July 13, 2024
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What Type of Mom You Are

Zodiac Sign: What Type of Mom Are You?

Being a mother is one of life’s greatest pleasures. However, every woman has a different approach to motherhood and how she chooses to raise her children. What kind of mom are you?

Every sign has a different parenting style and a lot of this comes down to her Zodiac sign and Astrology. A Leo and a Pisces are going to have very different parenting styles.

Are you curious about what you will be like as a mother? Then keep on reading to see what type of mother you are based on your Zodiac sign.

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Aries Mom

Aries, you’re one of those moms who wants the absolute best for your kids. You’ll enter them in all kinds of contests and push them to win. You’re amazing at supporting your kids and encouraging them to be the absolute best version of themselves. Your role as a mother is to inspire your children and to make them realize their dreams. You’re extremely proud of your children and take every opportunity to boast about their accomplishments – much to the chagrin of other parents, but you don’t care because you know your kids deserve the best.

Taurus Mom

Taurus, you’re nurturing personified. You love your kids and go above and beyond to make them feel safe and secure. You have a wonderfully grounded presence and for the most part, you are pretty chilled, until one of your children steps over the line, then you tend to be quite firm with your discipline. You like to enforce boundaries and have a set routine because you recognize that this makes your kids feel safe and secure in knowing what to expect and when. You can be a bit of a control freak and because of this, it can make it quite difficult for you to let go and let your kids spread their wings and fly.

Gemini Mom

Gemini, you’re quite an exciting mom to be around. You’ve always got all kinds of activities up your sleeve and encourage curiosity and learning in your children. Education is of utmost importance to you as you want your kids to walk through life with knowledge and understanding of the world. You will expose your kids to as much as possible to foster a feeling of playfulness, curiosity, and enthusiasm in them. You might be lacking in the nurturing department, so it would be good for you to learn to pay attention to their emotional needs as much as you do to their intellectual development.

Cancer Mom

You are born to be a mom, Cancer. You love taking care of your kids and giving them the nurturing, love, and care that they need. You’re the best at giving emotional support and are a wonderful shoulder to cry on. Your kids know that they can come to you with anything and that you will be there for them and attentive to their needs. Your kids are your whole world and because of this, you can be a little too overprotective and overbearing at times which can make your children feel suffocated. It is important for you to learn to let go and let them grow into their own.

Leo Mom

Leo, you’re a fun mom to be around because you always see the positive in every situation. Your optimism teaches your kids to always be grateful and appreciative of life because there are so many wonderful things to be grateful for. You encourage your kids to recognize the brighter things in life. However, there is a side to you that can also be a little dramatic at times and you might amplify issues to the extreme. As your kids get older you may push your own dreams onto them, but it is important to remember that your kids have their own destiny and you need to allow them to experience it for themselves.

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Virgo Mom

As a Virgo, you make an amazing mother, but you take more of a strict disciplinarian approach to motherhood. It is important for you that your kids follow the rules you set out for them. You know what is best for them and you want to set up a bright and successful future for them and this is why you encourage them to be hard working and responsible from a young age. You may be strict, but there is also a side to you that is very understanding and patient with your children. You will always give them the opportunity to explain and express their thoughts to you. When you parent with your head and your heart you are the best mother in the world!

Libra Mom

You’re definitely the cool mom, Libra! You’re sociable and make sure that your kids are always having a good time. Their happiness means everything to you and you go above and beyond to create a peaceful and harmonious environment for them to grow up in. You teach your kids the importance of diplomacy and how vital it is to have an open mind in any given situation. Your parenting style is fair and you always encourage your kids to express themselves through having discussions and honest conversations. However, sometimes it can be a little difficult for you to be strict with them as you hate confrontation, even as a parent.

Scorpio Mom

Scorpio, you’re extremely intuitive and empathetic with your parenting style and feel into what your children need without them having to say a word. Although you might be a bit of an intense parent, you just have the best intentions and your children mean the world to you and you will protect them no matter what. You’re extremely sensitive to your children’s emotions. The bond you share with them is deep and the love you feel for your kids can be all-consuming. Sometimes you can be a bit too protective over them and this can make them feel smothered if you don’t learn to let go. If anyone was to harm your child in any way, your vengeful side won’t hesitate to come out.

Sagittarius Mom

Sagittarius, independence is a virtue you live by and this is something you feel is important to teach your children. You might come off as a bit of a brash parent, allowing your children to roam free and learn from their own mistakes. Other moms may look down upon this style of parenting, but you don’t care because you know your children will understand the importance of freedom and knowing their own minds. Every moment you get to push your kids to spread their wings and fly, you take it. The more you push your kids out of their comfort zone, the more well equipped they are for their future in your opinion. This is definitely a unique style of parenting, and your kids might eventually say that they actually raised themselves because you gave them the space to do so.

Capricorn Mom

Your kids mean the world to you, Capricorn. You love having a family and being blessed with the ability to pass down the traditions close to your heart. You live for your family and give your absolute best to your children. You work hard so you can afford them the life that you always dreamed of. You will push your kids to work hard to help them realize that things don’t come for free and that luck is often just discipline and determination. You may be quite stoic in your choice of parenting, but your kids will always know that they can depend on you no matter what.

Aquarius Mom

Aquarius, you might not be the most maternal of moms but you certainly love teaching your kids all kinds of interesting things. You value the importance of freedom and being able to think for yourself and this is something you wish to impart to your offspring. Your children will grow up in an environment that fosters curiosity, creativity, and thinking outside of the box. Your kids will have a lot of freedom to choose what they want in life, but you also know when to lay down the law and give them boundaries to adhere to. As your children get older you will find that your children will often become some of your best friends.

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Pisces Mom

Pisces, nurturing is something that comes really easily to you which makes motherhood a bit of a breeze. You love to take care of your kids and you treat them with the greatest compassion, love, and sensitivity. You want your kids to feel that they are safe and nurtured in your presence. Your world tends to revolve around your children and you will do whatever you can to ensure that they have the best possible life. You tend to focus on their inner world making sure that they know that their emotions are valid and that they don’t have to hide whatever it is they are feeling. You sacrifice a lot for your kids, so just remember to sometimes do something nice for yourself – it is really necessary.