July 15, 2024
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The Black Sun and its Secrets: a Journey in the Heart of the Earth

Greetings, fellow Light Seekers! Have you ever ventured into the realm of the Dark or Black Sun? What if I told you that another sun resides right here, nestled within the womb of Mother Earth herself, where the essence of all life is birthed from the inside out? Allow me to shed light on the concept that this is our goddess, the Dark Goddess. She isn’t inherently malevolent; rather, she invites us to delve into ourselves, enabling an exploration of our innermost selves, urging us to divert our focus from external distractions.

When you close your eyes and immerse yourself in this Darkness, you embark on an inward journey, discovering the core of your being without fixating on external stimuli. Why is this Dark Sun seemingly concealed from us? It’s not about hiding; rather, it aligns with what she prefers to do. Perhaps, over time, we’ve forgotten about her, lost in the labyrinth of our daily lives, always reaching for something outside of us. However, reconnecting is within our grasp if we tune into ourselves. We need not fear this Darkness, for the evils we perceive around us are mere illusions. The real Darkness seeks not to harm; within its depths, we find peace, a sanctuary where we can rediscover ourselves. It’s almost as if we’ve strayed from this cosmic entity on our life journey, thinking we’ll discover something new. In truth, we need to return to her consistently to remain fully connected, experiencing rebirth every day. Now, why is it named the Black Sun? It resides beneath the Earth and beneath vast bodies of water, far from the bright skies. Yes, you heard right – there is a sun alive underwater. Is it a mermaid? One might say so, some may say she doesn’t exist, but perhaps she’s simply misunderstood. Let’s delve deeper into the mysteries she guards, secrets awaiting revelation by those who are ready. She patiently waits for us.

The Connection and Difference between the 2 Suns

Let’s explore the connection between the familiar Sun and the Black Sun. Scriptures depict our sun as the life-bringing deity on our planet, yet this narrative represents only half the truth. The Black Sun is the same entity, portraying the magnetic aspect of creation. Amid our daily distractions, we’ve overlooked her because we’ve neglected to look inside. Our societal constructs repress our feelings, first impressions, and intuition. As above, so below – just as Earth has a center, so does the Black Sun. It breathes and oscillates like a cosmic mermaid, emphasizing the importance of breathing exercises for us. Learning to “spiritually” breathe and live from our diaphragm aligns us with the Black Sun’s cosmic rhythms. Rather than the energy merely flowing from us to the sun and then returning, it establishes a dynamic flow encompassing the Earth’s center, us at the midpoint, and the vast expanse of the sky. Picture this as the energy, coming into our crown chakra, descending into the root, and then circulating back upward, initiating a continuous cycle.

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If you want to exercise breathing:

Engaging in this unique breathing exercise introduces a transformative shift, inviting you to explore a different dimension of breath. Imagine, for a moment, that you breathe not through the conventional route of the nose but through the very core of your being. It may appear as though you are inverting a universal law, yet as you delve into this practice, a profound understanding unfolds.

Shift your awareness away from the nose, allowing the act of breathing to become automatic and unobtrusive. Instead, center your focus on the solar plexus. Envision the breath being drawn in through the center, a place deep within, transcending the traditional respiratory pathways. This inward inhalation, as if your center is a cosmic vortex pulling air from the depths of your existence, creates a sensation that is both grounding and expansive.

To enhance this experience, envision your skin as a tapestry of pores, each mirroring the function of your nose. Feel the rhythm of your skin as it too participates in the act of breathing. With each breath drawn in through the center, sense how your skin pores welcome the subtle exchange, amplifying the connection between your inner self and the outer world.

As you exhale, release the air through the pores of your belly. Picture this like a gentle diffusion, a symbiotic dance between your inner essence and the external environment. The breath, having traversed the depths of your being, now finds its way outward, caressing your skin with a soothing exhale.

The Underwater Sun and Timelessness

The Black Sun resides at the Earth’s center and under the water, where the experience of going inside correlates with time slowing down. In your center, the solar plexus chakra, distractions fade, and you truly feel who you are. Similarly, as you attune to the Black Sun’s frequency within the Earth, time becomes timeless, providing more information in shorter intervals. Consider a pyramid – space abounds at the base, but as you ascend, space diminishes until the four edges meet, where time stops, leaving only the middle. A journey to the Earth’s core could change you, and the fear of this transformation is unwarranted; it’s a return to the source. Success hinges on your intention – seeking spiritual growth or self-discovery. Physical travel is unnecessary; your energy body can undertake this journey.

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Rebirth, Stardust and transcending the Ego

Approaching the Black Sun is synonymous with being reborn. The goddess represents rebirth as she always needs to keep life going. If the ego persists or resists this transformative journey, it will be dismantled in a painful encounter. Approach her with readiness to discard what isn’t you, paving the way for a step-by-step rebirth. Transcending the ego involves releasing material needs, aspiring solely for spiritual growth. As internal energy transforms, it materializes externally, benefiting the body as it makes its way through the blockages.

Delving into the symbolic realm of stardust, we uncover a profound representation of rebirth. Stardust, the cosmic residue scattered throughout the universe, encapsulates the essence of transformation and renewal. This ethereal substance, composed of remnants from celestial phenomena, serves as a metaphor for the regenerative nature of life. However, stardust is more than just a cosmic residue; it is intrinsically linked to the fabric of time.

Ether, as a timeless expanse, serves as the canvas from which stardust is brought into existence. The creation of stardust introduces the dimension of time into the cosmos. Stardust becomes the very embodiment of time, as it transforms into a physical body that is inherently mortal. Yet, in its purest form, stardust possesses the extraordinary ability to transcend the constraints of time, rendering it timeless.

Playfulness, Flow, Innocence

Grounding ourselves in the Black Sun’s energy unveils the illusions of our daily lives. As we embrace the Black Sun, we unravel the mysteries it safeguards, forging an unbreakable connection with the cosmic mermaid within. It fosters an interconnection between the external and internal worlds, creating a constant sense of timelessness. Experiencing life through the eyes of our inner child becomes possible – a perpetual journey of exploration, unburdened by stagnant energy. Children always explore new things, they are in fact very courageous. That’s the feeling of rebirth, no stuck energy anymore, no fear! Everything flows.