June 18, 2024
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What To Cook This Summer According To Your Zodiac Sign

What To Cook This Summer According To Your Zodiac Sign

Summer is a great time to enjoy new foods and cook or bake some easy recipes. Whether you want to have a few friends over for a barbeque or enjoy some summer meals with your family or partner alone, there are some excellent ideas of what to eat, which is ideal during the warmer months. Not every summer dish must consist of cold salads and meat followed by ice cream or sherbert. You may want to decide to cook or bake some summer dishes or desserts based on your zodiac sign. Let’s talk about those now. 

Aries – Any Spicy Tomato Dish 

Aries, you are full of fire and passion, so you will want to enjoy a spicy dish regardless of the season. Therefore, what you will want to cook up this summer is any spicy tomato dish, whether a pasta salad or spaghetti and meatballs with arrabbiata sauce, that is a perfect dish for you. In addition, you may want to look up recipes online that you can make with arrabbiata sauce, as that will bring you many ideas on what you can serve your friends if you are hosting a barbeque. 

Taurus – King Burgers 

Taurus, you have an earth sign, and Venus is your ruler, which is why you have a love for luxurious items and gourmet food. Therefore, when you want to eat, you want to eat something that will make you feel like you are living in decadence. Therefore, a good summer meal would be king burgers, not ordinary barbequed burgers. They are large burgers with a buttered interior since you are a hard worker and will get a difficult task done no matter what. Therefore, making these burgers will also be a good challenge for you.  

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Gemini – Lemon Bars 

Gemini, you love variety, which is why you would eat something that has two different flavors. That is why an excellent dessert for you would be lemon bars. You can enjoy a sweet and tart dessert as you can enjoy the citrus flavor with a lot of zings. There are some excellent recipes for the lemon bar, and you can whip up a lot as you will want to share the dessert with your friends since you are a social sign. These bars can become the conversation piece you want since you always want to find something to discuss with others.  

Cancer – Any Type Of Summer Salad 

Cancer, you are the emotional nurturer that takes care of their home, which is why you would want to whip up a nutritious, refreshing, and delicious meal for the summer. That is why any summer salad would be a good thing to prepare. It does not matter what type of summer salad you could prepare. It could be a Caesar or garden salad or any creative one that involves hearty ingredients such as bacon, avocado, apples, nuts, seeds, and any other delicious component you can include. You will make it tasty because you want those who eat your salad to love it.  

Leo – Steak Or Shrimp Tacos 

Leo, you want to impress your guests at your barbeque as that is not a surprise since you love to be in the middle of the spotlight. That is why you will serve a meal that is lavish and luxurious and also fun at the same time. That is why tacos are a perfect meal for you to cook this summer, and more importantly, the tacos would consist of steak or shrimp. And you would also ensure that your guests have all the fun condiments for the tacos as you would bring out a lot of cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, salsa, and a large bowl of chips and salsa to serve too.  

Virgo – A Vegetable Pasta Dish 

Virgo, you are analytical and very detailed by nature, and health is also a significant concern for you which is why you will only want to cook up something that is both healthy and delicious. You will want to cook a vegetable pasta dish such as pasta primavera with marinara sauce with plenty of vegetables such as carrots, peas, tomatoes, and broccoli. You would also be more likely to use whole grain pasta than white pasta because complex carbs are better than simple carbs.  

Libra – Chips And Guacamole 

Libra, you need balance, and you also need to be around friends or a partner. Therefore, one of the best foods for you to eat is chips and guacamole because you can enjoy it with some friends or a special someone. Also, since you know you can never have guacamole on its own, you need to add the chips for balance. Or, if you prefer to be limiting carbs, you can always enjoy vegetable sticks with guacamole. However, this is the perfect summer snack to enjoy since it represents being with others and having a good time.  

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Scorpio – Spicy Meat And Vegetables 

Scorpio, you are full of passion and intensity, and it is not a surprise that any summer dish has to have spice, like Aries. However, in your case, you prefer to enjoy spicy meat and vegetables. So it does not matter if you throw a spicy salmon, steak, or shrimp kabob on the barbeque or enjoy a spicy sausage and potato dish. Instead, you will use your sriracha and chili pepper spices and may even use ghost pepper to spice up your dishes.  

Sagittarius – Slow Cooker Cola-Braised Brisket  

Sagittarius, you are adventurous and also love to be generous, which is why the best summer dish for you is the slow cooker cola-braised brisket. You would have a summer party and give your guests a great heap of that dish (and offer something similar to that if they are vegetarian or vegan). You would also experiment with different recipes for this dish because since you are adventurous, that is what you would need to do. You would undoubtedly add a salad and potatoes on the side.  

Capricorn – Hot Dogs 

Capricorn, you are serious, but at the same time, you have a youthful side, and some say you are young at heart. That is because you endured many hardships when you were younger, so you had to grow up fast and decide to let loose when you are older. That is why your favorite summer food to cook up is hot dogs. You like to make hot dogs on the barbeque, and you may like chili cheese dogs, hot dogs without anything, or hot dogs with many condiments. However, you will look forward to barbequing some hot dogs anytime.  

Aquarius – Tomato Tartine 

Aquarius, you are unique, love anything different, and do not like to conform in any way. That is why you are not going to go for the classic burgers, hot dogs, or anything related to a typical summer barbeque. That is why your favorite summer meal must consist of a tomato tartine. You love to use your imagination as you want to put your effort into your creation. And since tomatoes are in season and are of the best quality during the summer, you can use them to your best advantage. You will want to surprise your guests at your barbeque (or potluck dinner that you may be invited to) with the best tomato tartine.  

Pisces – Funfetti Cake 

Pisces, you are imaginative and artistic, and you love to dream. Therefore, you will be open to most summer meals connected to the other signs. However, you must enjoy some dessert after your meals. That is the best dessert for you to enjoy is the funfetti cake. Those sprinkles in the cake will take you back to your childhood fun times, or it can stimulate your imagination anyway. Whenever you enjoy some dessert, it takes you to a pleasant place at the time, and that is what you love, Pisces. If you have guests over, they will appreciate you serving them this cake, and you love making others happy.  


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Even if you love the idea of making an item listed above that is not connected to your sun, moon, or rising sign for lunch or dinner, you at least have some good summer meal ideas. Sometimes it is difficult to come up with meal ideas; if anything, this article can help you brainstorm some of them, especially if you plan to host a barbeque or a summer potluck, as you need some ideas to make it memorable and fun. Remember that summer will go by too quickly, so make it enjoyable!