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How will Saturn in Pisces affect me

How will Saturn in Pisces affect me?

On 7 March 2023, Saturn moved into Pisces and will finally leave Pisces on 13 February 2026. 

The last time Saturn was in Pisces was from 28 January 1994 to 7 April 1996.  Saturn takes around 30 years to traverse the whole solar system and spends approximately 3 years in each sign. 

The sign Saturn is in affects us all profoundly and it’s helpful to know how to integrate the changes that Saturn will bring, so as to use time as productively as possible.

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What does this mean?

Saturn is all about structure; rules, regulations, responsibilities and everything in life that involves planning.  Saturn holds the building blocks of life, it is the structure of our house and the way we pay our mortgage, it rules contracts, marriage, commitment and stability.

Pisces is about illusion, it is the last sign in the zodiac and links to endings, and how the soul connects to the body.  Pisces rules inspired creativity to do with imagination, ethereal energies, film and spiritual connections.  Pisces also rules the sea, water,

When Saturn is in Pisces it will solidify that which is unseen, for those who have creative dreams, Saturn may help these to be manifest into an output.  Saturn will bring healing, imagination and spiritual energies into the spotlight and those who work in any creative or spiritual field may benefit from this transit.

Contrastingly Saturn will bring a sense of heaviness to all of these elements too.  There may be increased issues with pollution and the effects this has on the natural world.

What will happen?

Problems with water any liquids and gasses could become bigger issues.
Confused people may feel more confused, unless they turn to spiritual practice, such as meditation, yoga, and nurturing nature.

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Over-use of concrete, pebbling and paving on private land will finally be recognized as an antisocial issue.  In a world where vegetation is at risk and more impactful on all areas of health, nature and the environment than ever before.

Fakes and charlatans will be exposed under the scrutiny of Saturn, and as auto-tune becomes less popular, plastic grass will also be banned.  Attitudes to drugs and forms of escapism will become more formalized for better and for worse.

Games and recreational diversity will be more imaginative than ever before.  Expect more creative theme parks to pop up and interactive, imaginative gaming to become more widespread.  We can also expect to see development in films and more interactive interfaces for the screening of TV.

The impact of Saturn and Neptune together in Pisces (until 2026)

Neptune has been in Pisces since April 2011, and this has brought confusing energy for many.  Although Neptune rules Pisces when in this sign it can make it difficult for people to have a strong sense of identity and purpose.  Even Pisceans during this period have felt overwhelmed by enhanced imaginations, making reality more difficult to conceive of and escapism very appealing.

Saturn will add a little more structure to our dreams and ideas, and people will start to have clearer ideas on what they wish to focus on creatively.
Saturn and Neptune will travel together towards the latter part of this transit and it will be doubly important at this time to exercise and find the time for mindfulness, meditation, yoga, tai chi or any other form of soulful practice.

Together there will be some issues with water transport and flooding and there will be more flash storms and tornados.  So pay heed to weather warnings.  There will be further emphasis on airborne viruses also, with new worries about water-transmitted diseases.  It’s a good time to buy a water filter and ensure that your diet is as fresh as possible.

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It will be more important to be responsible for the nature around you and on your own land.  There will be an emphasis on this and the impact of being around trees, shrubs, and plants on your health is infinite.  If you are moving house, ensure you focus on a healthy, vibrant garden area.

What it means for Aries

Reflection and looking within will be beneficial to you during this time.  Although you are somebody who usually prefers action and expression, Aries, this means meditation and reflection time is even more healing to you than others.  Remember our emotional health and inner world are the ingredients for great physical vitality.  By nourishing your soul you can inspire those around you even more!

What it means for Taurus

Your community is important Taurus; whether you live rurally or in a very built-up area the way you feel about where you live has a great impact on your well-being.  This is a great time for you to link up more with those closest to you either in proximity or in shared interests.  Get involved.  Nurture the plants and trees around you, their life brings you breath.

What it means for Gemini

There is a focus on your career at this time and a great emphasis on ensuring that your creativity and great imagination are fully utilized in the activities that take up most of your time.  Saturn in Pisces will generate more success and recognition for creative talent.  This is your time Gemini, to share your brilliance with the world, choose your starting point (blog, images, words, videos), and start a routine.

What it means for Cancer

It’s time to break out of your cocoon Cancer.  This is a great time for you to start traveling more, learn a new language, or develop your training skills.  You need to be inspired to commit to learning and this time will be great for inspiration.  Where have you always wanted to visit?  What have you always wanted to learn more about?  Adventure can make life so much more magical and exciting!

What it means for Leo

This will be a cleansing time and provide an opportunity to review any recent stresses or difficult events.  Ultimately a focus on healing any trauma or blocks will be beneficial to you Leo and working on developing your intuition and or/psychic tuning can be uplifting.  We all have a spiritual side and allowing time out to reconnect with our souls is how we stay balanced and move forwards in life.

What it means for Virgo

Relationships are the focus and your long-term needs and desires will come under scrutiny at this time.  It could be a make or break for a current relationship and equally a deeper commitment to a new partner.  You’re more aware of what will make you happy and how to let go of anything that restricts and hinders you.  Take a leap of faith Virgo, you are more intuitive than you usually think!

What it means for Libra

Health and your day-to-day routine are a focus for you Libra.  Look at trying to work with your body clock and setting a good timetable that incorporates a short meditation/reflection time, a walk or some other exercise, and a definitive sleep pattern.  Dreams are more powerful at this time and your intuition will soar if you review your schedules, prioritize good sleep and enhance your nutrition.

What it means for Scorpio

It’s time to have some fun Scorpio!  Bring out your playful side and get out there and start to socialize more.  Connecting is integral and whether you join an art class, a sports team, or a conservation group, sharing your passions with others will be so invigorating for you at this time.  You need movement to stay positive and you love to share your psychic skills with others in person!

What it means for Sagittarius

Family is key to you at this time Sagittarius.  This doesn’t need to mean your genetic family, it’s about connecting with those who really ‘get you’ that count.  Spending quality time with people you really enjoy and who appreciate you will be amazingly restorative for you at this time.  Grounded energy is important and finding kindred spirits to share adventures with, makes life much more magical.

What it means for Capricorn

Your close-knit circle matter right now Capricorn, those who know you best and have been at your side through the ups and downs of life are your solace at this time.  People are important, and it’s not so much about how they perceive us; rather about caring for the ones who really *hear* us.  Be compassionate and kind at this time, you will feel so happy when you feel accepting and accepted.

What it means for Aquarius

Finances are in the spotlight and developing your self-worth in order to prepare to receive abundance will be beneficial.  Your creativity can bear fruit at this time Aquarius, so use your dynamic mind to look at which skills can be transformed from the intangible to the tangible.  Observing a gap in the market to do with spirituality will help you create your fortune and set your future in motion.

What it means for Pisces

Saturn in Pisces brings structure to what is usually amorphous or flowing, it is the solid of the gas and for you this time will bring your imagination into form.  It may feel restrictive and heavy at times, so making plans for personal achievement will help you make the best of this transit.  Saturn will be on your Sun at some point and this brings a strong work ethic, and greater responsibility but also ends in rewards and fulfilling development.  If you try to ignore the energy, it will be stressful; create goals and targets and you will find that this period is the making of you!  In a great way!

For very detailed insights into how Saturn in Pisces will affect your life personally, and an overview of what is currently happening in your chart, do contact me to book a video or chat reading.  Readings will always be very personal, supportive, healing, and completely unique to you.