July 16, 2024
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Ruling Planet Fashion: Dressing to Embrace Planetary Energies

In the realm of astrology, each planet is believed to exude its own unique energy and influence on our lives. I am sure you all know this, but have you ever connected that a planet might influence the way you dress and express yourself through fashion? Each one of us has a ruling planet, and also a dominant planet in our chart that can offer insights into our personal style and fashion choices. But it doesn’t end there, in Vedic Astrology clothing is sometimes seen as a remedial tool to help appease the energy of a certain planet. As an example, if you have an afflicted Venus in your birth chart you can turn the energy around by wearing clothing, colours, or accessories associated with Venus to help neutralize the negative effects this planet may have on you. Quite interesting, isn’t it? If you want to find out more on how to harness the fashion power of your ruling planet and dress to embrace planetary energies, here are some remedial fashion tips based on your astrology.

Why Is Astrology So Important For Fashion?

All seven classic planets are linked to various hues, textiles, styles, and overall “vibe.” If you wish to incorporate more of that planetary influence into your life, dressing in a manner that reflects or signifies the planet’s energy can assist you in aligning with the associated themes. It’s likely that you’re already expressing this concept in your own unique style: an individual with significant Venusian influences may gravitate towards flowy fabrics, soft colors, and romantic silhouettes, while someone with a strong Mars presence might prefer bold and edgy pieces with vibrant colors and sharp lines. I can promise you, that you are probably already unconsciously dressing according to the energies of your ruling or dominant planet in your chart. But now you can learn to harness that energy consciously and utilize it to your advantage through your fashion choices.

Remedial Fashion Tips Based on Your Astrology – Why You Need It

Remedial fashion tips based on your astrology can help you not only align with the energies of your ruling planet but also balance and enhance the planetary influences in your birth chart. You might have too much energy in one aspect of your life, and lacking in another. What your fashion choices can do is to balance out this energy to help you live a more harmonious life.

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Dressing With The Moon

  • Do you ever struggle with emotional repression? Like you don’t allow yourself to truly feel your emotions, especially during moments of stress or sadness? Perhaps you struggle to relax, be vulnerable, and open up to others, then you might need some Moon remedial fashion tips.
  • Wearing soft, muted colours such as whites, beiges, and pastels can help you tap into the calming and nurturing energy of the Moon. You can also have fun and wear fabrics that have a reflective quality to them such as satin or silk, as they mimic the ethereal glow of the moonlight. Wearing silver accessories can also enhance the lunar energy and promote emotional healing and intuition. And don’t forget about crystals such as the moonstone or opal that can help you to harness the feminine and receptive energy of the Moon.


Dressing With The Sun

  • If you often feel a lack of confidence or struggle with expressing your true self because you are scared of letting people see the true you then dressing with the Sun might benefit you.
  • Wearing clothing in bold, vibrant colors such as fiery reds, oranges, and yellows can help you tap into the confident and radiant energy of the Sun. These colors can boost your self-esteem and help you shine brighter in any situation. Materials that catch the eye, such as sequins or metallic fabrics, can also help you embody the Sun’s energy of self-expression and showmanship. Additionally, incorporating gold accessories or jewelry can enhance your solar energy and bring a sense of joy and abundance into your life.

Dressing With Mercury

  • If you often struggle with communication, expressing your thoughts clearly, or feeling scattered and disorganized, dressing with Mercury can help bring some balance. You might need to wear clothing that can soothe your mind and facilitate clear communication.
  • Opt for calming colours like blues and cool tones that can help you focus and find mental clarity. Wearing structured and tailored pieces can also give you a sense of organization and help you feel more put together as the structure of the garments can translate to a sense of structure in your thoughts. Wearing glasses as an accessory can also symbolize Mercury’s association with intellect and communication.

Dressing With Venus

  • You might be struggling within your relationships and feeling disconnected from love and beauty. Perhaps you don’t see your innate value and the worth you bring to the world, this is a clear sign that you need to work with Venus energy. Balancing the masculine and the feminine within you is key.
  • You can wear clothing that embodies femininity and sensuality, such as flowing dresses, soft fabrics, and floral patterns. Colours such as white, green, and pink can help you connect with Venus’ energy of love and beauty. Elaborate jewellery, like statement necklaces or earrings, can also enhance your Venusian energy and bring a touch of luxury to your outfits. If you are a woman and you usually wear pants, then switching things up and wearing more skirts and dresses can immediately switch on that Venusian energy. And undergarments are a must, the more feminine and delicate, the better!

