July 19, 2024
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What Does It Mean To Be A Virgo? The Virgin Powerhouse

If you incarnated between Aug 23rd and Sept 22nd, then not only are you the archetypal symbol of purity within our zodiac family, but according to the major arcana of the tarot, you are also the grand spiritual seeker, represented by the eternal Hermit. 

Are you one of the lucky so-called born Virgos? Consider yourself special then, for as a Virgo, not only are you the bringer of truth through purity (fire), but you also have this uncanny ability to be incredibly social and group-oriented, yet down to the nitty gritty details… giving you a powerhouse of a personality mix. Looking to dive deeper into your Virgo archetype? We got you covered. Keep reading:

Western Astrology Virgo Understanding

Now before we go deeper into the archetypal zodiac sign of Virgo, we first must understand where it is situated within the 12-house zodiac wheel to further grasp its role within the universal grand zodiac scheme. In tropical western astrology, when calculating one’s birth chart, what is taken into consideration by the system are the alternating patterns of dark and light, represented by the alternating cycles of the equinoxes and solstices. Unlike sidereal astrology, whose calculations are centred around the fixated points of the constellations.

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This means that for us Western astrologers, each zodiac sign is relative to the 12-cycle dark-to-light pattern that we humans go throughout each year, represented by the months and seasons. With spring and summer being the light era of the year (Mar-Aug) and fall and winter being its darker counterpart (Sep-Feb).

Virgo thus, being the 6th zodiac sign within the 12-house cycle, is right at the cusp of that polarity change that happens, as we move from August to September, transitioning from summer into fall, from light to dark.

And in a way, the energy of Virgo is here to remind us of this. Lighthearted but meticulous, Virgos are the embodiment of balance and joy, as they playfully go about their lives without too much care or worry. It often feels that they got everything under control… and in a way they do.

They are keenly aware of the fact that our deeds will be counted for and that summer is coming to its natural end, only to give entry to the beginning of winter.

This awareness of the upcoming “darker” future and methodicalness towards it, is what brings to Virgos this extremely peaceful, playful, yet grounded energy. Just like ants, they know how to be present and live the day, because they’ve already prepared internally and built a decent baseline for themselves and their future selves, allowing them to relax into their purity of being and truly enjoy their life.

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The Firey Virgin

The Virgo zodiac sign is often depicted as the Greek mythological nymph, Persephone, the eternal pure virgin who was claimed by the god of the underworld, Hades, and had to make her way down, to becoming his wife and queen, eventually ruling the realms of darkness.

Archetypally speaking, this is an important journey for us to grasp, as all strong and pure innocent lights, must eventually go through trials and tribulations, having their actions tested and characters built.

By the law of polarity and equilibrium, the fierce light will always be drawn to the deep dark, as one brings each other home. Sometimes this inner fire can only be seen when walking in darkness. And this is key to understanding, because often purity is confused with innocence. But they are two separate things. It is the same confusion that has taken place between “being nice” and “being kind”. Again, these are two separate things. You can be kind, but you don’t have to be nice. In the same way, you can be pure, but you don’t need to necessarily be innocent. You can be pure, and also be wise.

To be pure, is to burn all illusions and to dissolve all falsehoods. Virgos embody such energies, and if you have them in your life, whether they are within your friend, romantic or business circle, you might often notice how their presence inspires this sense of duty and lightheartedness within you. It’s like your priorities come alive and there is this simplicity of being around them, that starts becoming apparent.

You stop focusing on things that don’t matter, and you start prioritizing your life, your responsibilities, and also your joy. You in a way, slowly prepare for the lonelier winter ahead, by uncovering, safeguarding, and developing your inner joy/light.

This is the true definition of purity and this is what the element of the purifying fire does. It burns all unnecessaries and cultivates the One Thing which keeps everything else going. The real inner light.

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Think of Virgos like their counterparts, the Pisces, but with the practicality and efficiency of a Capricorn. Okay, maybe not as much, but you get the idea. Also do note how their Piscean sisters, are at the exact opposite cusp, situated in the 12th position, moving things from darkness into light, from winter into spring (Feb-Mar). We recommend meditating on this polarity/paradox created by this zodiac pair, as sometimes the opposite of something, helps us further grasp the larger picture.

3 Things To Watch Out For As A Virgo

Right and wrong are illusionary

Listen up, my dear Virgo. You are not here to decide who is right and who is wrong, placing labels and identifications on situations and people. You are not here to weigh people’s actions. Let Libra’s do that. Nah, we’re kidding. This is obviously God’s job and only the Creator or Source if you like, may decide that for all.

So, it is not only a timewaster to be judgemental and take things personally, but it also limits your spiritual advancement. It’s key for Virgos to learn this and stop taking things personally, moving away from the realms of what is right and what is wrong. This is a natural embodiment within your energy field and does not have to be at the forefront of your analytical mind.

Instead, move into the realms of efficiency, simplicity, and of constant forgiveness which in reality, is non-forgiveness. Realize that nothing is personal. No one does anything to you. Everyone’s just trying to figure themselves out. So don’t waste your time. Understand and move on. Winter is coming. You can’t afford to waste your time on drama.

Perfectionism is a shadow expression

Virgos are sometimes so caught up in the nitty-gritty details that they lose touch with the big picture and their desired end result. Which usually is a desired feeling of joy, lightheartedness, and a good time.

If you get lost in the details of your planning within the realms of your mind, know that at that moment, you’ve cut off from your inner child and whatever action follows is fruitless, as it’s lacking its fundamental source energy, the inner you.

Learn to alternate between active and passive activities. If you’re overthinking, overplanning, caught in perfecting everything, that probably means that you just need to get up and do something physical, something that gets your blood going, something away from the mental realms and into the physical realms. Just as the Earth, and really everything in the cosmos goes through its active/passive cycle, so do we humans, on a daily basis. Tune into yours.

If you stay ready, you don’t need to get ready

Virgos, especially of a younger age, can often get lost in their own light and sense of purity. As they mature and the wisdom of age starts kicking in, they seem to naturally gravitate toward their perfect balance much more smoothly than other zodiac signs do. The challenge is when they’re still young.

So, it is vital that they establish some sense of routine, some sense of understanding of their day, and their natural cyclical desires, in order to flow smoothly. Virgos are the perfect zodiac sign for presence, but they need to feel ready and on top of their game. So, as a Virgo, make sure that you plan enough and cater to your life in such a way, that you can afford to be relaxed all the time because everything else has already been taken care of.

And in a way, this is the message you are here to bring.

Summer is much more joyful when you’ve already prepared yourself for winter.