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Where Do You Pour Your Maple Syrup On Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Where Do You Pour Your Maple Syrup On Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What is the first thing you think of when you hear about maple syrup? You can envision the sweet aroma that comes from it, and you may think about pancakes. On December 17th, you will want to ensure you enjoy some maple syrup that day regardless of how because that is National Maple Syrup Day. Generally, maple syrup is made from the xylem sap of red maple, sugar maple, or black maple trees, although those are not the only maple species used.

Indigenous peoples in North America first collected, processed, and used maple syrup. Eventually, European settlers refined the production methods and adopted the practice. Technological advances further refined syrup-making in the 1970s. There is a short history lesson there on maple syrup. Let’s go over where you pour your maple syrup based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – On Bacon With Pepper

Aries, you are full of passion which is why you will go for anything spicy, but you like sweet foods too. Therefore, you will likely enjoy maple syrup on bacon, but you will also add plenty of pepper to it as it will spice it up a lot. Suppose you have patience, which can be a struggle since you want to do everything quickly.

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In that case, you can try plenty of maple syrup and pepper bacon recipes online,  but if not, you will pour the maple syrup on your bacon and sprinkle plenty of pepper on it. (if you are vegan, you will use vegan bacon as a substitute)

Taurus – Gourmet Maple Syrup On Pancakes

Taurus, you are the one that tends to be a lot more traditional than the rest, and yet, you have a robust and luxurious taste given that your ruler, Venus, is the planet that rules money, and love, of course. You can never go wrong with pancakes; that is where you would pour your maple syrup, as that is a traditional breakfast, along with bacon, ham, and home fries.

However, the maple syrup you would use would be high-quality and not ordinary. Truth be told, it would have to be gourmet because you would not accept anything less. Gourmet maple syrup on your pancakes is what you love.

Gemini – Hot Cereal

Gemini, you are not only versatile but also the sign that represents duality. That means you would enjoy the contrast between anything hot and cold. If you open the maple syrup bottle for the first time, it will be room temperate. However, you would have to place it in the fridge, giving it a chill.

That is why you would love to pour your maple syrup on hot cereal, as not only will it sweeten it but also give you the contrast you need for eating something that is both hot and cold.

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Cancer – Maple Popcorn

Cancer, you are all about home and family, and you are perfectly content to watch a movie while enjoying popcorn as you are with your family. You will do that on National Maple Syrup Day, as that is like any other day with the family to you.

Therefore, when you pop your popcorn to munch on it while watching the movie with your family, you will drizzle some maple syrup on it, as it will also give it a sweet flavor, like caramel. You will find it quite enjoyable as you also are known for having a sweet tooth.

Leo – Maple And Cinnamon On Cooked Sweet Potatoes

Leo, when you are the one to host a dinner party or make dinner for your family, you want to make it known that you are the best at what you do. You are not known for cooking, but you can still be an excellent cook and know it, so you want to show off what you can cook.

Therefore, you will want to incorporate maple syrup into your cooking on National Maple Syrup Day. The perfect one for you is to bake some sweet potatoes, drizzle lots of maple syrup, and sprinkle them with cinnamon. Whether you cook for guests or your family, you will make it known you made this delicious dish, and when they compliment you, you will bask in it.

Virgo – Mix It In With Salad Dressing

Virgo, you are very health-conscious and analytical, which means you will use maple syrup for health purposes. You can make a salad dressing using maple syrup. You can mix it with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, adding the perfect amount of sweetness to the dressing that will still make it healthy and not overwhelm the taste.

Even if you use a small amount of the dressing to mix it in with the other ingredients, it will still offer a nice sweet tasty salad dressing. That will be the perfect salad mixed with that dressing to enjoy on National Maple Syrup Day.

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Libra – Drizzle Maple Syrup On A Cup Of Fruit

Libra, you are the one that has an appreciation for beauty, balance, and sweetness. Sure, you enjoy having a pancake breakfast and pouring maple syrup, but you also prefer to enjoy it by eating a fruit cup. You will add various fruits to the cup to make it colorful and pour maple syrup.

It is aesthetically appealing, and secondly, it brings the perfect balance of sweetness and a slight tart flavor that makes this a perfect snack for you. Since you also love to be with others, you will invite a friend over to enjoy a cup of fruit with maple syrup on National Maple Syrup Day.

Scorpio – Drizzle Maple Syrup On Spicy Buffalo Wings

Scorpio, you are full of passion, and you are intense. But, like Aries, you prefer spicy foods from your passionate side. Therefore, you will drizzle maple syrup on a spicy meal: hot Buffalo wings.

You may either drizzle the syrup on the wings or create a hot sauce for the wings and mix it with maple syrup to add sweetness to a spicy dip. Either one is perfect for you, and that is how you are going to spend National Maple Syrup Day.

Sagittarius – Add Maple Syrup To A Sundae

Sagittarius, you love to have fun, and you are always up to experience a new adventure. You would try putting maple syrup on just about anything. Still, the one way you will want to celebrate National Maple Syrup Day is by getting together with friends and enjoying sundaes with maple syrup drizzled on them.

You will still enjoy plenty of the typical sundae toppings, which would be chocolate sauce with pieces of cookies or candy, but you will also top it with maple syrup to add extra sweetness. Or, you may omit the chocolate sauce and only top it with maple syrup on that day.

Capricorn – Maple Syrup As A Salmon Glaze

Capricorn, you are a hardworking individual who is goal-oriented and takes your health very seriously because you know that you need to be healthy for your family and stay as productive as possible. You will focus on healthy meals, and you can incorporate maple syrup into them.

Salmon is an excellent dinner item as it has plenty of nutrients, including Omega 3 fatty acids, which are great for the brain. And you need that to stay productive by thinking clearly and concentrating. And maple syrup can make an excellent glaze for salmon, as it is quite delicious! So, therefore, that is how you will use maple syrup!

Aquarius – Make Sugar With It

Aquarius, you are one of a kind, and you like to stand out and not do what everyone else does. You are also a progressive thinker and doer; instead of pouring maple syrup on breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack items, you will do something else with it. And that is by making sugar out of maple syrup.

How do you do that? All you need to do is boil maple syrup until the liquid evaporates, creating small granulated sugar crystals. Therefore, you can make a batch of sugar to keep with you when you want to sprinkle some of it in your coffee or tea later.

Pisces – Maple Syrup Taffy

Pisces, you are a dreamer and imaginative, so what you will likely do on National Maple Syrup Day is reminisce about the times when you enjoyed the maple taffy on ice when you were a child, and that is what you are going to want to make again for old time’s sake.

First, you will gather the snow from the outside if there is any, or if not, you will shave some ice and cook up the syrup until it hardens. Then you will pour it over the ice to cool down and enjoy the taffy on that perfect day!


There are also so many other ways to celebrate National Maple Syrup day by adding maple syrup to other dishes such as baked beans, use as a glaze for ham, and make maple cookies, pies, and cakes if you want to do some baking on that day. However, regardless of what sign you are, you may find an idea to use maple syrup creatively. Maple syrup does not only go well with pancakes, waffles, or any other breakfast food, as there are so many uses for it. Enjoy it!