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Lilith, the Dark Moon - What You Are Unyielding About

Lilith, the Dark Moon – What You Are Unyielding About

In astrology, Lilith, often referred to as the Dark Moon, represents aspects of the psyche that defy societal norms and expectations. This enigmatic point in the natal chart unveils areas where individuals refuse to compromise their authenticity and primal instincts. From ancient mythology to modern interpretations, Lilith embodies rebellion, independence, and raw desire. Exploring Lilith’s placement unveils deep-seated fears, unyielding passions, and untamed facets of the self. Understanding Lilith sheds light on hidden desires and urges, urging individuals to embrace their innermost truths unapologetically.

Who is Lilith?

In mythology and folklore, Lilith appears in various traditions, most notably in Jewish mythology. She is Adam’s first wife, created from the same earth as him. According to legend, Lilith refused to submit to Adam and was subsequently banished from Eden. She is a figure of darkness and rebellion, and, in some stories, the mother of demons. Since there were no humans outside the garden she could only procreate with fallen angels.

How is Lilith Calculated in the Chart?

To calculate Lilith in a natal chart, astronomers and astrologers use specific astronomical data related to the Moon’s orbit. They derive three primary Lilith points: Black Moon Lilith (or True Lilith), Mean Lilith, and Dark Moon Lilith. Black Moon Lilith comes from the Moon’s orbit. Mean Lilith derives from the average of Black Moon Lilith and the apogee of the Moon’s orbit. The Dark Moon Lilith comes from the lunar apogee. Each placement of Lilith in a sign provides distinct insights into an individual’s astrological profile.

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The Most Common Use

The most commonly used Lilith point in astrology is Black Moon Lilith, also known as True Lilith. It appeared in astrology by astrologer Walter Gorn Old in the early 20th century. Lilith became more popular through the work of Demetra George. She used the Mean Lilith calculation in her astrological work. She wrote about Lilith in her book titled “Mysteries of the Dark Moon: The Healing Power of the Dark Goddess,” published in 1992. Regardless of the chosen calculation, the meaning is the same.

Lilith in the Signs


Lilith in Aries embodies raw, primal energy, urging defiance against societal norms and expectations. Individuals with this placement fiercely guard their independence and refuse to let authority limit them. They may confront issues of anger and impulsiveness, seeking to assert themselves forcefully. Yet, embracing their assertive nature, they can harness Lilith’s power to initiate change and carve their path with unyielding determination.


Lilith, the Dark Moon, in Taurus embodies a potent force of defiance against traditional values and materialistic norms. Individuals with this placement may rebel against societal expectations regarding wealth, possessions, and security. They resist confinement to conventional roles or structures and may challenge established standards of beauty and comfort. Their unyielding nature drives them to seek independence and self-reliance. This stance often leads to a fierce determination to cultivate their unique path and values.


Lilith in Gemini signifies a rebellion against conventional modes of communication and learning. Individuals with this placement may resist societal norms regarding intellect, language, and information dissemination. They challenge traditional education systems and prefer unconventional methods of acquiring knowledge. Their unyielding nature drives them to seek intellectual freedom and express themselves through diverse forms of communication. Thus, they often challenge mainstream narratives and embracing alternative perspectives.


Lilith in Cancer manifests as a rebellion against traditional notions of family and home. Individuals with this placement may challenge societal expectations regarding caregiving, nurturing, and emotional expression within familial settings. They may resist conforming to conventional gender roles and seek autonomy in their domestic lives. Their unyielding nature drives them to redefine the concept of home and family, prioritizing emotional authenticity over societal norms.

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Lilith in Leo ignites a fierce desire for recognition and self-expression. Individuals with this placement rebel against societal norms regarding ego and pride. They assert their uniqueness and refuse confinement by others’ expectations. They may exhibit a strong need for creative freedom and may challenge authority figures who try to suppress their individuality. Their unyielding nature drives them to shine brightly and command attention, even if it means disrupting the status quo.


Lilith in Virgo stands unyielding in its defiance against perfectionism and relentless criticism. Those with this placement adamantly reject societal pressures of flawlessness, grappling instead with feelings of inadequacy. Fearful of harsh judgment, they may conceal their true selves or resort to self-sabotage. This placement demands embracing imperfections and nurturing self-acceptance, redirecting their critical gaze towards constructive pursuits.


Lilith, the Dark Moon, in Libra resists conformity to societal ideals of harmony and balance. Individuals with this placement may rebel against expectations of diplomacy and compromise, preferring authenticity over superficial harmony. They may confront injustices and inequalities, refusing to gloss over discord for the sake of peace. Embracing Lilith in Libra entails advocating for fairness and equity, even if it disrupts the status quo. Therefore, they foster genuine connections based on mutual respect and equality.


Lilith in Scorpio rebels against suppression of deep-seated desires and emotions. Individuals with this placement resist societal taboos surrounding sexuality, power dynamics, and intense emotions. They confront the shadows within themselves and society, refusing to shy away from darkness or taboo subjects. Accepting Lilith in Scorpio involves delving into the depths of the psyche and reclaiming personal power. This way they transform taboo energies into sources of empowerment and liberation.


Lilith in Sagittarius challenges constraints on freedom and exploration. Individuals with this placement rebel against narrow-mindedness, dogma, and limitations on personal beliefs or experiences. They reject conformity and seek adventure, truth, and expansive experiences. Understanding Lilith in Sagittarius involves honoring personal truths, exploring diverse perspectives, and resisting attempts to confine their spirit or ideals. They thrive when they can freely explore the world, both physically and intellectually, without judgment or restriction.


Lilith in Capricorn confronts issues of authority, tradition, and societal expectations. Individuals with this placement may resist rigid structures and hierarchies, rebelling against conventional paths to success. They challenge power dynamics and strive to assert their independence and autonomy. Having Lilith in Capricorn involves forging their own path, even if it means breaking from tradition or facing criticism. They find empowerment in building their own legacy and defining success on their own terms.

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Lilith, the Dark Moon, in Aquarius rebels against societal norms and restrictions, seeking freedom and individuality at all costs. Individuals with this placement are fiercely independent and unconventional, often challenging conventional wisdom and social expectations. They may feel alienated from mainstream society but find empowerment in embracing their uniqueness and advocating for social change. Lilith in Aquarius encourages breaking free from conformity and embracing one’s eccentricities, even if it means facing opposition or isolation.


Lilith, the Dark Moon, in Pisces signifies an unyielding connection to the spiritual and the unseen. These individuals are steadfast in their exploration of the subconscious realms. This placement fosters an unrelenting pursuit of transcendence, often leading to a profound sensitivity to the hidden aspects of existence. However, it can also denote a resistance to facing harsh realities. Individuals may be unyielding in their tendencies towards escapism or avoidance. Lilith in Pisces entails navigating the balance between spiritual depth and grounded awareness, transcending illusions while remaining anchored in reality.