July 13, 2024
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Benefits of Reiki

Test the Advantages and Benefits of Reiki

Even if there are many paths claiming to be Reiki, you can recognize genuine authentic practices if you pay attention to a few criteria that will let you know whether you are dealing with a true Reiki practice.

This is even more important because this way you will have a chance to benefit from the numerous blessings brought by this spiritual practice. You will discover the benefits of Reiki when you read this article.

When starting this article, it is important to define what we mean when we speak of “spiritual healing” so that you are not misled about Reiki’s true mission.

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Reiki is considered to be a spiritual healing practice because it lets you unlock a person’s inner energy in order to improve their psychic health directly, which means restoring their vitality and dynamism.

Reiki also has an influence on their physical health, but indirectly. This is why it is not a purely medical practice or conventional medicine.

Reiki can support but not replace medicine!

According to the philosophy of Reiki, harmonizing a person’s internal energy affects and improves their general health, by avoiding illnesses or providing a prior warning. Reiki can remove internal obstacles and consequently has repercussions on their health due to the bond between body and mind.

This interdependent behavior of the body and mind has been recognized by several traditions, therapeutic practices, or personal development paths.

However, Reiki should not be seen as a kind of medicine allowing you to detect the symptoms of an illness of directly cure it on its own.

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In spite of this caveat, Reiki can have several positive repercussions on your body and provide you with many benefits on a daily basis.

True Reiki is a kind of support for a person that deals with three aspects: the body, mind, and energy. 

Reiki energy operates through meditative touch

Reiki lets you eliminate any block preventing you from living the kind of existence that you want due to the negative emotions that generate these blocks within you.

And so, thanks to Reiki, you can get rid of negative emotions such as fear, negative states of mind, stress, anxiety, or any other psychological obstacle!

Reiki is practiced through a practice called meditative touch, which unravels any psychological knot representing your obstacles. This can open you to the numerous blessings and benefits provided by Reiki practice.

You can then find your lost confidence, be more assertive, have strong willpower, make swift decisions, or find the motivation to act and see your projects through…

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In short: Reiki practice provides you with a chance to be successful in your existence by living free, with your life firmly in your hands!

Thanks to Reiki, you will live a more harmonious life and will truly be free to live your life as you want it.

Reiki is not a promise for happiness on earth but will at least help you live the kind of existence that you want by allowing you to find solutions to your problems, releasing you from your own obstacles.

What is happening during a Reiki session?

You can call on a Reiki practitioner or learn to use this wonderful spiritual healing technique on your own.

Whether or not you have already tried several different therapies, when you call on a Reiki expert you are dealing with a practitioner using a kind of psychotherapy using their own principles and spiritual healing techniques that are beyond compare.

You will take part in one or several therapy sessions where the Reiki practitioner will use the meditative touch technique that will allow you to release the tension in your body and mind. As a result, these two inextricable parts of your being will be deeply relaxed.

During these sessions, you might experience extremely varied positive emotional, psychological, and physical states.

Through this, you will discover some abilities of yours that you didn’t know about, those best suited to help you solve your problems, learn from your failures, and be successful. Little by little, you will acquire a state of deep inner serenity on a daily basis.

During the session, the person is lying down dressed. They do not need to talk and express their emotional state at first. The Reiki practitioner then proceeds with well-defined touches on specific locations of the body codified by traditional Reiki. This practice is called meditative touch.

Since meditation is used during Reiki sessions, it is also called meditative relaxation through touch.

As such, session after session, the consulting person is steadily released from their tensions. This release is combined with psychological monitoring that can be more or less long depending on the problem.

What is meditative touch?

Meditative touch is a psycho-corporeal practice that lets you get rid of any mental or physical tension, and thus release a person from these blocking obstacles.

Meditative touch is a laying of hands technique practiced above the body, or with slight brushes.

There is never any lingering touch or pressure on the body that might be mistaken for a massage.

A massage requires intense touch and body manipulation that are not among traditional Reiki techniques as defined by their founder: Mikao Usui.

This touch is called “meditative” because Reiki touch triggers a state of deep consciousness that is close to the usual state of consciousness triggered by meditation.

In Reiki, you even use the concept of meditative resonance, because the state of meditation reached by the practitioner is shared with the patient through vibrations using this resonance effect.

The altered state of consciousness brought upon the consultant combined with that touch triggers the elimination of even very resilient blocks and obstacles. The consultant may then benefit from the combined advantages of meditation and Reiki.

The true meaning of Reiki symbols

The kind of meditation used in Reiki was directly designed by Reiki’s founder, Mikao Usui.

This kind of Reiki meditation is practiced using meditation supports like symbols, mantras, and mudras.

Mantras are specific words or sentences that let you go further in your meditation and trigger higher states of consciousness.

Mudras are specific gestures or hand positions meant to trigger a meditative state, make it deeper, or accelerate its effects on the practitioner’s body and mind.

Attested effects of the use of meditative touch

Meditative touch is a technique with visible inner and outer effects that any practitioner can feel quickly enough.

They are then instantaneously or progressively released from their physical and muscular tensions.

However, Reiki truly deserves to be called spiritual healing through the harmonization of the inner energy when considering release from psychological or emotional blocks.

Western medicine deals with psychosomatic illnesses, which means emotional states that trigger illnesses or make them worse.

Reiki is perfect psychotherapy to deal with these problems. As such, by releasing psychic blocks, Reiki will let you prevent or help you to deal with physical afflictions.

As a matter of fact, a Reiki practitioner uses their patient’s body as an intermediary to free them from what is troubling them or emotionally blocking them, from what is preventing them to live their lives and express their full potential by helping them to harness their untapped and forgotten abilities. 

Expectations from people who want to use Reiki

People gravitating towards Reiki most of the time wish to be released from some blocks they are aware of and consider to be obstacles working against their progression and the improvement of their living conditions.

Likewise, Reiki can seem interesting to people who have some problems in leading the kind of life that they want, or those who are not aware of their own blocks, feel some uneasiness and believe they need some psychotherapy.

Likewise, people wanting to set themselves free from their own blocks and aware that they need some initiation or to learn a personal development technique or method with therapeutic aims are naturally drawn to Reiki.

You can get trained at your own pace thanks to Reiki, anyway, because it is a non-intrusive practice that can be learned in a way suited to the personality and lifestyle of any interested person.

You do not need any exceptional gift to learn how to connect yourself to a universal flow of energy, but to initiate yourself to get connected to your own inner energy and learn how to harmonize it yourself.

You just need to be deeply motivated, to fully and freely adhere to the philosophy of Reiki. It is strongly related to Buddhism, but even if you are not a Buddhist and do not believe in its teachings and values, this is not an obstacle against Reiki initiation.

Indeed, Reiki is a kind of spiritual healing with a universal range that anyone of goodwill can access, provided they can regularly and carefully follow their training sessions.

Just avoid any training program pretending that Reiki is a kind of medicine, even alternative, or claiming that it can heal because Reiki is not a kind of medicine, merely a therapeutic art that can relieve the body in a literal way.

Likewise, avoid any so-called training program claiming that you need to connect to an outside universal vibration to get initiated to Reiki, even if your inner energy, or Chi, is an inner form of that vibration.

Likewise, avoid any “Reiki” branded company promoting the use of supports other than those quoted above (Reiki symbols, mantras, mudras…) like those using crystals or minerals. Indeed, these are not among the supports validated by traditional Reiki.