July 18, 2024
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What Does It Mean To Be A Scorpio? Channeling Your Intensity

Are you one of those special-born souls between October 23rd and November 21st? Congratulations then, dear friend. You’ve incarnated with one of the most, if not the most, intense energy within the zodiac wheel, the so-called Scorpio. But that intensity can be both a blessing and a curse. It is a matter of understanding it, and funneling it properly, in the right direction.

Are you a Scorpio pondering which direction to head next? Or perhaps you have already discovered your spiritual path, and are looking for a few touches to further enhance your wholeness? Regardless, keep reading, we about to decode that Scorpio energy.


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The Dark Aura Of The Scorpio

A rather mysterious and secretive creature, Scorpios have a complex personality that doesn’t always wear their hearts on their sleeves. To many, they are a total enigma, and because of this magnetic aura around them, it makes them quite impossible to read… and often misunderstood by others.

The key here is to grasp that not everyone is in tune with the emotional depths you are. Not everyone feels as deeply as you do, and neither do most wish to. Water is emotion. And being the fixed water sign, aka the one that holds the water centered and steady, Scorpios have the largest abyss, the deepest depths.. out of all the 12 zodiac signs.

Ruled by Mars, in actuality, ruled by the nocturnal, yin aspect of Mars, Scorpios are connected to the feminine qualities of nature. They’re not aggressive, they’re protective. They’re not initiators, they’re responders. For further understanding, Aries is also ruled by Mars, but by its masculine, yang, counterpart. An Aries would go towards their goal, impulsively and courageously, with little regard for the surrounding people or environment. A Scorpio is much more careful, observant, patient, waiting to strike.

But the big secret lies here.

You do not have to strike. Almost ever. Except perhaps in high-risk situations.

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Your venomous sting doesn’t need to be used as much as you use it. Its presence in the environment is all that is necessary. For your energy, to simply be there. It is why very often Scorpios will spark conversations about the deepest, most mystical topics and pull out of people information that has never been uttered by them before, to the benefit and learning of everyone involved in the conversation. It is not something that they necessarily do, it is simply who they are.

To integrate that intensity for others and for your surroundings, you do not need to show your true strength, your true power. You have the gift of being the deepest in most rooms, why let people know? God knows who you are. And that’s enough. Humans create fuss anyways, when they know things that they’re not really supposed to. You like being private? Good. Do so. It is to your benefit. Are you a Scorpio ascendant perhaps? Perfect. Even more private then. In silence, lies the mystical. In silence, lies the eternal void. And in silence, you’ll find your peace. And don’t you worry, the right person will come for you to open up to, at the right time, but that is a special someone. Whether that’s a teacher or a partner, it matters not. You’ll know. Everyone else? Give them hell. No wait, sorry, the shell, give them the shell.

The Purpose of Darkness and Destruction

When we are talking about Scorpios, we are talking about the destructive mechanism which is inherent in nature. Destruction, decay, and regeneration are so vital to our planet and human biology, that when one achieves a good understanding of those things, he or she becomes a very well-rounded spiritualist. It’s only when we think of the negative qualities of the cosmos as bad or evil, that we get into trouble.

Because you see, darkness is nothing else but the space that holds the light. It is infinite potential, which hasn’t yet manifested as a vibration of light. Call it a newborn light, yet to take shape and form.

And it is our choice, what shape or form we’ll give it. Some come with their inherent colors of light. Others, like Scorpios, have an infinite potential that is theirs to yield.

Will you express? Share your authority? Politely inform or discretely stay apathetic? The choice to move the environment, usually lies upon you, Scorpio.

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Our recommendation?

Leave them guessing.

Stay discreet. Stay pleasant within. Allow the infinite void to do as it pleases with the humans around. You just be yourself.

That quiet guy in the corner wearing a hoodie? Probably a Scorpio.

The Buddha, known for bringing us the wisdom and grace that lies within suffering? Born under a Scorpio full moon.

That lioness, peacefully sitting with her cubs, but totally alert, totally present, and protective? Scorpio energy.

You see, the Scorpio archetype is a necessity to our civilization, a necessity to nature. It is a fundamental force of harmony that exists within and without. It will protect or eliminate if need be. But that process can be subtle, much more subtle than what most Scorpio humans are currently going through.

The lioness doesn’t have to chase back and kill the attacking hyenas. All it needs to do is show her strength and protect her cubs. And that’s enough. Her terminating abilities can be saved for another day. And it’s better done like so anyways.

Real power, rarely makes any noise.

Forget About Forgiveness

There’s this trend going around stating that Scorpios tend to not forget and never forgive those who betray or hurt them.

Let us untangle this myth.

There’s no such thing as forgiveness.

Because there’s no such thing as being hurt.

Who is it that feels hurt? You? What is you anyways?

Who are you? Are you your personality?

Are you your emotions? Your body? Your mind perhaps?

Who really are you?

And can anyone ever truly hurt you?

Forgiveness is a natural process that occurs through understanding. The deeper you go within the vast oceans we call You, the more you’ll understand. And eventually, at the deepest layers of the dark blue sea, you’ll start seeing that there is no you. And there is no other. The illusionary separation is only that. Illusionary.

And you start accepting others’ illusions. Without wanting to change them or better them or even getting hurt by them because they betrayed you. You simply understand. And remain in your depths. Peaceful. Okay with all that is. And focused on your path.

And for the rest? The void takes care of. Everyone has access to the universe. Allow them to be guided in their own timing.

“Forgiveness is a technology,” said once the Zetas.

One could see it like that. Life is indeed, about evolution. And the act of forgiveness reunites two souls into One. And one could say that this is, evolution. But it is not something you do or something that you have to focus on. It naturally occurs, when the timing is right. In the deepest truths, we’re actually always in constant evolution. It is just a matter of becoming aware of it.

Now, the same goes for the opposite spectrum. Hate and revenge are not something that is you. It is simply emotion moving THROUGH you. Allow its course. You stay still. Like the cliffs by the shorelines, unmoved, receiving the splashes of the ocean waves, the same way a spiritual warrior receives the emotions of this world. And yet neither the cliff nor the warrior binge. They stay still. Ever-present within. Sitting by, that ever-burning inner flame, that will never dim.

As you see, the most concentrated water sign is bound to have the most severe emotional memory and the ability to grasp the bandwidth of human emotion better than most… that’s just how it goes. But what do you do, when you see something that others don’t?

You guide. From afar. With little interference. Because you know. They have their own divine guidance. And your job is you. Not them.

And if it so be, that you need to embody the dark blue sea, then my friend, give them hell.

And show them what Scorpios were born to do.

Stay You.

All the Love.

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