June 16, 2024
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Using Past Life Regression to Understand and Solve Life Problems

Using Past Life Regression to Understand and Solve Present Life Problems

Past Life Regression through hypnotherapy is an intense and amazing experience.  With hypnosis and a skilled hypnotherapist, an individual can access their past lives and learn about the many ways they have lived on this planet going back thousands of years.  Access to this knowledge can help a person understand the choices, fears, patterns, and people that make up the present life.  This process is especially helpful when used to address significant issues or problems faced in this lifetime.

Past Life Belief Presupposes…

There are many competing belief systems regarding human consciousness and the concept of the soul.  Atheism argues a scientific model that reduces consciousness to the evolution of chemical processes stored and activated by the brain and body.  When those fail, consciousness is done; there is no soul and never has been.

Many religious systems acknowledge the soul and offer a binary option of eternal bliss or eternal damnation, mostly as a reward for good behavior or a deterrent against bad behavior.  But all-in-all, a person gets one shot to get it right or wrong. 

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In either case, between atheism and the “one shot at heaven or hell”, good moral behavior has an uphill battle against hedonism, narcissism, and selfishness. Care of the planet is difficult to believe in, if, deep down, you think you only have “one shot” at life.  If you are only going to be here for one go, then you should make the most of it by consuming as much as possible in every way.

But what if Earth and this dimension is a classroom for learning that you visit and revisit to gather as much knowledge and experience as your soul needs to fully understand the complexity of consciousness.  What if you acknowledged that you keep returning to this world over and over again?  Would you want to leave it in better or worse shape than you found it? 

And, what if part of your belief included the idea that immoral or harmful behavior would lead to more difficult circumstances upon your return?  You know, consequences, but not so dire that you cannot redeem yourself.  In fact, the soul is meant to experience and wants to experience, all possible situations and outcomes.  A rich life in one visit may be one of your worst experiences, while a rich life in another visit may be one of the best.

Lastly, past-life belief presupposes that the soul wants to and needs to improve, which it cannot do without making mistakes and having time and room to correct mistakes.  With such a thought in mind, it is assumed that the difficulties you face in this lifetime exist to help you address and correct problems from a past life.  Oh, and you can also create new difficulties, exclusive to this lifetime, that you will need to correct in the future.

A Past Life Problem Instead of Present Life Problem

A past life problem is usually easiest to identify in a present life fear that does not have a trigger in the present life.  I have always had an irrational fear of the ocean even though I have never had a bad experience at the ocean or even spent much time there.  Certainly, I did not actually see the coast until I was almost 11 and the memory I have of the experience is quite mundane.  I walked along the edge of the coast and only went in as far as my knees.  But, even then, I could feel a deep fear keeping me from going in any further and I was more than happy to leave when we eventually did go home.

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Since past-life belief presupposes that experiences travel along with our soul from lifetime to lifetime, we accumulate, constantly build, and resolve numerous karmic threads throughout each return.  So why not remember everything consciously?  Why do we need to go into a hypnotic state to access past lives?  How do you think you would handle multiple lives of knowledge while also trying to navigate this one; we would be overwhelmed.  So, until we develop even more conscious sophistication, we keep our past lives tucked away until we discover the technique or need to access them.

Approaching a Past Life Regression Session

There are essentially two ways to approach a past life regression session.  You can enter it with the intention to address a present life problem.  I have done many past life regressions and in one of them, I went into the session to learn about my fear of the ocean.  In that regression, I went back 1500 years to India and found out that I was living in a village dealing with a plague.  The village was near the coast and the plague killed everyone but me.

Perhaps the plague would have eventually killed me as well, but in my distraught state, I swam out into the ocean far enough from shore to ensure that I would drown, and I did.  I was working with a truly gifted hypnotherapist who was tethered to me throughout the journey and she asked me an important question before I got to the moment of my drowning.  She asked, “do you want to experience the drowning again, or just observe yourself drowning, as if watching from above?”  I chose the second way to see that death in that lifetime.

After that session, I would not say I suddenly wanted to go swimming in the ocean, or that the fear was completely gone.  There is good reason to fear the ocean, but there is also reasonable and unreasonable fear.  I no longer felt the unreasonable fear and I was grateful to know where the fear originated.

Another way to approach a past life regression is to be open.  If you are open, you will go to a life that is important in your present life.  It could be to show you something you need to address in this lifetime, or it could reveal some knowledge you need to develop.  I have experienced both. 

One showed me why my father and I had such a wonderful and easy connection in this lifetime; we have had the connection before, and it is an agreement we have made as souls.  Another showed me the recurring role I accept and fulfill as a spiritual advisor, something I have done throughout my many returns to the planet.

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If you are dealing with a difficult experience, frustrating behavior, or you want to just know much more about your own soul, then you should certainly seek out a hypnotherapist who can safely guide you on the past life regression you need for healing, wisdom, and clarity.