June 24, 2024
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What Are Psychic Superpowers

What are Psychic Superpowers?

Are you experiencing intense, vivid, and symbolic dreams, or know things are going to happen before they do? Do you find yourself asking questions to yourself, and later on in a day or two someone just magically shows up with the answer?

Well, these are nothing but telltale signs that you are attuning to your psychic superpowers!

What are Psychic Superpowers?

Psychic ability comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes. For years, I thought I wasn’t psychic because my concept of what that looked like came from what I’d seen on tv…mediums who see loved ones in spirit-sometimes like they are real flesh and blood people in the room with them, psychics who perform parlor tricks by pulling birthdates and first names out of thin air, or healers who use rain sticks and chanting to conjure ancestors.

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Did you know?

We all have psychic senses and the ability to tap into them. For some of us, our abilities are obvious.  For others, it is more subtle and harder to recognize as a psychic ability.

I didn’t realize that psychic abilities are vast… and often subtle so if you don’t understand what or how you are receiving, you can mistake it for a random experience, “I guess that’s just me”, or miss it altogether.

Yet I always had these weird dreams and bizarre feelings about random situations that tended to happen. I was always being told I was “too sensitive”.  I’ve always had an issue with being physically cold, even in 90-degree weather… all the time!!!

I also didn’t trust myself because there were times, I thought I was following my inner guidance but realized too late I was following the ego voice motivated by fear, and things went south. It wasn’t until I decided to explore more deeply what psychic ability really is, that I discovered these things are indicators of my SUPERPOWERS!

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Well, if you too are, or have been, experiencing something ‘different’, that no one (including you) understands, you might be on the cusp of recognizing and activating your psychic abilities.

Today, I’ve listed different forms that psychic superpowers can take. Check them out.

Sight (Clairvoyance)

Sight Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance translates to ‘Clear Sight’, and many psychics describe it as the ‘third-eye’ seeing, astral vision, or second sight. I personally call it an intuitive vision or impression. It’s an innate ability to see prophetic visions and images from the past, present, and future through the third eye.

I often see images in my mind’s eye as though I am watching a movie screen. Sometimes, with my eyes closed, I can see clearly a room, person, or object when I tune into their energy.

Since this intuitive ability erupts from the right side of the brain, which is known to house imaginative thinking, most clairvoyants discard visions as mere imagination and daydreams.

A psychic can experience literal or symbolic clairvoyance. While literal clairvoyance is seeing clear and vivid images, symbolic clairvoyance can be any cryptic messages or visions.

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Sound (Clairaudience)

Do you hear someone calling your name, or hear distinct voices even when there is no one around? Have you ever wondered why you hear certain sounds while no one else does? If yes, you could be clairaudient, someone with a clairaudience ability.

Clairaudience literally translates to ‘clear hearing’. It’s the psychic ability to hear beyond the normal range. The one with Clairaudience power often hears sounds, repetitive words, music, or names. Some people are naturally born with the ability to hear intuitive information, while others may develop the skills through practice.

When at the initial stage, the psychic may experience ringing, popping, or buzzing in the ears. The voices and sounds you hear will be different, almost as if underwater, distant, or coming from a different dimension.

Taste (Clairgustiance)

Of all the psychic powers, clairgustance is the most unusual and peculiar one. People with this power have the gift of tasting things associated with a person, place, or time. They can clearly taste the essence or experience taste sensations without eating anything.

Unlike the two psychic phenomena discussed, one can’t develop clairgustance ability. Psychics and mediums with clairgustance can taste things that are not physically present.

Smell (Clairalience)

Do you have a heightened sense of smell? Do you smell distinct odors, aromas, or fragrances out of the blue? Have you ever wondered why you often smell certain aromas even when there is no physical source for it?

If you are affirming, you have the wonderful gift of clairalience where you can smell and detect spiritual smells that come from gods, angels, spirit guides, or most often, loved ones in spirit

Whether you smell the cigar smoke of someone who passed over, flowers, or a cherry pie your grandmother used to make, it’s a sign from the higher realms. This phenomenon can happen whether you are a novice at your psychic abilities, or an expert well versed in their gifts, and is often guidance from the spirit world.

Sense (Clairsentience)

Do you have the knack for sensing things that later manifest in the future? Have you ever felt that you or someone you know is in danger? Have the hairs ever stood up on your arms or the back of your neck when someone says something that rings true, even when you don’t know why?

In psychic terminology, this phenomenon is referred to as clairsentience or clear feeling. Out of all the other intuitive powers, clairsentience is the most common one. Physical sensations like sensitivity to hot and cold, upset stomach at specific times or in specific places, or sensations in a particular area of your body when you are asking a question, lost, or meditating, can all be indicators that your Dream Team is attempting to communicate with you.

One can acquire the ability to sense and feel things unconsciously. To use this magical gift, just pay attention to your surroundings. These feelings are often easily mistaken for random experiences based on the environment. But they are very often more about psychic connections.

Feel (Empathic)

Feel Empathic

Most humans have an empathetic tendency towards fellow beings and other creatures. However, those who have clairempathy are especially gifted to perceive the feelings and emotions of others more deeply. People often confuse empathy with clairempathy. 

