July 16, 2024
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What Is The Best Type Of Coffee For Your Zodiac Sign

What Is The Best Type Of Coffee For Your Zodiac Sign?

Have you ever gone to a coffee shop thinking that you know what you want, and you begin second-guessing yourself as soon as you are ready to order? You know you want something more exciting than an ordinary cup of joe! However, you are not sure what coffee is ideal for you.

If you want to try different types of coffee other than the typical espresso or cappuccino (which may be your ideal type, too), then you will want to read up because you will learn about the best type of coffee that is ideal for your zodiac sign.

Aries – Double Espresso

Aries, you are bold and courageous, which means you are open to trying anything. Furthermore, you have no problem heading out of your comfort zone, which means you will take risks. Not only are you bold, but you have the determination to try new things.

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Therefore, you are going to want to go and try the double espresso. Yes, you will not only want one shot of the potent stuff, but you will go for two. And you will be glad you did, and may even convince others to try it.

Taurus – Dirty Chai

Taurus, you like your comfort zone a little too much, but you also are highly sensual, so if that means trying out new foods and drinks, you are game. That is why the ideal coffee for you is dirty chai. Steamed milk chai tea and a shot of espresso are what composes this dirty chai coffee.

You will find it comforting and delicious. The coffee drink is sweet and has enough caffeine to keep you working hard since you can accomplish whatever it is that you are determined to do.

Gemini – A Latte That Fits The Right Season

Gemini, you are on the move and need variety in your life. That is why you will not settle for one type of coffee. Instead, that is why you will find that the latte appropriate for the season is your type of coffee. While it is fall, the ideal coffee is the pumpkin spice latte for you.

And when it is closer to the holiday season, you will go for the peppermint mocha latte. Whatever it is, you will be happy to grab your seasonal latte and start chatting with your friends at the cafe because that is what you enjoy doing.

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Cancer – French Pressed Cafe Au Lait

Cancer, you love anything that has to do with home and family. Therefore, the best coffee for Cancer is easy to make at home, even if they have a coffee maker without the bells and whistles. Cancers can go for any house coffee, but the one perfect for them to start the day the right way in the comfort of their home is the French-pressed cafe au lait, as it composes of dark roast and steamed milk. There is nothing that feels more like home than that.

Leo – Affogato

Leo, you have a sense of royalty and love anything sophisticated as you have grandeur thoughts. Therefore, any ordinary cup of joe will not be good enough for you. Instead of a regular cup of coffee, you will want an affogato, a dessert in a strong coffee wrapped into one.

That coffee consists of vanilla ice cream on top of espresso; when you sip it, you feel like royalty. You cannot go wrong with enjoying an affogato while you feel you are on top of the world.

Virgo – Ristretto

Virgo, you are practical and, at the same time, kind, even though you can be over-analytical. That is why the ideal cup of coffee for you is the ristretto, a short espresso to give a bit of a caffeine kick. However, the caffeine kick is not too much to prevent a well-restful night.

However, since you are practical, you would only sip on it in the morning so you can kick start your day, and you would not touch it otherwise because you want to ensure that you can get to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Libra – Cappuccino

Libra, you are balanced, and you need peace. That is why the best coffee for you is the cappuccino, a balanced coffee that can come from a harmonious coffee blend. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with sipping a cappuccino each morning while enjoying a scone or croissant.

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That will get you off to an excellent start to your day. And if you want to have a peaceful experience during the day, you will want to head over to the coffee shop and order yourself a cappuccino so you can sit there, sipping it, as you unwind.

Scorpio – Red Eye Coffee

Scorpio, you are intense, and you will only want to drink a just as intense coffee. That is why the ideal coffee for you is the red eye coffee. The red eye is a coffee drink that is a mix of normal drip coffee with espresso. This is an ideal one because the red eye has a bit of a bite, and you can say this is an intense brew.

Therefore, on the way to work, unless you have time to brew one at home, you can head over to the coffee shop and ask for a red eye brew and grab it to go.

Sagittarius – Frappe

Sagittarius, you are adventurous and very happy-go-lucky, which is why you want to have a fun coffee. You will not be satisfied with an ordinary coffee. It has to be incredibly fun. An example of that is the frappe. The frappe is an iced coffee composed of cream, syrup, ice, and espresso.

There are also many different frappe recipes that you may like. And some replace the ice with vanilla ice cream. Frappes are also easy to brew; since you are often in a rush, it will not take too long.

Capricorn – Long Black

Capricorn, you are the serious, no-nonsense, hard worker that would prefer a coffee that has no frills and that matches your personality. You can be black and white with your thinking, which is why the long black coffee is ideal. The long black is pouring the double espresso shot over hot water.

And you do not drink it all in one shot as it is too strong. It is strong as you do not add any cream or sugar to it. It is a sophisticated drink, and that is what you like too.

Aquarius – Turkish Coffee

Aquarius, you are the one who likes to think outside the box, and you are independent, a progressive thinker, and do what you please. You are also not the one that would want to conform, which means you would choose a coffee that is not overly common anywhere other than in Turkey.

That is why Turkish coffee is perfect for you, as you can brew it with powered-ground beans. And then, you will boil it up by adding spices to it. The brew would surprise many people, but you love it.

Pisces – Mocha

Pisces, you are dreamy, romantic, and very artsy, which is why you would want a sweet coffee. However, even though others don’t see it, you still like one that can have a bold touch to it. That is why the mocha is the ideal coffee for you. You think of it as a hot dessert in a cup composed of milk, coffee, and chocolate.

Mocha is also the adult version of hot chocolate, yet it has such a luxurious flavor. The mocha has enough caffeine to give you the kick you need to start your day, but you love the idea of starting it with this sweet coffee.


After reading this, are you now craving a cup of coffee? Who can blame you, but you want to check the time of day. You want to ensure that you do not drink a heavily caffeinated beverage too late in the afternoon, or else you will not get the sleep you need. However, if you find any of these brews captivating regardless of your zodiac sign, you will want to try them out. If you don’t have one already, get a coffee maker, as it is one of the best investments you can make. Enjoy it.