July 19, 2024
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What Each Zodiac Sign Finds Amusing

What Each Zodiac Sign Finds Amusing

You know the saying that laughter is good for the soul, and there is truth to that because laughter releases the “feel good” chemicals in your brain, which is good for your mental and physical health. Everyone has their style of humor; some prefer slapstick comedy, which gives them a good laugh. Others have a dry sense of humor. Some will also admit they will chuckle and anything inappropriate to society. Whatever your sense of humor may be, take the best advantage of it, and there is a day that reminds you to do that: Let’s Laugh Day, which is on March 19th. First, let’s take a look and see what each zodiac sign finds amusing.

Aries – Slapstick Humor

Aries, you are all about action and energy, and it would not be surprising that you find slapstick humor appealing. Yes, you are the one that will laugh at those who walk into a pole as they are walking while distracted by their phone. You will also be the one to laugh at someone slipping on a banana peel. You would also be the one to laugh at someone who is ready to do a stunt as they are filming themselves and fall. That is your humor, Aries. You would enjoy The Three Stooges or America’s Funniest Videos.

Taurus – Old School Comedy

Taurus, you are more traditional, but that does not mean you do not have a sense of humor. You appreciate clever humor, though at the same time gentle. If you want to laugh at something, you will watch classics such as The Full Monty or Cheech and Chong. You may find shows such as Mash funny, or you would go and watch some old episodes of Night Court, the original version. If you were to go for a movie that you find amusing, you would enjoy Mrs. Doubtfire.

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Gemini – Humoring Others

Gemini, you are versatile and friendly, but you would also internally laugh at someone who tells you an unreal story. You would also internally laugh at them as they tell you while pretending to show empathy or sympathy. If you, for example, bumped into an old friend who told you about a chaotic day they had, you would laugh internally at the story they told you while pretending to listen. For example, if your friend were in a traffic jam and was late to work because a lion escaping from the zoo was the cause for the traffic jam, you would laugh in your mind but express shock and sympathy for your friend.

Cancer – Self-Deprecating Humor

Cancer, you are highly emotional and very self-aware, so your form of humor is self-deprecating. However, self-deprecating humor is not always so negative, as you can laugh at yourself because of being so self-aware. It is a sign that you can regulate emotions; it is also a form of empathy and humility because you know you are human and will make mistakes like everyone else. Therefore, you will laugh at yourself when you do. You also appreciate others who laugh at themselves, and you will laugh right along with them.

Leo – Loud And Inappropriate Humor

Leo, you are boisterous, enjoy anything loud, and find obnoxiousness funny. In addition, you appreciate inappropriate humor, such as someone burping loudly during a wedding ceremony, that will make you laugh uncontrollably. You will also laugh at someone making funny faces during a funeral procession and will laugh even harder when the security staff removes the one making those funny faces. What about someone releasing gas as they are sitting in a quiet library? That will amuse you to the core. If the situation is not appropriate, it will make you laugh.

Virgo – Karma Makes You Laugh

Virgo, you may come off as someone who does not have a sense of humor because you are the type that takes everything so seriously. However, you have a sense of humor, and many may not like it. You like it when someone who hurts you or others ends up facing some bad luck and gets their karma, as that would make you laugh uncontrollably. For example, learning that your old high school bully was arrested for theft will make you laugh uncontrollably. Or, if you heard that the person deliberately deceived you was caught scamming others, that would make your day. That is what you find amusing.

Libra – Love It When The Underdog Wins Over The Bully

Libra, you are all about balance and justice, and it is not a surprise that the one thing that would make you laugh is if the underdog beat the bully somehow. Those who bully and those with large egos hurt to get to you a lot. And therefore, when the one who was bullied rises and causes the bully to fall from grace, you laugh at that. Here is a scenario. A bully traumatized a boy in high school, and because of that, he wanted to see justice. Therefore, he became a cop. The cop one day ended up arresting someone who robbed a store, and the one he captured was the one who bullied him. That is sweet revenge.

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Scorpio – Sarcasm

Scorpio, you are intense and mysterious, and you are not the one who finds anything funny except sarcasm. You love sarcasm, and those who have it may not know this, but it has been said that sarcasm is a sign of high intellect even though it is the lowest form of wit. Therefore, any sarcastic saying makes you laugh, and quotes such as “life’s good, you should get one,” “I clapped because it’s finished, not because I like it,” “No, you don’t have to repeat yourself. I was ignoring you the first time,” are your humor. Dark and inappropriate humor is also your thing.

Sagittarius – A Good Funny Story Amuses You

Sagittarius, you find almost everything amusing because you love to laugh, but hilarious stories do it for you the most. Everyone has funny stories. Examples of those stories were humorous situations when you went to school, such as how someone in your class, the class clown, pulled a funny prank on your teacher. You would laugh at prank call stories or stories of funny things others said to you, whether they were meant to be funny or not. If you have a hilarious story about something or someone from your past, the Sagittarius wants to hear it to have a good laugh.

Capricorn – Dry Humor

Capricorn, you are serious about business, and it is hard to believe you would have a sense of humor based on that. However, dry humor is what you find appealing. You like that if someone tells you something funny without expressing their mood. If they tell you a funny story with a serious, calm, and emotionless face, you understand that. And that is how you show your sense of humor too. You also find it amusing when anyone hurls insults at you, and you find it funnier that those who insult you get upset that their insults did not impact you.

Aquarius – Cerebral Comedy

Aquarius, you are attracted to anything unconventional and intellectual, so cerebral comedy would be what you enjoy. You only go for humor that has intellect. Otherwise, you will find nothing funny. For jokes such as “what continues to work even after it is fired?” the punchline would be “a neuron.” or “What do you call a human skill without a hundred billion neurons?” the punchline would be “A no-brainer.”. That is your line of humor. The best movies with cerebral humor are the Monty Python movies, Groundhog Day, or Life of a Brain.

Pisces – Ventriloquism Humor

Pisces, you are imaginative and creative, and you would find anything humorous that involves props, such as puppets. Therefore, you would find ventriloquism humor entertaining. Therefore, if a stand-up comedian uses a puppet to perform a show, you would find it hilarious. It is not the puppet itself that you find amusing. It is how the ventriloquist creates the puppet’s character, which involves much creativity. You also may find magicians funny, as well as clowns and jugglers, because those include props.


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The best thing you can do for yourself is to find time to laugh at something each day because laughter is good for your mind, body, and soul. Let’s Laugh Day is on March 19th, and you will want to square in sometime on that day to watch a movie or TV show that you find humorous. Enjoy it with a few friends, making the experience even better. Or, go to a comedy club and make the most of it. Laughter is good medicine, after all, really amusing!