June 20, 2024
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Your Stranger Things Character Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your Stranger Things Character Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever stopped to consider which of the characters from the TV show Stranger Things could be your astrological twin?


Discover which character corresponds to your zodiac sign.

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Your Stranger Things Character: Mike Wheeler

Mike is a fighter at heart and will go to the ends of the earth to save his friends. He has a snappy mouth, and if you mess with him, he will defend himself and put you in his place. A true romantic at heart, Mike will do whatever it takes to protect his lover, Eleven. He loves women that are strong and fiery, have a fighter spirit, and who intimate him.


Your Stranger Things Character: Max Mayfield

Max is a solid friend who is reliable and trustworthy. She can be a bit of a tomboy, but at the same time, a real girly girl. Music and the finer things in life are essential to her, and Max knows how to keep her cool at all times. She doesn’t have too many facial expressions, but when her emotions are triggered, you can see what she feels.


Your Stranger Things Character: Dustin Henderson

Dustin often has verbal diarrhea, and he talks incredibly fast. He is very curious about everything and somewhat of a jack of all trades. Blessed with endless energy, Dustin has a lot of mental focus and determination. His girlfriend is an equally as expressive genius, which shows he is attracted to intelligent women who can challenge him mentally.


Your Stranger Things Character: Chrissy

Sweet, cute, and girly, Chrissy is your typical American sweetheart or girl next door. She is so gentle and fragile that she stands no chance and needs to be protected at all times. Chrissy responds to difficult situations by crying or screaming, but this never gets her anywhere. On the surface, she appears perfect but hides many secrets under her innocent shell.


Your Stranger Things Character: Billy Hargrove

Billy is a real ladies’ man who turns heads wherever he goes. He is blessed with a glorious mane of hair that makes him stand out in a crowd. Everyone is intimidated by him but wants to date him or be his friend. He seems to believe he is slightly better than everyone else and has a sense of entitlement. Blessed with a warrior and fighter spirit at heart, Billy believes he can defeat anything.

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Your Stranger Things Character: Nancy Wheeler

Nancy has a sharp, observant mind and always finds out everything and solves all the mysteries. She doesn’t take nonsense and is quick to criticize or put someone in their place. She knows exactly what needs to be done for things to run smoothly and always puts the plans in place. Extremely effective at disaster management, Nancy is the one you go to when everything goes wrong.


Your Stranger Things Character: Steve Harrington

Steve is always super chatty and sometimes talks so much that it can become awkward. He is pretty codependent and does not do well when alone in dangerous situations. His strength is being a good friend and sidekick. He is always willing to tag along with whoever welcomes his company, and he tends to end up in situations and friendships that are influenced by others that you would never have expected.


Your Stranger Things Character: Eleven

Eleven has a secret life that only gets revealed once you have known her for quite some time. She never opens up about her feelings, but she feels so much. She is only loyal and dedicated to a handful of friends and would sacrifice herself for them. Eleven is that girl that everyone is scared of, but as time goes on, what makes her scary is what makes her mysterious and alluring.


Your Stranger Things Character: Jim Hopper

Jim fights for justice and has a warrior spirit. He is willing to make sacrifices for those he loves and has a badass cop vibe about him. Even though he serves and creates justice wherever he goes, he is a hilarious guy and has a great sense of humor, even though he does not try to amuse anyone. Jim is always willing to travel far distances to complete a mission and encounters many dangers on his way.


Your Stranger Things Character: Vecna

Vecna is number one, and he makes sure everyone knows that. If his status and title is threatened, he loses his cool and will fight to regain his position of glory and power. He wants to be seen as the most powerful and is willing to deceive, manipulate and destroy to achieve this. He hates it when someone else is seen as more worthy and successful than him and will do anything to be placed above them.

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Your Stranger Things Character: Robin Buckley

Robin is an interesting character who has no shame in being herself. She has an alternative style and responds to many things with sarcasm. A part of her believes she is more intelligent than everyone else. This girl tells it like it is and does not care about reputation or social image. Robin is fluent in three languages, which displays her interest in and willingness to be part of different cultures.


Your Stranger Things Character: Will Byers

Will has literally spent a week in another dimension and then came back to reality unscathed. He has a rare ability to communicate and connect with entities from other dimensions. However, his traumatic past causes him to be quite sensitive and emotional, so his friends need to be really careful what they say around him. He is sweet, gentle, and compassionate, but at the same time, this can cause him to be a victim of evil forces out there.