Dressing With Mars

  • If you’re feeling low on energy, lacking motivation, or struggling to assert yourself, it’s time to tap into the fiery energy of Mars. This planet is associated with passion, motivation, and assertiveness. When it wants something, it goes out and gets it with determination, but if you are lacking in this energy it may manifest as feeling lethargic or passive in your life.
  • To dress with Mars, opt for bold and vibrant colors like red, black, and fiery tones that can ignite your passion and motivation. Wearing fabrics such as leather or denim can help you tap into your inner strength and assertiveness. Another option is to go for clothing that is a bit more athletic or sporty, like activewear or structured suits, which can embody the energetic and competitive nature of Mars. Anything that makes you look just a little bit intimidating and scary can do the trick to embrace the energy of Mars.


Dressing With Jupiter

  • If you’re feeling stagnant or limited in your life, it’s time to embrace the expansive and abundant energy of Jupiter. Perhaps you are keeping yourself small and narrow-minded, to scared to think outside the box and see the vast possibilities that life has to offer you. And especially if you are struggling to be optimistic and positive, then Jupiter is definitely the energy you need to work with.
  • To dress with Jupiter, go for oversized and loose-fitting clothing that allows for freedom of movement and a sense of expansiveness. The colours that work with Jupiter the best are purple, yellow, and dark blue, as these colors resonate with Jupiter’s energy of abundance and optimism. Wearing loud and bold pieces of clothing and jewellery can also help to embody Jupiter’s expansive energy. Materials such as velvet and suede work best with this energy.

Dressing With Saturn

  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities, struggling with discipline, or experiencing a lack of structure in your life, it’s time to embrace the grounding and disciplined energy of Saturn.
  • To dress with Saturn, opt for structured and tailored clothing that exudes professionalism and authority. Choose colours like black, navy blue, and grey, which symbolize seriousness and reliability. You may also want to opt to wear clothing that can be seen as a little restrictive, such as fitted blazers or pencil skirts, to embody Saturn’s energy of discipline and structure. If you want to take this up a notch, then investing in a corset can really help you feel the structure you need.

Dressing With Uranus

  • If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, craving change and freedom, and longing to embrace your own unique individuality, then your soul might need some Uranus energy and flare in your life.
  • To dress with Uranus, embrace unconventional styles and experimental fashion choices. Think outside the box and mix and match different patterns, fabrics, and colours. The cookier the better when it comes to tapping into the energy of Uranus. Accessories like funky hats, statement sunglasses, or unique footwear can also help to embody Uranus’ eccentric energy. You want to stand out and express your individuality through your clothing choices.
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Dressing With Neptune

  • If you’re yearning for a sense of dreaminess, creativity, and spiritual connection, then Neptune’s energy is calling you. Your soul might need some extra depth of spirituality and divine connection in your life.
  • To dress with Neptune, embrace flowing and ethereal clothing that captures the essence of water and dreams can help to evoke Neptune’s energy. Opt for soft, flowing fabrics like chiffon or silk in oceanic hues such as sea green, aqua, or lilac. Basically, allowing yourself to dress like your own inner mermaid will help you channel Neptune’s energy and help you feel more weightless and connected to the spiritual realm.

Dressing With Pluto

  • If you’re seeking transformation, empowerment, and a deeper understanding of your own personal power, it’s time to tap into the intense and transformative energy of Pluto. Perhaps you feel out of control, and like you don’t know how to embrace your own inner power, dressing for Pluto can help you to unlock this transformative energy.
  • To dress with Pluto, embrace bold and powerful fashion statements that exude confidence and strength. Opt for structured pieces with clean lines and a touch of mystery. Going for darker colours that help you to express your shadow side can be effective in channelling Pluto’s energy. Wearing jewellery with obsidian or garnet stones can also enhance the transformative energy of Pluto. You can be daring and seductive with this energy and incorporate leather, lace, and statement accessories like bold rings or chokers.

A Last Word about Ruling Planet Fashion

Remember that dressing to embrace planetary energies is about self-expression and aligning with the energy that resonates with you. It’s not about following strict rules or trends, but rather using fashion as a tool to enhance your own personal journey and growth. Play with these different energies and see if you feel any different after incorporating them into your wardrobe. It is all about experimentation and exploration to find what truly resonates with your inner self, and what your soul truly needs to thrive and express itself authentically.