July 13, 2024
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7 Ways of Cleaning Your Aura

7 Ways of Cleaning Your Aura

Our nature is made up of strings and bands of energy which is responsible for the working of the universe. This is an important fact to consider since this energy can affect us in many ways. If it’s blocked or filled with negative energy, we are likely to face difficulties in our life. Therefore, it is in our benefit to clean our Aura from negative energy. Here are some tips to follow to cleanse your Aura.

1. A stroll in the Park

Park or any recreational sites can always help you relax and replenish your energy. The feeling when you are at peace is not only soothing but also sheds off the unnecessary burden off your shoulder. At that moment, you are trying to connect with the natural world and not giving in to the often mundanity of life, which is pressing you. Also, one of the healthiest acts is by taking a walk in the rain.

Since rain is nature’s cleanser and can help neutralize the effects of negativity on you. It eliminates and removes harmful and toxic energies that surround you. When you are out in the rain, you should consider that all your stresses and worries are being washed away with the drops of rain. Similarly walking in a thunderstorm can add more to your negative energy; therefore, you should be aware of that.

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2. Healing Herbs

Using herbs for healing purposes is a traditional shamanic practice that has been existing since ancient times. The herbs can do exceptionally well in cleansing your Aura from any negative energy. Furthermore, it also has a physical benefit that can cure your body. There are many herbs that are used for healing.

The many practices include the smudging of a particular herb while some require smoldering which releases a smoke fume, which in turn heals your Aura. The herbs are used for special purposes and physical correspondence. Whenever you feel low, lethargic, or down. You can consult a professional and use a herb by smudging it against your body. Sometimes the pain or negativity can be sensed in our body. Hence if you rub the herb there, you will be able to drive out the negative energy from the body.

3. Take a bath

Just like walking in the rain is a natural healer. Whenever you feel depressed or out of form, this is because you are stressed and surrounded by negative energy. To cleanse your aura of negative energy, you should be able to take a bath immediately.  A simple bath is a solution but to maximize the positive effect and kick out the negativity from your life; you can use several plants and ointments as well.

For instance, Lavender, eucalyptus ad sea salt in baths is quite common to cleanse your Aura. The method to take this bath is simple; you need to soak yourself in the bath for 10 min or more and then step out of it. Watch the water drain and visualize your auric energy. Focus on the negativity ad visualize that it’s draining along with the water. This is a powerful method to get rid of negative energy.

4. Visualization

Visualization is one of the most vital aspects of cleansing your Aura. Almost every method requires an element of visualization to work. The way this works involves silence and complete focus. You need to focus on the Aura of every living thing around you. For instance, when you are walking on the side of a road, the plants and trees give a certain aura, and you need to visualize it.

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Feel the essence of energy when you go through this shade or spot a beautiful flower. This will not only strengthen your auric power but also cast out any underlying negativity which surrounds you. Nature is a stream of energy, and if you visualize it perfectly, you will allow that positive energy to flow through you.

5. Be optimistic

Optimism is a must-have attitude towards life. If you tend to pose a nihilist or pessimistic point of view to life and its workings, you will undoubtedly feel stressed all the time. The key to happiness is to start thinking positively. Negativity is like a virus that will seep right into your life whenever it sees the opportunity. Therefore, it is vital to visualize all the positive energies around you and keep away from any negative energy which you sense. There are certain times when you will see both the negative and positive energies coexisting with each other.

6. You need the Sun

While you are out to get tan, you should consider the Sun to get the bright, intense ray of light to fill you with positive energy. Yellow is responsible for making you feel more energetic. Also, the Sun is the primary source of energy for All living things, it has the power to nurture, feed, and grow life on earth. It has a tremendous healing ability as well. You should fill your life with the bright shine of sunlight whenever you get the chance to destroy the remnants of negativity.

7. Exercise is not your enemy

Lastly, we all have a very lethargic attitude when it comes to exercise. We often escape it and consider it a horrendous ordeal in our busy life. Exercise plays a crucial role in eradicating negative energy from your life. When we all are drenched down in the spoils of stresses and burdens. It is through exercise with which you can drain the negativity out. You should always make up for the time to lay down, relax, and visualize. Yoga, meditation, whatever suits your mood. You should not give up on it. this will result in a happy content life full of positive energy.