June 14, 2024
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Who You Were In Your Past Life According To Your Rising Sign

Who you were in your past life according to your rising sign?

The Ascendant is highly important in identifying your life path. Our rising sign indicates the mask we wear in this life, and the Ascendant will map out which signs the rest of our houses will be in. In astrology, the 12th house is known as the house of karma, and it is vital to know your birth time to pinpoint your ascendant and 12th house accurately.

Our ascendant and 12th house represents an integral part of our subconscious. It indicates to us which side of ourselves we are unconsciously aware of and what characteristics our soul carries with it in this life that we are unaware of.

The 12th house is known as the “souls’ prison,” which indicates the restrictions we undergo in this life that keep us, essentially, prisoners to ourselves. Imagine if your 12th house becomes your 1st house, changing your primary expression to your 12th house sign. This is what you were like in your past life, showing you your subconscious tendencies.

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What Does Your Rising Sign Say About Your Past Life?

Aries Rising: With Aries on the ascendant, your past life was lived serving others and leading a highly spiritual life. You had a sense of duty toward others and your spiritual values.

In this life, you need to detach yourself from wanting to serve others and leading an existence that is highly focused on spirituality and focus on creating a solid identity for yourself.

In this life, you need to learn about yourself, serve yourself, and not be concerned with others. You have given enough service to the world, and it is time to pay attention to what you want in this life.

It is essential to look out for tendencies where you see yourself as the victim or the one that injustice is done to and learn to develop a secure sense of self-confidence and how to stand up for yourself.

Taurus Rising: In your past life, you were highly aggressive and fought for everything you valued. You learned to develop a defensive nature because if you did not fight for what you loved, no one would.

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A significant focus in this life is to achieve material success and build your empire and riches. Still, your overly self-focused and aggressive tendencies can stand in your way of finding true happiness.

Gemini Rising: In your past life, you were overly concerned with gaining material riches and creating a life of luxury for yourself. In this life, you need to use the resources you have to be creative and express yourself.

However, your tendency for comfort and security will often stop you from truly exploring life and your creative side. It would help if you live a life that will stimulate you mentally; however, you usually avoid experiences that will feed your soul by remaining attached to what you find comfortable.

Cancer Rising: In your past life, you were highly intellectual but had a tendency to avoid your emotions. You avoided commitment and had a flighty nature where you jumped from one experience to another.

In this life, you need to develop your emotional nature and allow yourself to delve deep into emotional experiences instead of avoiding them.

In your past life, you did not want to commit to a home and family life and wanted to be free to explore the world around you. In this life, you will be forced into a direction where you need to care for others and allow yourself to feel feelings of intimacy and vulnerability, getting you more in touch with your emotions.

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Leo Rising: You were a highly emotionally driven person in your past life. Your emotions were your compass, and you reacted to everything you faced in life through a subjective emotional response.

You might have possessed many insecurities relating to feeling inferior and unloved. In this life, you are a highly confident person with a slight tendency for self-absorption.

You have this reaction due to your past fear of being inferior and unloved; therefore, you often act in such a way to come across as mighty and powerful to gain respect from others.

There can be problems associated with giving and receiving love in this life, and this is linked to the unconscious memory of facing great pain and loss in the past when you open yourself up to love and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Virgo Rising: In your past life, you were overly focused on yourself and expected everyone to pay attention to you and your wants and needs. In this life, instead of others admiring and serving you, you need to give back to the world and serve others.

It can be tricky for you to put your wants and needs aside for the sake of helping others; however, in this life, this will be a major lesson you need to learn. In the past, others made sacrifices to support and serve you, but you need to make sacrifices to support and serve others in this life.

Libra Rising: In your past life, you served others and rarely considered your wants and needs. Everything you did was for others, and you never thought about what would make you happy.

In this life, you need to learn how to balance what will make you happy and what will make others happy. The goal is to reach a level ground in your relationship where neither parties need to make too many significant sacrifices.

You can lean on being a people pleaser, as this is how you survived in the past; however, in this life, you need to allow others to please you as well!

Scorpio Rising: In your past life, having a balanced image was vital to you. You wanted to show the world that you have your life together and are worth loving through your image and self-appearance.

In this life, you need to build deep, meaningful connections with others, but you must not use your appearance. In the past, this worked for you, but your relationships were not very meaningful.

In this life, you need to build relationships with others that overlook all physical barriers and go deeper into the soul. Instead of looking at the surface of things, you need to look deeper at what is unseen.

Sagittarius Rising: In your past life, you spent a lot of time on deep thinking and investigating the mysteries of life. You gained a lot of knowledge through what you learned, and in this life, you can share what you know with others.

You possess profound insight regarding certain subjects and knowledge that few others have had access to. It is essential to share your knowledge and what you know with the world, as you will serve the world an excellent service by spreading the knowledge of what you know.

Capricorn Rising: In your past life, you were the life of the party. You were adventurous, free, and spontaneous and did as you pleased. You spend a lot of time finding out about the things that interest you, and you gained a great deal of knowledge through your adventures.

You hardly used your knowledge, and you were on an endless journey to search and explore. In this life, you need to use the knowledge you have to establish a career and empire for yourself.

It is important to still allow yourself fun and spontaneous adventures, or you will run the risk of burning yourself out and becoming very miserable and grumpy if you only focus on work over play.

Aquarius Rising: In your past life, you were very hardworking and disciplined. You spent most of your time completing your tasks and duties and had little time to explore life’s pleasures and adventures.

You often denied a good time at the cost of fulfilling your duty, becoming wealthy and successful, and although you had a lot, you rarely lived. In this life, you need to allow yourself a lie that is not limited by boundaries and rules, where you explore everything your heart wishes to explore, no matter how taboo it might be.

You can give back to society, but you will not do this by being overly rebellious, but more by breaking through the barriers society has that restrict itself, showing these barriers to the world, and allowing freedom and liberation. You need to bring justice to the world around you while still upholding your sense of freedom and independence.

Pisces Rising: In your past life, you were a highly freedom-loving individual who did what you wanted and went where you wanted on your own accord. You discovered a lot on your adventures, and you made enormous contributions to society through your creativity and intellect.

In this life, you need to use this awareness of life to connect spiritually with others. You will be on a path where you have to heal many people who require help, and you are one of the rare people with the healing energy to help them.

Based on your past life experiences, you know a lot about the world and how you can improve a person’s current reality and life, and you must use your abilities to help others heal themselves.