July 19, 2024
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What’s Your Biggest Fear in Relationships Based on Your Zodiac Sign

What’s Your Biggest Fear in Relationships Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Not everyone wants to get into a serious relationship, as many are happy with being single. The single life appeals to many people because they can do what they want as they can travel, not have to worry about being tied down to anyone, and can do what they please without having to explain themselves to anyone. However, those who want to get into a serious relationship want to share their lives with a special someone. However, they also have some understandable relationship fears. Let’s go over the biggest fear in relationships based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Fears That They Will Miss Out On Fun

Aries, you are passionate, and you are energetic. You are up for a good adventure. You have an independent nature, but you also do not want to be alone, so you will want to be in a relationship. And you will want to get married eventually, but there is one fear you have.

You are afraid if you settle down that, you will miss out on what life has to offer. You fear that you will miss out on adventures. And that is the chance you will take when you get into a serious relationship. Even if your partner is compatible, life does happen, interfering with your desire to go on different adventures.

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Taurus – Fears Partner Will Betray Them

Taurus, you are stable and trustworthy, and you take a long time to trust anyone until they give you a reason to be reliable as they have to prove that they are loyal. You want a serious relationship, and you want to ensure that the one you are with will be ideal for you and will never be the one to be unfaithful.

You fear that if you put too much trust into a partner, even if they show they are trustworthy, they could turn around and cheat on you or betray you somehow. If you are with someone who proves that they are dedicated, you have to trust they would not go that far even if you are struggling in the relationship down the road.

Gemini – Fear Of Abandonment

Gemini, you know you are fickle, but at the end of the day, you don’t want to live your life alone which is why you do want a serious relationship at some point in your life. And that means the partner you have will be your best friend for life.

Unfortunately, you become accustomed to them living with you, and you will develop a fear that one day they will take off on you. You fear they will abandon you, as you worry one day they will say to you that they do not want anything to do with you again. If someone truly loves you, they will be your best friend and will not intend to abandon you.

Cancer – You Fear Your Partner Will Hurt You After Opening Up To Them

Cancer, you are highly emotional, and you do not like to reveal too much about yourself. However, at the same time, you do know if you get into a serious relationship, you will have to be raw and honest about your feelings and any trauma you endured in life.

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That is not easy for you to do, but you know that in order to develop trust in a relationship, you have to communicate these things. You fear the most after you open your heart to your partner is that they will find a way to hurt you or use it to hurt you in the future, even if it is as simple as getting into an argument because it has happened before.

Leo – You Fear Your Hopes And Dreams Will Be Used Against You

Leo, you are passionate about what you want and what you hope for in life. And you would very much like to share your hopes and dreams with your partner. Perhaps they can be a part of it, but you are the one that cannot help but share things about yourself.

You fear that what you tell your partner could be used against you somehow. For example, if you are afraid of telling your partner that you have hopes of starting a side business for yourself, they will turn around and do the same and become your competitor. That is your worst relationship fear.

Virgo – You Fear Rejection

Virgo, you don’t like to show your emotions as you like to come off as detached, but you do wear your heart on your sleeve. And you fear that if you express your feelings to your partner and how much you care for them, they will reject you. Or, they may act as if they care for a while and eventually lose interest in you.

You struggle with low self-esteem, so you think that everyone you hook up with will end up not wanting anything to do with you in the future. You deserve love, and you will be loved and accepted by the right partner.

Libra – You Fear Being Taken For Granted

Libra, you are the one that is very much into relationships, and you are all about balance and peace. You do not like starting or being involved in conflicts. However, you also have one fear when you get into a relationship. You worry about your other half taking you for granted and not appreciating anything you do for them.

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Yet, you know that you are kind-hearted and will go out of your way to make them happy. And you fear that your partner will not only take it for granted but expect it from you. Yes, you do not like conflicts, but isn’t it better to express your worries than to hold them in and allow them to fester?

Scorpio – You Fear That Your Partner Is Like Everyone Else

Scorpio, you are intense and private, and you are not one to reveal anything about yourself and get close to anyone until they prove their loyalty to you. However, even once you begin to trust your partner as you open up to them, you fear that they may show signs in the end that they are not overly trustworthy, and they are like everyone else who has let you down in the past.

Therefore, you fear getting your hopes up about your partner being different in a positive way.

Sagittarius – Fearing You Will Commit To The Wrong Person

Sagittarius, you need to experience adventures because your soul is constantly in need of them and acquire new things. You are very independent, and you don’t want to be lonely because you are human. That is why you are open to having a relationship, but you want to ensure that the one you are with is just as adventurous as you are and can go on many adventures together.

Making commitments is scary for you, and you do not want to commit to the wrong person. You fear that your partner seems to be a good match for you initially until you see that they are unsuitable for you after committing to them. That would be your worst nightmare. That is why communication is always key.

Capricorn – You Will Fall In Love And Forget About Your Ambitions

Capricorn, your ambitions and goals are essential to you. But at the same time, you do not want to be lonely, so you want to have a partner. Your love life and work and ambitions are a balancing act for you which you are acing, but you fear that will not always be the case.

You fear that you will be so in love that you will forget about your ambitions and do the bare minimum work you need to do. That is why it is essential to create a plan and time to devote to your relationship and focus on your ambitions to keep balancing them.

Aquarius – You Fear You Will End Up With Someone Manipulative

Aquarius, you are the one who marches to their own drummer, and you are very independent, but you also crave being in a relationship because you get lonely. Even though you make it clear that you are not the one to be told what to do, you fear that you will end up with someone who covertly attempts to manipulate you.

You fear that you will end up with someone who will brainwash you and fall for their other antics. That is why you will be on guard when you look for the right partner.

Pisces – You Fear Your Partner Will Use Your Kindness Against You

Pisces, you are a dreamy and gentle soul even though you, like everyone, have a shadow side. However, you are very kind, and that is in your nature. However, you do not like to open up your heart too quickly, and there is the fear in the back of your mind that whoever you are with will use your kindness and softness against you, which is why.

So, even if your partner opens up to you and shows their vulnerable side, that does not eliminate the fear. You do have your guard up because of that to a degree.


It is understandable to have such fears when going into new relationships, especially if you have a good reason to have anxiety. If an ex did any of those things listed to you, it is easy to become paranoid that it could happen again. However, here is the thing. If you allow this fear when it comes to your relationships to get in the way and prevent you from getting into one, you will end up very lonely. The best way to combat any of this is to have some honest conversations when you become serious with your partner, but don’t wait too long to do it either.