July 19, 2024
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What Is a Soul Reading

What Is a Soul Reading; How Can You Benefit from It?

Soul readings are becoming increasingly popular as the word spreads about how much they can benefit you. It’s not uncommon for someone to get a soul reading and then their entire social circle becomes more than a little curious as they watch the remarkable life-changing transformation. You’ll hear their friends and family say things like, “She seems so much happier, so much more fulfilled!” “He seems so much calmer and self-assured!” Soul readings are often life-changing events so be prepared for a big positive change in your life.

What Is a Soul Reading and How Is It Different From a Psychic Reading?

A soul reading is actually a type of psychic reading, performed by a psychic who specializes in this type of reading. Like most psychic readings, soul readings usually do involve some form of prophecy, i.e. predictions about the future. However, the clairvoyance used in a soul reading can also reveal things from your past, sometimes distant past, and the present, not just the future. In some soul readings, the psychic will tell you about events that occurred in your past lives. Aren’t you curious about what your soul has experienced before?

So, it can be said that the purpose of soul reading is not just about predicting the future. This type of reading is more about healing wounds from the past so you can go forward as a healthier happier human. A soul reading will provide you with vast insight and inspiration. It will prepare you for a more constructive way of dealing with your life going forward. In some cases, this may require forgiving yourself and or others. With greater understanding, you may also be able to finally accept certain things about your life, and in doing so, open up entirely new pathways.

Some people may choose to get a psychic reading because they have a burning desire to know something specific about their future. For example, they may ask their psychic, “Will I ever find my soul mate?” They may ask, “Will I ever find love again?” after a divorce or the death of a partner. Instead of simply looking into the future, a psychic giving a soul reading would be able to help you assimilate what you have learned in your life so you can be open to love again. She may also help you access the cumulative wisdom of all your past lives, a powerful force indeed.

People sometimes suppress hurtful events so deep they don’t even know they’re still affecting them. A soul reading can help you bring these to the surface again and deal with them in a constructive way. In some cases, the pain or disruption to your life may stem from an event from a past life that you’ve never even had a memory of that is holding you back. Learning about these landmark moments in past lives can be as interesting as the genealogical research into your family tree, only soul readings delve much deeper in the emotional space-time continuum.

How Can a Soul Reading Help You? Let’s Take a Closer Look

First, it’s important for you to understand that your soul never dies! When a human dies, their soul lives on in the celestial ether, the matrix of the universe. Further, a soul can have many corporal lives on this planet, as well as lives on other planets in other galaxies! As mysterious as all this may seem, a psychic doing a soul reading can unlock some of the mysteries associated with your ancient soul. In doing so, they can help you live a more peaceful, loving, productive, and healthy life in the here and now. They can also help you send more positive karma into your future lives.

It is said that every action you take, every word you utter, every feeling you have is permanently recorded in the cosmos. These are recorded in what is called the “akashic records.” You can think of your akashic records as a running karma tab. Good karma and bad karma, it’s all there! If you are struggling in some way, it is likely due to some negative karma you’ve had in your past. For example, were you once mean to a child or a dog in a past life? You may feel this as recurring tension in your shoulders and neck. Recognizing this past transgression and owning up to it can help relieve that nagging pain. It can also help you identify what triggered this bad act in the past so you can develop better coping skills and prevent it from going forward. In order words, bad karma can be turned into good karma by what you learn in a soul reading.

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Let’s say you’re having trouble in your love life. Perhaps your libido is low and it’s causing friction between you and your partner. If you tell your psychic that you’d like to improve your love life, she may be able to access something from your akashic records that you aren’t aware of that could help explain your low libido. For example, you may have had a partner in a past life who was critical of the way you smelled or performed during lovemaking. This may have damaged your soul and given you a subconscious resistance to being criticized again, hence your low libido. Knowing this gives you insight into how to fix the problem. Perhaps a candid discussion with your partner can help allay these fears locked deep within your soul and free you to be more passionate with your partner.

There’s also a super positive side to your psychic accessing your akashic records in a soul reading. These records are a goldmine of life lessons learned across many lifetimes and those of your ancestors as well! Once you start tapping into your akashic records, you’ll be able to access all of that wisdom and use it in your current life. Are you a person who likes to make a positive difference in the world? All the tools and advice you’ll ever need on how to do that are located in your akashic records! This is exactly why so many people keep going back and having more soul readings.

Will There Be Homework?

Many psychics who do soul readings actually give “homework” to their clients — but don’t worry, it’s fun homework that will help you improve your life! They may send you home with suggestions for daily affirmations. Your psychic may give you a specific recommendation for a 528 Hz mp3 chakra and aura daily cleanse. They may also give you specific visualizations to do before you go to sleep.

You’ll find too that some psychics who offer soul readings also have other complementary skills that can help you. A psychic who is also an herbalist may give you the “homework” of sipping a cup of a certain type of tea daily. If your psychic is also into reiki, she may be able to teach you a few tricks to perform simple reiki on yourself, or perhaps a family member such as a child with special needs. Many psychics are quite knowledgeable about gems so don’t be surprised if they give you a specific recommendation on a gem to keep in your home or to hold in your hand when you meditate.

Final Thoughts

A soul reading can improve literally every aspect of your life. However, it’s usually best to pick just one or two things to work on during each soul reading. Otherwise, the information and insight you receive can be overwhelming. However, don’t be surprised if you go to your soul reading expecting to solve one problem but find that’s not really the main problem you truly need to address. Sometimes there’s an underlying issue that is more pressing. It may in fact be the root cause of several problems in your life. Likewise, you may find a root positive that helps you in multiple aspects of your life.

Here’s just one example. Let’s suppose something from your past is affecting your self-confidence. You may go to your soul reading telling your psychic that you’d like to work on improving your job performance. Maybe you’ve been in a slump at work with your coworkers getting promoted and leaving you behind. As your psychic uses her clairvoyant talents, she may see that your less than stellar performance at work is actually linked to a traumatic childhood bullying experience in a past life that your soul never overcame. It left you lacking confidence in your own abilities.

By addressing this self-confidence problem, you may suddenly find that you’re not only doing better at work but you may also see your social life improves as you’re suddenly more open to trying new things. You may even start to lose the weight you’ve been wanting to lose for a decade because you now enjoy going to the gym and going on long bicycle rides.  The ripple effects of a good soul reading can truly change every aspect of your life, even if you originally only wanted to improve one particular aspect! Good luck to you!