Empathy is the ability to understand and have compassion for another person’s feelings or situation, without having had the experience themselves. Empaths are able to physically, mentally, and emotionally feel another’s emotions, pain, or distress as though it is happening to them as well. They can walk into a room and know what others are feeling.

They have difficulty separating their issues to fix, heal or release the problems of others because they have a deep calling to help heal others whenever they find others in pain.  If you often find yourself experiencing what others are feeling, it is likely you are an empath.

Touch (Psychometry, Scrying)

This power is also known as object reading or psychoscopy. If you know things about an object just by holding it or you get a vision about its history of it, you have an intuitive ability of touch or psychometry.

Psychics with this power can tap into the energy field of any object and receive a psychic message or information about it, and the person it may have belonged to.  Scrying also involves getting visions and messages from random objects being tossed in a random way across a flat surface.

When the items fall and settle, the psychic looks into the seeming chaos of the random forms created and passes in the information received from their Spirit Guides in this way. It’s a form of scrying that involves the sense of touch and vision.

Visions (Dreams, Waking Visions, Prophecy)

We dream of all sorts of things. While we forget most of our dreams, a few remain imprinted in our minds. Do you often dream of a deceased friend or family member? Do you find yourself in a new place only to realize that you have visited it in your dream?

If so, you have the gift of psychic vision. There are plenty of ways a person can experience a psychic vision. It’s up to you how you interpret the vision and cues. I believe with time and practice in honing your skills, you can sharpen your ability to understand and refine your visions and interpret the message coming from the higher realms.

Remote Viewing

Have you ever pondered over that intuitive flash you got out of the blue only to find it turning true later? What you experienced could be remote viewing. It might sound hard to believe, but all of us possess the ability to remotely see things, places, and people regardless of time and space constraints.

This psychic phenomenon helps psychics access distant, non-local information about people and places. It’s a rare gift and can be honed to download and see even clearer visions.

What is Your Psychic Superpower?

So, what is your superpower? Are you someone with the ability to feel the deep energy of others or you can tell the history of any object by simply holding it?

It could be possible that you are not aware of your magical powers. Don’t worry; it’ll all unfold when the time is right.

How to Find Your Psychic Superpower

We blindly believe in the supernatural powers of T.V. and comic characters. However, we often dismiss agreeing that superpowers are real and not mere imagination. In reality, every individual is gifted with one or multiple superpowers.

Yes, we all have psychic powers within us. While some read the cues and choose to tune into their intuitive abilities, others are simply not aware of it. However, remember that you can always ask for free psychic reading online and have a glimpse of what the future has still in store for you.

And then there are some who are aware of their abilities but scared to own it. And trust me, I’m saying this from my own experience.  I denied my psychic superpowers for a long time out of fear of judgment, lack of understanding of what was happening to me, and a lack of supportive people who understood why these things were occurring.  This fear prevents most of us from unlocking the power that lies within us.

Instead of running away from the spirits, angels, and energies that surround you, ignoring the voices you hear, or doubting what you are seeing and experiencing, acknowledge those subtle clues. Allow the Universe to guide you by being open to explore the levels and layers of what can’t be seen with the naked eye, or your basic five senses. Let the divine soul within you find its psychic superpower. To start off, here are a few ways to find your psychic abilities:

  • Pay Attention to Your Senses

Be attentive to what comes naturally. Do you tend to see unexplained things? Or hear sounds that aren’t there?  Are you a feeler of energies?  When your inner guidance speaks, how do you receive it – through your eyes, ears, mouth, nose, or the feels?   Are you drawn to certain books or objects at random times and receive messages when holding them? Follow your instincts and let them guide you to your natural superpower.

  • Find Out How You Can Help Yourself and Others 

Ask yourself what you like to do that fires you up and gets your creative passions engaged.  What type of interactions with others get you excited or feel fulfilled and on purpose? Think of how you can use those passions to fuel your purpose to help fellow beings find a connection with the astral world.  You don’t have to be a professional psychic to use your gifts to help yourself and others.

  • Admit Who You Are

Acknowledging your psychic abilities is the first step to exploring them. Admit that you are a powerful being filled with magic and greatness. Embrace your uniqueness to allow your mind to trace its superpower.  Go big or go home, I like to say!! The world needs your light and energy and magic powers – don’t hide them away!

Having Weird Dreams, Seeing and Knowing Things Before They Happen?

Vivid dreams, hearing random voices, or seeing things from the future are indications that you inhibit psychic powers. Instead of shutting it off or brushing it away, be open to the experience.

Consider keeping a Dream journal by your bed, to record any symbols, numbers, thoughts, messages, or unusual things that stand out to you in your dreams.

Everything has a purpose when coming through your dream state. It takes practice to learn how to interpret those communications, so they make sense and you receive the message.

And don’t worry about seemingly negative or dark dreams – the higher powers that be will always keep you safe and surrounded by Divine light.

To find more information about psychic superpowers and to discover yours, you can check out my book Teen Superpower IG: Demystifying your Inner Guidance, or feel free to connect with me. I’d be more than happy to guide you. Get in touch today by emailing me at: [email protected]