July 15, 2024
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The Prophecies of Nostradamus at the heart of today's news!

The Prophecies of Nostradamus at the heart of today’s news!

Centuries go by, years go by, Nostradamus remains in our lives! But who is Nostradamus? Why does this scholar born more than 500 years ago still arouse passions? Here is the latest example: a manuscript containing his prophecies has just been miraculously found… Explanations!  

Who is Nostradamus

Nostradamus is undoubtedly one of the most famous seers and prophets of all time… And rightly so! His career is fascinating, and his predictions leave no one indifferent. Decades after his death, many are inspired by the work of this unique figure. 

Michel de NostreDame was born on December 14, 1503 in the south of France. Ever since he was a child, the stars have inspired him. Astronomy, astrology, science and medicine became his favorite disciplines, and it would take many more lines to summarize his career as it is full of fascinating details. 

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This man of science and conviction, Michel de Nostre-Dame quickly earned a reputation as a “young astrologer” among his fellow students, who were fascinated by his passion for the motions of the planets and their effects on our daily lives. 

Nostradamus: Almanac and prophecies

After studying medicine and traveling to the farthest reaches of France and Italy, Michel de NostreDame began writing Almanacs containing predictions, under the pseudonym of… Nostradamus! Thanks to his research and knowledge, the Astrologer developed prophecies aimed at predicting the great events to come for our civilization. 

The connections between the writings of Nostradamus and the history of our civilization are disconcerting… So disconcerting in fact that the mystery surrounding these prophecies still echoes in our time, arousing the curiosity of those who wish to know what the future holds. 

He quickly became so popular that he was invited to the king’s court by Catherine de Medici. In spite of his opponents, he became Court Physician and King’s Advisor in 1564. 

On July 2, 1566, Nostradamus died in his native region, leaving an exceptional cultural legacy and hundreds of mysterious prophecies covering the centuries to come which, for those who are passionate about his work, represent the code for deciphering the mysteries they describe. 

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A Manuscript from Nostradamus was found!

Years after his death, Nostradamus is still a source of fascination and envy. The predictions written in his book “The Prophecies of Michel de NostreDame” are very often at the heart of current events and his numerous prophetic quatrains leave no one indifferent… Even thieves!  

In 2007, in a library in Rome, an authentic manuscript containing the predictions of Nostradamus was stolen and disappeared without a trace!  

The Italian authorities searched for years for the manuscript, and it is only recently that they managed to find it at an auction held by a German auction company!  

For 15 years, the manuscript would have traveled from one flea market to another, from Italy to France to Germany. Finding it today is almost a miracle, as it could have simply disappeared from sight. 

One thing is certain for his admirers: Nostradamus proved on many occasions how accurate his work was, thereby consolidating the quality of his prophecies!

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