prosperity. It appeals for financial gain and promises to deliver it by creating a positive environment that guarantees success. Pyrite in your office will provide you opportunities that in the end will definitely bear fruit, it will help the flow of the work and bring a certain easiness in doing it. To activate the Crystal is simple, you need to hold it in your hand and say that you program this Crystal to give you a breakthrough. All work is done and now can place it on your office desk.

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Stress is a contributing factor to fear and failure. It always takes a big toll on people at Offices and is the major reason for disturbance in one’s quality of life. Therefore, you need something that can relieve you of the anxiety and ease up your burden. There is no better choice than amethyst Crystal which will get you back on your feet and motivate you to take steps. It will sway you from negative thoughts and perceptions and instead bring more hope to your life and work at the office. Therefore, all you need to do is place the Amethyst Crystal in your hand, squeeze it and say that you program it to make your mind at peace and lessen the stress. Now it will start working, and you need to place it on your Office desktop afterward.

Tourmalinated Quartz

We all have a moment in our lives when we are stuck and cannot perform well. This is a block in our minds which halts the thinking process. This is mostly due to the negative energy that is blocking our thoughts. The Tourmalinated Quartz has the ability to clear and eliminate all the negative energy that restricts our thinking ability. It brings a sense of calmness and clarity of mind in our decisions and ideas. To use these Crystals first you need to hold it and say that you want these Crystals to give you a mental breakthrough. Then put it on your Office desktop.

Rose Quartz

Most often, in work environments, we tend to forget work ethics and sometimes channel our negative energy on others by being more strict or rude. Therefore, to make a positive impact on your environment, the rose quartz Crystal with its soft and gentle energy has the ability to make you more compassionate towards others.  It affects you in such a way that you no longer deal with troubling situations the harsh way but rather compassionately and lovingly. The activation of this Crystal is pretty simple, and all you need to do is to believe in it by saying that you want it to remind you of love for others.


Every Office space needs an element that enhances the social environment there. You will need the chrysoprase Crystal for improving your connections and relationships with the people that are present in your work environment. It helps you improve your social skills and opens your heart to effective communication and authenticity in your message. You can activate this Crystal by saying that you believe in it to develop your connections. Your office needs this Crystal.


Shungite Crystal is a modern-day necessity. It is highly recommended by Crystals shamans because of its use in modern-day life. Shungite Crystal acts as a balancing medium for technology and nature. Shungite is, therefore, an essential addition to your Office desktop. It is used for the rays that come off from screens and the pulses originating from the electromagnetic devices. The best place for shungite is under electronic devices like cellphones and laptops etc.

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Selenite is a self-healing and energy restoration Crystal. It is widely used in homes and workplaces because it clears the negativity from the surroundings and improves your ability to think with a rational mind. It is powerful and elevates your spirit. Similarly, it is helpful to cure any blocked chakras letting the energy flow through you and cleanse your chakra network.


Fluorite primarily concerns with creative production; it enhances your mental ability to think critically and make better decisions. It is also called the genius Crystal. Fluorite in your office improves your ability to organize your thoughts and boosts aptitude. It is a significant factor in adding certain discernment in studying while it heightens your creativity as well. Not only you can learn and absorb new data information but also map out the entire framework of your work organizations.