June 20, 2024
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Zodiac Signs Who Are Stalkers, Ranked from Most to Least Likely

Zodiac Signs Who Are Stalkers, Ranked from Most to Least Likely

When it comes to stalking others, everyone has it in them to do that. Whenever you think of stalking, you may think of going out of your way to follow someone particular in person or online. However, stalking does not have to be that intense. When you are stalking someone, you may check up on their social media content for the sake of curiosity without having any intention of doing anything beyond that. Therefore, there is a spectrum for stalking, and let’s now go over which zodiac signs are the most likely to be stalkers to the least likely, ranked.

Scorpio – The Possessive Nature Makes Them Most Likely to Stalk

It is a known fact that Scorpio is the type to become obsessive with anyone. That is because they are possessive and protective, and they do not let go quickly at all. Another issue is that Scorpio struggles with trust issues, which is why they are more likely to become stalkers than those with other signs. If they suspect that their partner is not faithful, they will go out of their way to keep tabs on their whereabouts.

Therefore, the best thing to do is if you have a Scorpio partner, be sure to give them a heads up of where you will be so they don’t go out of their way to keep tabs on you. And if your ex is a Scorpio, you can bet they are stalking you.

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Taurus – They Don’t Give Up Easily

Taurus is a stable sign. However, those with the sign are possessive because they hang onto ideas, things, and people. Taureans are highly determined, and they will go out of their way to get what they want, and if they wish to you, they will keep tabs on you.

Don’t be surprised if they show up at the same places where you go because they will find a way to seek you out. The opposite side of Taurus is Scorpio, so it is not a surprise that Taurus comes in second when it comes to being the sign the most likely to stalk. Taurus has some Scorpio traits, such as knowing how to dig up information on someone they are highly interested in, making them stalkers.

Cancer – Struggles to Let Go Emotionally

Cancer is not necessarily a sign associated with stalking the same way as Taurus or Scorpio. However, they create strong emotional ties with people, which can cause them to come off as stalkers if they find that the ones, they care about no longer care about them.

Therefore, they can show stalker-like behaviors if the ones they care about ignore them. Therefore, cancer will be the type to call them all of the time and even find where they are hanging out. Cancers are not likely to stalk them otherwise, as long as they know that the ones who they care for care just as much about them.

Pisces – Fascination Makes Them Want to Stalk

Pisces is a sign that has a pure appreciation for the arts. Additionally, there is a struggle with logical thinking with this sign, in addition to excessive dreaminess. Therefore, if they become fascinated with you or anyone else, then they may be the type to want to keep tabs on you regardless of where you are.

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That means they will stalk your social media, and they may have an easy time doing so if they come off as harmless (and they usually are) and send you a friend request. You may be more likely to accept their request if they have mutual friends. However, if you fascinate them, they will spend a lot of time checking your content and updates.

Aries – Passion and Admiration

Aries is the sign that focuses on themselves, and this is not a sign that is necessarily associated with stalking. If the Aries does not like you or has nothing to do with you anymore, they are not likely to stalk you. However, if they admire you, their passionate ways will make them come off as stalking.

The Aries will be the one to “magically” find you in places where you would typically be through learning about where you go. Therefore, you may find the Aries at the door at your workplace with a bouquet to show you that they admire you. That is one example. Other than examples like that, Aries is not the stalker type.

Libra – Does Not Like to Be Alone

Libra falls into the middle of the ranking of zodiac signs most likely to stalk. That is because they are not the type to stalk anyone. However, they may come across as clingy because they do not like to be alone. Therefore, if they want your company, they will keep calling you and texting you.

They won’t necessarily follow you where you go. However, they will not leave you alone. If you don’t give them the time of day, they will move on to their next friend or acquaintance. They will stop once they fulfill their needs.

Leo – Only Stalks You If They Want Something

There is a reason that Leo falls towards the bottom of the rank when it comes to signs that are the most likely to stalk. That is because Leo is mainly concerned about themselves and their needs. You or anyone else is not a big concern to them. However, the only time they may stalk you is if you have something they need or want.

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For instance, if you owe them money because they lent you something (and Leos are kind that way), then they will be all over you to get it back. They’ll message you all of the time and even find out where you are if they must. That is the extent of it.

Gemini – Too Indecisive Until Making a Decision on What They Want

Gemini is versatile and all over the place. Additionally, Gemini struggles to make any decisions. That is why if they are interested in someone to the point that they would want to stalk them, it will not last too long because another individual could replace them for a short term – until they find someone else to replace that individual.

However, once a Gemini makes a firm decision on something, they could be somewhat stalkerish if they feel that they can get what they want from the individual that piques their interest.

Capricorn – Ambitious but in Control

Capricorn is highly ambitious, and the last thing they want to appear is stalker-like because they want to be in control. They never want to seem annoying or even creepy in any way at all. They may become overzealous, and if there is something that they want from someone who can help them attain their goals, they will know how to dial it down and stay in control.

You will not see a Capricorn call someone 100 times a day because they want something and track every move that someone is making for that reason.

Virgo – Have Other Concerns Than to Stalk Anyone

Virgo is highly analytical and only cares about health, work, and service to others. That means Virgo is not typically interested in anyone in that way where they would find a reason to stalk them. They may only pester someone they care about for not being overly organized and may message them several times a day about it if there is a good reason for it.

That is not really considered stalking, however. Aside from that, Virgo keeps to themselves and is not overly concerned about what anyone else does unless it directly involves them.

Sagittarius – Cares More About Their Freedom

Sagittarius does not want to commit to others unless they serve their purposes, as they are the ones who want their freedom. They want to experience adventures, and they want to stick to their independence.

Therefore, Sagittarius does not care what you are doing and does not even want to think about what you are doing. If you and Sagittarius have a falling out, then they’ll forget about your existence if neither of you can resolve it. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about them stalking you.

Aquarius – As Opposite of Stalking That You Could Get

Aquarius is the type that keeps away from any emotional baggage that is associated with stalking. Therefore, that is why you will never see an Aquarian stalk anyone. They are the last ones to chase after anyone, and they are also the last ones to follow up with those who are no longer part of their lives.

But, at the same time, if an Aquarius encounters someone they like and would like to pursue, they would never come on strong and rationally approach them.


However, does that mean an Aquarian will never be the type to follow you everywhere and call and check up on you all of the time? Not if their moon sign is in Scorpio, their rising sign is in Taurus, or if they have a full Eighth House, the Scorpio house. In that case, that would explain why they would be the stalker type. Considering the sun sign only makes up a fraction of any horoscope. However, it is essential to remember that stalking will not get anyone far, as if the individual you stalk finds out, they’ll ensure that they are no longer traceable to you.